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Chapter 22: A Very Good Morning and Evening:

Bright sunlight shining directly into one's eye is enough to wake anyone up from a deep sleep…anyone, that is, except Willy Wonka.

Danika managed to figure this fact out in the early hours of the day, just as the bright light of dawn blasted into her eyes, jolting her out of a very nice dream she'd been having.

'And boy, was it a good dream!' she thought, not opening her eyes in an attempt to hold onto that dream as long as possible. 'It seemed so real…'

At that moment, the pair of strong arms that suddenly gripped her waist convinced her that perhaps that dream had, in fact, been very real. Slowly opening her eyes, Danika found herself rolling off of her left side and onto her back, looking up at the pale, blissfully dozing face of Willy Wonka. His normally immaculate brownish-red hair was slightly mussed, and his lips were set in a very happy smile. Danika quickly decided that she probably didn't want to know what he was dreaming (or thinking) about to make him smile like that, so she decided to let him rest. Instead, she decided to inspect the man that she loved while he slept beside her.

For a man who worked and lived in a chocolate factory, Willy Wonka was amazingly fit. She knew (from experience) that he and the Oompa Loompas did not live off of nothing but sweets, but that they ate normally like everyone else (with the exception of the Oompa Loompa population consuming vast amounts of cocoa beans). She didn't know how Willy managed to stay in shape, but he did; the very finely sculpted chest showing above the sheets were a testament to that! Well, that and the fact that he had carried her all the way up to the bedrooms from the front door with little difficulty.

'He's definitely the sweetest man I've ever met,' she thought, her right shoulder resting on top of the chocolatier's chest, rising and falling with his deep breathing. 'No pun intended, of course.'

Before she could stop it, a small giggle escaped her lips. The sound caused the sleeping chocolatier to stir, and Danika quickly clasped her hands over her mouth, praying that she hadn't woken him up. He was just too cute when he was asleep! To her relief, Willy merely opened his eyes a tiny bit, his smile turning into a grin.

"Is it time to get up, Starshine?" he murmured, using the grip his arms had around her waist to pull her closer to him. Once he was sure that she was securely pressed against him, he nuzzled his nose against her neck and shoulder, sighing as he did so.

"No, it's alright, Willy," she whispered, giving him a soft peck on the forehead. "Go back to sleep."

"'K," he whispered, drifting off again into dreams, his grip on her not loosening a bit.

Smiling, Danika turned onto her right side so that she was facing him as she, too, drifted back off to sleep.

Willy awoke from the best dream he'd ever had. In that dream, he and Danika had been lying on a beach somewhere, and she had been wearing the prettiest bright green bikini…although, in his opinion, she would have looked much better without it. The sun was shining on them, nice and warm on their skin, and the waves were making soft lapping sounds on the white sand. Suddenly, the sunlight was too bright, and Willy found himself pulled into wakefulness.

'And it had been such a wonderful dream, too,' he thought, pouting to himself. He wished that it had gone on longer than it had.

The feeling of a soft, warm breeze flowing over his chest fully woke him, and he looked down to find his beloved Nika, her left arm draped across his waist and her head on his chest, fast asleep. So last night hadn't been a dream? Had Willy actually spent the night making love to the woman he cherished above all else? He looked down. Well, it sure looked like it…and he couldn't be happier.

'Well, technically, I could be happier,' he thought, chewing his bottom lip in thought.

There was one thing that he could do to make his life complete, but that would take a great deal of planning and thought…and a lot of Oompa Loompas to put into action to get it done in time! Smiling, Willy lay back on the bed and waited for his beloved Nika to wake.

Drifting back into wakefulness, Danika could feel fingers gliding up and down her arm and back, signaling that Willy was now awake and obviously bored. Opening her green eyes, she tilted her head back and smiled as purple orbs gazed back at her.

"Good morning, Starshine," he whispered as he leaned in to kiss her. "The Earth says hello."

"Morning," she whispered, tilting her head back to return the kiss before settling back into his arms. "Are you going to get up now? I imagine that you have a lot of work to do."

She hadn't wanted to ask him that, nor give him any ideas, but she knew that he was a very busy man. She fully expected him to agree with her and immediately head off to start working on his chocolates, but instead was very surprised when he merely smiled at her and stayed put instead of leaving.

"Well, you see, Starshine, I could get up," Willy replied, rolling her onto her back so that he could perch himself above her. "But then I wouldn't be able to spend more time here with you."

Nika giggled. "But you're a very busy chocolatier," she teasingly protested, smirking up at him while fluttering her eyelashes.

"Not too busy for you." He placed a kiss on her lips. "Never for you."

Two hours later, the two enjoyed a rather cozy breakfast in Danika's room, sitting across from each other and occasionally gazing shyly (and flirtingly) into one another's eyes. It was rather adorable, and the Oompa Loompas watching from the sidelines were beaming like maniacs; they couldn't wait to report the situation to the rest of the tribe!

Once the meal was finished, Danika stayed behind in her room and changed into some comfortable and casual clothing so that they could spend the day together. Meanwhile, Willy went off to do something that had been plaguing his mind since that morning. He gathered a few dozen Oompa Loompas and sent them off on various errands around the factory to set in motion what he had planned for the evening.

To Danika's surprise, Willy had the two of them spend the day in the Chocolate Room. The morning and afternoon had sported a somewhat Victorian air, since a lovely pavilion had been set up by the chocolate river just so the two of them could talk pleasantly in the shade (as well as have a nice picnic lunch or afternoon snack together). For a treat, there had been flavored marshmallow fluff, courtesy of the Oompa Loompas, which had been wonderful for a food fight that Willy had instigated for some reason neither one of them could remember.

After cleaning up (privately) from their little food fight, Danika met Willy in the hallway outside of their rooms, surprised to see him formally dressed all in black. His shirt was of black silk, and his pants and coat appeared to be made of black velvet; a closer look showed that the coat was covered in silvery-black beads and sequins that were sewn in the shapes of stars. Even his top hat was black, with only a silver ribbon wound around it to make it dressy. Feeling remarkably underdressed, Danika moved to go back into her room to change, but was stopped by Willy's bare hand on her arm.

"There's a dress for you in my room," he said, his voice surprisingly soft and nervous. "Go change. I'll wait for you out here."

Racing into Willy's room, Danika found a breathtakingly beautiful dress lying on his bed. The bodice was made to look like a corset, only with a zipper instead of tight lacings. It also had red braid running along the top and bottom edges, and down the center, right from the valley of her breasts to where the bodice met the skirt of the dress. Shimmering red-tinted black material made the skirt, which flared out a slight bit in a cascade of shimmering elegance. Best of all, there was a black choker with a small teardrop ruby hanging from it on a gold chain.

Excited, Danika quickly slipped into the dress and into a pair of black shoes that she found on the floor beside the bedpost. Deciding to leave her hair down, she quickly attached the choker and raced out to meet Willy in the hallway. He greeted her with a smile and offered her his arm, which she gladly accepted, feeling like a princess in her dress and on the arm of the most handsome chocolatier in the world.

She had expected him to escort her to the glass elevator or to the Chocolate Room, but when he did neither, she grew puzzled, but said nothing. Danika knew that Willy practically lived to show her wonderful surprises and gifts, so she decided to just let him lead her to wherever it was he was taking her. Besides, she figured that if it was this secret, it had to be good…right?

In the back of his mind, Willy Wonka was ready to either explode or run around screaming; he was that nervous and excited. He had been planning this for only a few hours, but he knew that this evening would totally blow all of their previous romantic evenings together out of the water. Or, at least, he hoped so. If things didn't turn out the way he'd planned it to, there would be no way he could survive to see tomorrow morning…it would just be too embarrassing and depressing.

Taking a deep breath, he led Danika up through the factory and into the huge glass conservatory dome that he'd built years ago, just so he could watch the stars during cold or stormy nights. The entire thing was made from glass; even the little panes holding the clear sheets were made of glass so as not to obstruct a person's view. In effect, it was much like the Glass Elevator, only it was a huge dome and it was well heated by a large fire pit built into the center of the floor. It was also decorated to be comfortable, with dozens of thick rugs, well-padded chairs, warm, dimly glowing lights, and large wooden tables all around to hold viewing equipment or refreshments. It was one of Willy's favorite rooms in (or rather, on top of) the factory, and he wanted very much to share it with the woman he loved.

As they ascended the last steps and went through the large trapdoor that opened up into the conservatory, Willy watched as Danika's face lit up with wonder and awe. His heart swelled up with joy and love at the sight of her glowing face, and pride filled him at being able to create such a place, one where the two of them became the only people on the face of the planet as they watched the stars shine above them. Taking a glance around the room, he noticed that most of the furniture had been cleared away so that a table and two chairs could be situated in the center of the room near the fireplace. On top of the table was a small candelabra and a romantic dinner for two, with a bottle of champagne finely wrapped in white cloth. Grinning broadly, Willy placed a hand on Danika's arm to get her attention.

"Dinner is served, Starshine," he said, smiling as she giggled at him.

"But I'm not the only star here, Willy," she replied, blushing at his nickname for her as she gave a quick glance to the sparkling lights above.

"No, but you're my Starshine, and therefore the brightest star in the whole universe," Willy replied, wrapping his arm around her and pulling her towards the dinner table.

After seating her comfortably in her chair, Willy took his place and waited for the Oompa Loompas to uncover the food and pour the champagne. Once they were fully alone, the two of them began to eat, throwing glances back and forth as they made small talk. The roasted chicken breast stuffed with cheese and mushrooms was particularly tasty, and the chocolate mousse topped with cherry-flavored whipped cream told him that the Oompa Loompas had done their hardest to make this dinner a success.

Once the meal was over and the dishes cleared, Willy took her hand in his as they finished sipping the last of the champagne. She was so beautiful in starlight, it made him want to capture her and tuck her away in his pocket, just so he could keep her with him forever.

'Well, there is another way to keep her here,' he thought, slowly getting up from his chair with her hand still in his. Clearing his throat, Willy slightly jerked his head, motioning for Danika to follow him. Looking puzzled, she did so.

The two of them stood at the far end of the conservatory, gazing out at the horizon where the golden lights of the town met the silvery lights of the night sky. It was a perfectly clear evening, and Danika felt that the night couldn't get any better than this. She stood with her back against Willy's chest, and he had his arms around her, making her feel safe, warm, and loved, all at the same time.

"Starshine?" he whispered into her ear, catching her attention.

"Hmm?" was the only thing she could think of through the blissful haze in her mind.

"Starshine, will you…" he cleared his throat, causing her to look up at him, her green eyes meeting his purple ones. "Will you…marry me?"

Her jaw dropped as she turned her head slightly to find a beautiful star-shaped diamond set in a yellow gold ring. It was absolutely stunning, and she could only think of one thing to say.

"Yes," she whispered, sighing happily as the chocolatier she loved slipped the ring over her left finger.

Smiling, Willy wrapped his arms around her once more and pressed his lips to hers in a sweet kiss before they went back to looking at the lights of both city and sky.

As the camera pulls back from the perfect shot of the two lovers and focuses on the sparkling heavens, one last sentence and question hangs in the air…

"I was thinking…maybe I should let a few kids into the factory, just so they can see it for themselves," Willy Wonka's voice softly whispers. "What do you think?"

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