Author's Note: Just a short interlude while I'm searching for our dear Captain Jack.
Pairings: Blink and you'll miss it slash. Betcha can't guess who!

Monkeys and Absinthe

The bar. I need a drink. I desperately need a drink. And Jack may be there. A drink and a Jack. Wait. Scratch that thought, it sounded funny. I need a drink and a pirate. Much better.

I enter the kitchen, and pray I see Jack rummaging through the various bottles of liquor. I am greeted instead by a very hungry looking, very evil, undead monkey.

"Shit!" I exclaim, rather shaken, "I thought you were dead."

Note to self: get Roux to build that thing a cage. If it came creeping up on me at night…

I hand little Jack a banana and hurriedly walk off, glancing over my shoulder to see him gnawing through the peel.

I pass through the laundry room – which is miraculously unoccupied – toward the garage. Perhaps Jack found my secret stash after all.

Upon opening the door, I am hit with a thick cloud of smoke. My eyes gradually overcoming the stinging that produces, and immediately pick up on and trail over two nearly empty absinthe bottles. My eyes wander a bit further through the smoke until I finally note a very drunk – and very naked – Inspector Abberline and Constable Crane.

And…Holy God!

I rapidly slam the door as the entire scene desides to register with my somewhat lagging brain. "Ichabod. Ichabod. I never figured…"

Reopening the door and joining in the festivities is oh-so tempting, but I can't. I must exercise some smidgen of will here. And besides, I've been ignoring my dear Captain Sparrow for far too long as it is.

Giggling quietly to myself, I step outside into the light.

Author's Notes: Well - not what I was hoping for. I've been entirely too preoccupied with Sands lately. I promise I'll go watch PotC again soon. Hopefully Jack will have a good idea for his litte input to this tale. Read and review, por favor : D