A Haunting at Jump City High is based off of an episode of Boy Meets World. The one where they're locked in school at night, and there's a killer on the loose. If you've seen that episode, you know what I'm talking about. It's a little bit different of course. This will be updated every other day because I have another chapter story going at the moment.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything! The Titans are way to expensive for me to afford on an allowance of seven dollars a week. AND PACO THE EVIL TEDDY BEAR IS OWNED BY MY FRIEND MELISSA. HE'S OWNED AND COPYRIGHTED (FEBUARY 14TH, 2005) AND SHE THOUGHT OF HIM HERSELF. SHE HAS GIVEN ME SPECIAL PERMISSION TO USE HIM IN THIS STORY.

Dedication: Thugette90 (Christi) and my friends Sarah, Stephanie, and Melissa.

Summary: Getting detention isn't the worst thing that can happen to you. That is unless you're locked in the school after-hours and there's a mysterious killer on the loose. Now Kori, Rich, Rachael, Gar, and Victor have to escape before the worst happens...

A Haunting at Jump City High

by RupertLover09

Chapter One

Kori Anders slipped into her History seat between two of her four best friends ten minutes late to class. Once again, her sister had taken the car to school, leaving Kori to walk, and they lived ten miles from school. Hoping that her teacher Miss Gibbons hadn't noticed, she opened her text book to the asssigned page, she prepared to do her work.

"Miss Anders!" Miss Gibbons snapped. Kori's head whipped up and Richard Grayson and Rachael Roth looked at her. She could feel Gar Logan and Victor Stone's eyes on her too. "This is the fourth time you've been late this week. Detention!" Kori winced and got out a piece of paper and started taking notes out of the book.

"Again, Kori?" Richard whispered.

"Look, Richard, I don't need this today. Alright?" Kori was one of the only four students in the school who could get away with calling him Richard. Everybody else referred to him as Dick. Richard gazed at her from behind his sunglasses for a few seconds and returned to his work.

"Mr. Grayson, how many times must I tell you not to wear your sunglasses in here? I believe that I've now told you six times today. Take them off."

"But, Miss Gibbons-"

"Mr. Grayson, take off the sunglasses."

"Miss Gibbons, you don't-"

"Detention!" Miss Gibbons shrieked. Richard sneered at her and returned to his notes. "Class, pass in your homework from last night please." Papers were passed forward and the teacher shuffled through them. "Well, well. Once again Mr. Logan has failed to complete his homework." Gar Logan stood up to take a bow, Kori and Rachael laughed. "That is enough, Mr. Logan! This is the second week in a row that you have not done your homework. Therefore, I find it sufficient to give you detention."

"Aw, but, Miss G.-"

"Mr. Logan, return to your work. Mr. Stone, take off the baseball cap." Victor ignored her. "Mr. Stone!" He looked up. "Baseball cap, Mr. Stone."

"It's not against the dress code though, Miss G."

"Yes, but it is against my classroom rules. Now take off the hat or recieve a detention."

"Miss G., you wouldn't seriously give me detention."



"Would you like to make it two, Mr. Stone?" Victor sighed and returned to his work. "Class, please turn in yesterday's notes."

Rachael's eyes widened as the boy in front of her took the wrong paper off her desk. "God damn it!" she growled. "That was not supposed to be taken up!"

"Well, Miss Roth, would you mind telling us who Paco the Evil Teddy Bear is? I'm sure we'd all like to know." Miss Gibbons held up a picture of a very sinnister looking teddy bear. Rachael turned a very delicate shade of rose. "Detention, Miss Roth!"

"I can't believe that I got detention!" Kori whined as she slammed her locker shut and walked with her friends to the detention room that was situtated on the third and topmost floor of the school. "Why does Miss Gibbons have to be so strict?"

"Hey, Rae got detention for a drawing of a teddy bear." Gar said, poking Rachael in the side.

"And you got one for not doing your homework." Rachael retorted.

"You know, there's this rumor that the detention room is haunted." Victor said from the back of the group. Richard and Kori burst into laughter.

"Yeah right, Vic!" Richard grinned looking at his very somber friend, his laughter dying out. "Wait, are you serious?"

"Yeah, you remember that Anna Marie girl? Well, she got detention last year and just disappeared."

"She did not, Vic." Kori said. "She moved to Cleveland." She sat down at a desk towards the back of the classroom by the door and dropped her backpack on the floor (a/n: that rhymed! hehehe!).

"She did not! She died!"

"Whatever. So, what are we supposed to do?" Raven asked.

"You're to sit here for an hour in complete silence." Miss Gibbons replied as she marched into the classroom, slamming her brief case on the desk. It was then that the five friends noticed that there were only two doors and no windows in the room. A large crash of thunder made everyone jump. "Detention starts now."

For forty-five minutes they sat in silence barely daring to breathe until thunder crashed down on them again and the lights went out. There was a loud scream of fright and the lights flickered back on again. Kori gasped and pointed at the teacher's desk.

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