Armadillos and Tequila

I'm bored. Seems to be a common occurrence as of late. I'm in between stories, not on a set deadline, and it's driving me nuts. In fact, I just realized I have been watching a spider in my office window for the past 20 minutes.

I desperately need something to amuse me.

Pushing myself up out of the desk chair, I meander my way down the hall to my bedroom. I open the door to see Sands sprawled out on the love seat, basking in the late afternoon sun.

One thing I hate about Sands is that you can never tell when he's asleep and when he's pretending to sleep so he can catch you off guard. Right now I don't care. I need companionship, and by God he's gonna give it to me!

"Stop staring at me like that."

I'm taken aback for a moment. It never fails to amaze me how he knows these things. Sometimes it's hard to believe he's…

"What do you want?" No more forceful than his last utterance, just entirely to the point.

"I wanna write," I say as I make my way across the room to sit with him.

"Well then, write." A little perturbed.

"Don't know what about," I mumble into his shoulder.

" So you came to me for help?" he asks, his voice tainted ever so slightly with confusion.

"Yuh-huh." He smells of tobacco and leather and something that can only be described as Sands. I breathe him in deeply. The scent really is heavenly. And very soothing.

"World domination."

Wow. That was quick. And totally not where my train of thought was headed. I find myself quickly pondering how Sands could take over the world, then, "Nah…I think that's getting old."

"World domination getting old? Bullshit. Not in a million years. Money…power…too interesting. Too…desirable." He makes sure to whisper the last word into my ear as he runs his fingertips down my neck. He nibbles gently at the lobe of my ear, then turns to kissing my jaw line. Now this was my kind of entertainment!

I sit straight up. "How 'bout armadillos?"

"What?" A little dazed. "What the fuck! Armadillos! From world domination to rats in a shell. Yeah, huge step forward."

"Well, maybe they're taking over the world. Packing heat. Smuggling drugs. I think it has potential."

"Yeah, potential to kill a boner in four syllables flat."

He seems slightly annoyed with me.

"Yeah, well…you've got your problems and I've got mine. I need a story. Somebody around here has to bring home the pork and tequila."

"What are you telling me for?"

"First you make fun of my armadillo idea, then you drink all the tequila…"

"You don't drink tequila, sugarbutt."

"AH!" I get up off the love seat and stamp my way over to the door. I turn around right before I leave the room in order to have the last word, and he's grinning at me. The little prick is smirking at me. A very suggestive, sexy smirk…but no. He's not gonna pull that trick again.

Letting out an exasperated half whine/half sigh, I turn around and slam the door.

"Fucking armadillos."

So here it is: my first fan fiction. Hope you like it. Sands was pissing me off. He doesn't like armadillos! I threatened to force him, but he's too strong for me. He told me what he wanted, so I was at his mercy.

I was greatly inspired by vanillafluffy's "Writer's Perogative". It's a great story; go read it. Please leave comments and thoughts.