A/N: I know, I know what you're all thinking: for someone who says I'm not good at poetry, I sure write a lot of it (actually, you're probably thinking, WTF? Steve writing poetry? What kind of insane person is this nightpheonix!) Well, whatever, read and have fun…

Ode to Mine Suffering, by Steve the Wraith

I used to be a mighty Wraith,
I used to have such fun
Going out and culling worlds,
I took crap from no one.

But now I'm STUCK! In this stupid CAGE!
Such is my lot in life.
Whatever happened to the good old days
Of causing death and strife?

I'll tell you what happened: The good days died
Along with my Wraith friends three.
So here I am, staring at the wall.
Why's this happening to me?

"Steve" they call me. Steve! STEVE!
Oh, the indignity!
The only thing that keeps me from going insane
Is that I will eat them all when I'm free.

Major Sheppard always makes fun of me,
So does that Ford character too.
Let's see how much you're laughing
When I escape and feast on YOU!

I'm hungry—no, I'm starving more like it,
And I can't get back to my Hive.
Know this, pitiful humans: I'll tell you nothing!