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Chapter 1: Flashbacks and Tales:

In a small town near London, a tall, bland, gray factory jutted out above the small buildings surrounding it. It loomed over the town ominously casting a lot of the town in shadow. Young children stood at the tall metal gates, staring longingly up at the factory and all of the promising goodies and treats hidden within.

From an office high above the imposing iron gates, a cold pair of violet eyes stared down at the children, unknowing and innocent at being watched from above. There were stories told about the mysterious man who owned the factory, the secluded owner who had retreated to his factory due to the horrible acts of betrayal caused by those he trusted mosthis factory workers. This loss of trust sent him into a secluded state of mind, one that had destroyed all desire to face any in the outside world. However, despite his loss of trust in humankind, Willy Wonka still harbored a need to travel to distant lands in search of new flavors for his creations.

Willy Wonka fondly thought back to the time that he was on those exhibitions. On one of them he went to a little known island near Africa. He later learned its name Loompa-Land. The whole island was thick jungle and cutting his way through, Willy Wonka had unexpectedly found himself in the heart of an Oompa Loompa village. Using the little of their language he had read in books he found that the Oompa Loompas worshipped the cocoa bean that he used every day in his enormous factory. He learned that the poor Oompa Loompas had nothing else to eat but disgusting Green Caterpillars and red beetles, crushed into a soupy substance.

After being accepted into their society, the chief had offered some of the Green Caterpillar concoction to Willy who had smiled and shook his head politely. When the chief insisted, Willy took the bowl so as not to offend him. Smelling it he tried to not make a face at the ghastly odor it gave off. Sticking a gloved finger into the bowl, he pulled out a long string of green ooze. Slinging it so that it would wrap around his finger, he noticed that it acted as if it were made of elastic. Wondering if it could be used for taffy he held the green ooze and strangely lapped it off his finger hoping to taste it as little as possible. It tasted horrid but Willy smiled before handing the bowl back to the chief. Trying to keep from passing the contents of that morning's breakfast onto the floor he made a strange sound in the back of his throattrying to pass the sound off as one of sincere enjoyment. A small smile presently worked its way onto the candy maker's lips at the memory. In the end, Mr.Wonka had brought the entire Oompa Loompa population back to his factory to work and live, and much to their delight he paid them in cocoa beans. It was because of this action that no one ever went in or out of the factory after that day. Taking one last look out his window, Willy Wonka then turned on his heel to go check on his newest inventions.

(Not long after, outside the factory gates)

An elementary school class walked past the iron gates that overlooked the city. A tall woman with graying hair led the group, and her slightly shorter teacher's aid brought up the rear with a cute little red-haired girl latched to her by the hand. One by one the children stopped and looked up at the intimidating factory until the elder teacher called for them to start moving again.

"Come on, Mrs. Baker. Can't we just stay for a little bit?" a few of the children asked.

"Why don't we stop and have a story, Mrs. Baker?" the aid asked. She knew the story of the candy maker by heart.

"Oh, alright," the teacher replied.

The children cheered and settled down on the grass near the sidewalk. The young, auburn haired teacher's aid stood in front of them with the gates behind her and began to tell the story. She told them about Willy Wonka's first shop and its incredible creations, and Prince Pondecherri, the foolish Indian prince who had wanted a palace made completely of chocolate. Once the humorous tales were over, she told of the horrible betrayal that led to the factory's closing when he had to fire all of the workers. She then told them when the factory had suddenly just started making candy again, but no one ever went in or out of it.

One child raised his hand eagerly, waiting to be called on. When the aid obliged, he asked, "Miss Danika? How do they run the machines if no one goes in or out?"

"That's just it Joey, nobody knows," The aid replied.

"I think we should be on our way." Mrs. Baker said, breaking the magical moment to usher them along to their destination.

An eruption of 'boos' and protests came but the group headed out for the zoo none the less. As the same little girl took up the aid's hand again, she looked up at her cousin. The little girl decided then and there that she wanted to look just like her cousin when she was older. Nika's long auburn hair framed her face, spilling over her shoulders in shimmering waves. Her bright green eyes seemed to smile at you when she was happy, but could pierce through you when she was mad. Of course, the girl knew her older cousin wasn't the prettiest girl, she was almost average, but there was something that made her shine. She also told the best fairy tale stories she had ever heard.

The two were waiting for the end of the line when the little girl looked up at the factory, and Danika looked down at her. "What is it, Kylie?"

"Don't you think it would be fun to sneak in there, Nika?" she asked, hopping along excitedly beside her idol, blue eyes sparkling with excitement. "Wouldn't it be great to sneak in and see all the wonderful candy and things inside?"

The woman chuckled and shook her head. "No, we couldn't get in if we tried. Plus, Mr. Wonka probably doesn't want us in there." Nika jerked her head towards the entrance of the zoo. "Come on, I'll take you to see the monkeys instead," she said, smiling.

Secretly she wished they could. The little girl squealed and practically dragged Danika the rest of the way to the zoo.

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