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A Haunting at Jump City High

by RupertLover09

Chapter Five

"Gar!" Kori and Richard yelled.

"Okay," Kori said. She was pacing up and down an isle of books in the library and staring at her blood soaked shoes. "There has to be a pattern or something. This guy has to havesome sort of motive or something."

"Like what, Kori?" Richard snapped, anger coursing through his body and every word. He'd just witnessed the murders of three of his best friends and knew that either he or Kori would be next. This guy was going to pay if the last thing Richard ever did. He wasn't about to lose Kori, not when they were so close to becoming more than friends.

"I don't know, Richard." Kori replied. He could see the tears welling up in her eyes and making them sparkle in the dim lights of the library. A stray pearl slipped from her eye and rolled down her cheek. "Why would somebody do this? Why would somebody kill three innocent teenagers?" She stopped in front of him and stared up into his eyes. "I-I'm scared, Richard." Richard softened and pulled her close, letting her cry into his shoulder. As they stood there, wrapped in eachothers arms, a book fell off one of the shelves, followed quickly by several more. Kori pulled away slightly and they watched the novels fall.

"This is not normal." Richard whispered. Kori, who couldn't find her voice, nodded in response. Fear ripped violently through the two teens as thuds and crashes surrounded them, getting closer with every passing second. Books fell, lights flickered, and the stench of death got stronger as something whoosed into the library. Kori shivered against Richard as the temperature dropped drastically and evil laughter bore down on them from all directions. The murderer swept closer, and they could hear his ragged breathing just around the corner of the row. Lightning crackled and a small, furry, brown paw peaked around the edge of the bookshelf sending Kori and Richard back a few paces as they stared at it in confusion. A shadowed face appeared next, followed by the rest of the murderer. In it's right hand rested a scythe that was at least three times it's hight and probably ten times it's weight. Whoever it was, they were no more than two feet tall.

"You are looking death in the face!" the Grim Reaper rip off snarled at them. He pulled off his hood, revealing fuzzy brown ears and a black nose. The murderer was-

"Paco the Evil Teddy Bear?" Kori snorted with a grin.

"Yes! The creation of your evil friend! She invented me to kill you, and I am here to do my duty!" Paco the Evil Teddy Bear raised his scythe as lightning flashed and thunder rolled again.

"I said: detention is over!" Kori, Richard, Rachael, Gar, and Victor all raised their heads to see a fully alive Miss Gibbons standing up from her seat.

"What happened?" Gar asked, rubbing his eyes as if he didn't believe that Miss Gibbons was real.

"All five of you fell asleep. Now get out!" Miss Gibbons replied, pointing them to the door. Without hesitation, all five scurried out of the room at top speed. Miss Gibbons sighed and let a smirk cross her face. Oh how she loved being the one who got to be the detention teacher. Especially on days when she felt particularly...evil. "You've done well, Paco." she said, patting her stuffed teddy bear on the head. "I just might consider promoting you."