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Starfire fluttered her eyes for a second, as though trying to decide whether or not waking up was a wise decision. Finally, she let out a deep groan. "Starfire?" Robin whispered.

"Hey, Star?"

"Where am I?" She tried to sit up, then slumped back to the ground. "I am weak." She noticed right away. Robin breathed a deep sigh of relief.

"I think you'll be alright then." He turned around suddenly. "Thank y—" Pausing, he realized the vampire girl had vanished. Cyborg appeared to have just realized this as well, and both of them exchanged a look.

"Well, at least we got Starfire back." He finally said.

"What happened?" Robin asked the girl, who continued to look a little disoriented by her present condition.

"I do not recall much after I was separated from you." Starfire began, recounting the story slowly as her mind remembered the details. "I was lying in a cage…I could hear screaming…but I was not able to move. Then a girl woke me."

"That must have been Raven." Cyborg added.

"What happened after that?" Robin pressed on.

She moved one finger to her mouth, as though puzzled. "After she bit me, I do not recall anything else."

"She bit you!" Robin cried, checking Starfire's neck to confirm her words. He at first was angry by the knowledge, but slowly it melted away as he remembered, once again, that it was that girl who had saved Starfire. "It may have been the only way out of there." Cyborg seemed to have come to the same conclusion.

"That is Trigon's lair…having humans prance out alive and dandy probably wouldn't help with his reputation." With that said, Robin narrowed his eyes as he recalled the mission they were on.

"Starfire, did you see Trigon?" He asked. The girl looked thoughtful.

"Friends, I believe so. Is he not the father of the one that you sent to rescue me?" Cyborg and Robin both started.

"Daughter?" They both exclaimed together.


Raven, growing more and more sour from her punishment and from watching those humans fawn over each other, went into her room without a pause. Her body, while frail, had pretty much repaired most of the damage, and she was sure after resting during the day she would be as good as new.

That still didn't explain why she felt so angry.

It was not like her. She did not feel emotions. Emotions were merely toys for her father to play with. Why did seeing those humans so happy together make her so upset? Sighing, she sat on her bed. I'm jealous, she finally realized. They had something she could never have.

Lying on her bed, the unsettling thought still fresh in mind, she slowly fell into slumber, exhausted from the night's ordeals. For once, her sleep was dreamless, her mind too tired to linger too long on any particular thought.

Waking up several hours later, she stepped carefully to her feet, pleased when no pain was evident. Fast healing and a high pain tolerance was certainly a perk of being a vampire. Although at times it seemed to be the only thing good about it.

Opening her door tentatively, she was relieved to see that the ghoul servants had closed the windows down her hall. On more then one occasion, and more often then not by her father's own request, the windows on this particular hall have been left open. Although each time it happened she was quick to shut her door, that didn't stop the searing pain as the sun burned into her fragile flesh, or the temporary blindness she received when even glimpsing the light.

It was her fathers own cruel, practical joke, a reminder that he was the ruler of this castle and could keep her trapped in her room all day if he so desired. She was certain none of the lesser underworld beings ever forgot to close the windows along his hall.

Her feet took her wandering down the corridors into an old library. With no interest in torturing victims, and knowing the fate of those she became friendly with, she spent most of the remaining daylight hours here. If she wished, she could probably sleep all day, like some vampires did, as a way to pass the time until the coming darkness. However, her sleep was often plagued with nightmares off screaming, faceless people, most reaching out with the intention of dragging her down into the depths of some fiery hell.

She slept only when necessary.

Pulling out an old book and thumbing her way to where she last left off, she soon become absorbed in her reading and was glad for the time passing by. It seemed that is what she was always doing…just hoping time would go by without her hurting someone or her father hurting her. It was a vicious cycle.

Although reading was interesting enough, she found her mind growing restless. The flicker of pride at managing to do something against her father's wishes, whether or not he was even aware, still rang fresh in her mind. She just…wanted to get out.

Mentally calculating when she went to sleep, the time she slept, and the few hours she put away in the library today, she finally decided that it might be dark enough for her to venture out the castle. Sunset had to be near, if not already upon them. Putting her book aside, she haunted the halls of the castle until she saw a wandering ghoul, who was busily doing whatever they did when not at her father's beck and call.

"You." Her voice was sharp, causing the creature to jump from the sudden words. "How much longer until the sun sets?"

"We were just about to open up the windows, daughter of Trigon." She continued on, not even acknowledging his answer. It wouldn't do for the poor fellow if Trigon thought she favored him in any way. Using her dark magic, she levitated up the wall, until finally reaching the window. She normally wasn't so impatient to escape, but today, she felt the day would never fade. Praying the creature was correct, she grasped around the edges of the shutters covering the window and pulled it open.

The sky was in its transition from day to night. The light was strong enough to make her uncomfortable, but dim enough to not cause any harm. This part of the day fascinated her, since she knew this was as close as she would get to ever seeing the sun.

A part of her wondered if those humans were still in the clearing. Resisting the urge to check, she instead flew in the opposite direction, soaring just above the tree tops. After awhile she stopped, landing near a human settlement. Sitting atop a small rise, she looked down at the tired village, at the flickering of candle lights in the houses…at the few straggling people who were trying to finish up work, or chatting with their friends one last time before night completely fell.

Her mother was from this village.

This village worshiped Trigon…they sent him sacrifices in hopes of winning his favor…as well as in hopes that he wouldn't destroy them if he ever got in the mood for blood. Her mother was one of those sacrifices.

Shaking her head from her thoughts, she just stared on for awhile longer, until she realized she had been eyeing one particular person for too long. He was too far from the village…how easily she could…

Stopping herself, she stepped back into the darkness. She needed to feed again…probably the result from everything that happened yesterday. The desire wasn't strong, but it was a continuous feeling, like a small headache that just wouldn't go away. Suddenly very alert, she walked through the woods, listening for sounds of any small woodland creature. A rabbit would be best, but she'd be content with a squirrel or even a mouse.

A rattling sound caught her off guard, and setting into a clearing, she was a bit surprised to see a tree with metal chains wrapped around it. Her eyes narrowing, she looked around cautiously, but seeing no one in particular she continued on. That is until she saw it.

Her prey.

It was a rabbit, looking green in the dying light. Its nose was twitching at her presence uncertainly, but it did not seem that afraid. Stepping forward, her eyes focused on the poor creature, she willed for it to be calm. Just sleep… The rabbit blinked slowly, finally settling comfortably to the ground.

Raven walked over to the creature, cradling it into her arms. The moon, finally making its presence known, poured shimmering light down over her as she slowly opened her mouth, prepared to have her meal.

That is until the creature suddenly morphed into a very large, and very much awake, half man half wolf. For a second, she was at a lost at what to do.

The weight of the creature sent her crashing into the ground, pinning her very affectively against the hard surface. The werewolf thrashed to its feet, one of its claws catching her arms in the process, ripping a jagged gash into her flesh. Her eyes turned black as it happened, the creature being tossed into a nearby tree as she felt a flash of anger. It had taken all night to heal her body. She was not pleased to have to wrecked by some werewolf.

The wolf merely shook his head and easily got to his feet, looking hardly phased by the attack. Levitating into the air, Raven felt magic collect into her hands as she started throwing everything in the vicinity at the creature. Rocks flew from the earth, a few trees were ripped from the ground as she continued her assault, finally stopping to let the dust settle from her attack. At first, she thought she might have succeeded in knocking the creature out. That is until she heard a low growl coming from behind her.

She turned around, caught off guard as the creature leapt forward. She managed to bat away his outstretched claws with her magic, but the weight of him crashed into her, and they both toppled to the ground.

Stunned from the impact, she struggled to get to her feet, knocking heads with the…boy…on top of her. The werewolf was gone, replaced by person around her own age, looking highly embarrassed by the situation. Considering their faces were merely inches from one another and the fact he had been very recently trying to kill her, she had no doubt why. She looked into the sky, confirming that the clouds were covering the moon. For how long, she wasn't sure.

"Eh heh, hi, I'm Beast Boy." The guy laughed weakly.

"Could you get off of me?" She said darkly. The guy rushed to his feet and nervously reached out a hand to help her up. She ignored the offer, simply using her own magic to levitate up, hovering a few inches above the ground.

"I'm really sorry about whatever I did---I don't remember much after I changed, but I'm glad I didn't kill you. And you haven't run away yet, so I'm guessing you aren't too scared." He started to ramble, looking a bit unused to actual conversation. "I mean—"

"I don't do scared." Raven said with intent. Try being scared of things like this when your father is Trigon. "It's alright. It happens." She shrugged. It was hard to be too upset at someone who had been unintentionally trying to kill her, considering she was the unintentional killer herself.

"Buut, what a way to meet—under the nice moonlit sky in the middle of the woods." He laughed at his own pick up line, a hint of cockiness becoming evident as his first embarrassment was rushing away. While he said this, he was walking over to the tree where the chains were still around. He picked up both the shackles at the end and put them over each of his wrists. "Umm…well…"

"I'll be going."

"Ah hah, alright. It's about time for me to go all big and scary again." He looked apologetic. "I have these on this time, so I won't be able to do any damage, so if you want, you could stay—" Raven simply turned around and started to leave, ignoring the slightly lonely words of the werewolf boy. She heard a strangled howl erupt behind her as the moon once again cut through the clouds, releasing the beast within. The chains were lashing at the tree, and she could hear the clawing as the he tried desperately to free himself, to get away so to be able to hunt…to kill…

Despite herself, she looked back, watching the horrible struggle in hidden fascination. The beast was staring eye to eye with her, its own raw instincts similar to her own thirst for killing when she was low on blood. She felt herself inwardly groan as she made that connection, already feeling she was once again about to do something very uncharacteristic of her. She wasn't sure why, but she had to blame it on those three humans from before. That, and the fact he was so close to the village. If he got free, then those people would be in danger. Not that she particularly cared…

Besides…she was a little lonely herself.

Sitting beneath the shadows of the tree, she rested her head on the side of the trunk as she waited.

Despite the beast's efforts, it could not break free. The shackles cut deep into its skin and its howls were starting to become so loud, so menacing, that she expected that she was going to have quite the time trying to find something to eat later on. Ignoring the beast, she looked up into the sky with calculating eyes, glad that it was a somewhat cloudy night. As though to echo her thoughts, the moon slowly sank from view, as did the wolf sink back into the green human form.

"Maan, that hurts." He sighed, looking at his wrists as he sank to the ground. He was tired and out of breathe, and didn't even seem to notice Raven still sitting there in the clearing. "Geez, I'm glad this is the last night. I'm soo gonna scar."

"Do you always complain this much?" She commented wryly. Watching in somewhat satisfaction as he jumped into the air by her sudden words, he cocked his head over to her, once again looking embarrassed.

"Don't scare me like that!" He huffed, but hardly looked angry. "So…you stayed?" She just looked at him, her eyes reflecting the dim light from the stars. "Um, well I guess it's obvious you stayed, isn't it? Just couldn't resist my charm, huh?"

"Of the person that just earlier was trying to kill me?" Raven said darkly.

"I guess you do have a point." He laughed, raising one hand over his head, wincing from the cut ringing around it. "Soo what's a girl like you doing in a forest like this?" For one with a slight werewolf problem, he was remarkably cheerful. Again, she realized how odd it was for someone to be talking to her like she was an ordinary person. It was…different.

"Needed some fresh air." Or trying to find something to eat. Like him. The blood on his wrists were not helping.

"Ah." He said. He looked down at his feet for a second. "Are you really not scared of me?" Even though she had already told him no before, the tone in his voice was different…a little more awed, and a little more worried. Considering he was a were wolf, she doubted many people hung around him long enough to chat, regardless what day of the month it was.

"Why should I be?"

"Hello? The one turning werewolf here?" He waved his arms around. Raising one eyebrow she stepped forward.

Her eyes turned deep black and dark magic tentacles flickered around her, her teeth lengthening to deathly fangs. And then as quickly as that, she stopped, sitting back down. "I have my own issues."

"Whoa." He was staring at her, his jaw dropping a bit. "That was wicked cool!" Considering she had already gone vampire on him twice before this, it was kind of amazing he was just now catching on. Sure for one he was a hypnotized bunny, and the other he was an out of control werewolf…He continued to stare at her in amazement, looking more impressed by her Vampire nature then afraid. Feeling uncomfortable by his gaze, she shifted her eyes back to the sky. The clouds still covered the moon, but were moving onward, and she knew soon he'd be returning to beast form.

She ended up spending her entire night with the werewolf. Maybe she really was craving attention. Or maybe she felt sorry for the guy. Either way, time passed by quickly as they chatted in between his transformations. It was odd to be conversing with someone…especially since neither of them were talking about anything meaningful….Raven felt out of place socializing, so she talked very little, mainly just adding a comment here and there. Beast Boy, on the other hand, seemed more out inexperienced in socializing then uncomfortable, talking entirely too much.

Yet despite that…it was good to have company.

Just a few hours before dawn, she knew that she had to be leaving. "I need to go." Her words were very sudden, and she stood up to make sure he knew she was serious. The boy widened his eyes a bit, looking surprised that she was already having to leave. Then again, it probably felt like a lot less time had passed then it did for her, considering that he was only actually consciously there half the time.

"Huh, why?" She pointed upwards.

"The sun doesn't suit me too well."

"Oh, yah. Hey, could you—"

"No, for the last time—I can not change into a bat." She glowered.

"Heey, I only asked that two—"


"Times. And it's a legitimate question." He crossed his arms. "I mean, it's not everyday you meet a vampire." She crossed her arms, waiting for him to ask her whatever it is he wanted. "Um, I was just going to say that, you know, if you ever felt like talking to anyone or anything, feel free to look me up." He looked oddly hopeful. "I'm going to be in the area for awhile anyways."

She stared at him. She was never planning to spend anymore time with him pass tonight, so the offer was a rather unexpected one. And she was more surprised that she didn't know what she wanted to do. She knew she should simply never see this guy again. If her father found out she was on good terms with him, he would be killed. Then again, her father was busy with his own business. And this was the first person she met with whom she could actually relate to, at some level anyway.

"If you don't want to, that's fine." Her long silence was having him already guessing what her thoughts might be.

"Maybe." She finally said, earning a smile.

"Really?" For a brief second he was back to staring down at his feet, as though he was nervous about something—but that was quickly replaced by cocky grin. "Weellll, most girls can't resist me you know---"

She just rolled her eyes. "Or maybe not."


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