Taking Wing

Sands turned in his seat to face his partner. He could tell she was radiating glee.

"What's got you so pleased?" he nonchalantly asked the younger agent.

"Nothing. It's just…I've never flown before. It's…wow! I mean, all the little houses and trees down there. And the clouds," she whispered, "the clouds are…everything's just…wow!"

Sands grinned broadly, if a little sorrowfully, at the innocent astonishment of the girl beside him. A ruthless killer marveling at what he assumed were white, fluffy, bunny-tail clouds.

"Oh my Christ," he mildly teased, "get a hold of yourself."

Sands couldn't stop smiling.

Neither had he.

I wrote this little ditty on my first plane ride. Nothing special, just something Sands whispered in my ear. And you know me, I must obey.