OMG, could it be!? LOL. The moment we've all been anxiously awaiting, me included (and I really mean that). This chapter is not for the kiddies, so shoo. Seriously, children should not be reading this stuff, it will rot your brain worse than candy will rot your teeth. Take it from someone who knows.

Draco was the first to arrive in the dungeons that night for Snape's detention, and was met with an amused smirk from his Potions professor.

The blonde quirked an eyebrow in his teacher's direction in an unspoken question.

"Care to explain why Potter was cowering under the Slytherin table at dinner tonight?"

Draco snorted. "Hiding from Granger, why else?"

Snape chuckled and continued. "Then I wonder if you could also tell me why Mr. Potter and yourself are attending detention with me in the first place."

Draco paled a bit, but recovered quickly, and with as much haughty confidence as he could muster, replied, "Well, because you told us to, of course!"

Snape narrowed his eyes, but continued to smirk, highly amused by the almost undetectable discomfort he was causing his favorite pupil. "Don't pretend that you don't know exactly what I'm talking about. Malfoys are not ignorant."

Snape waited for a moment, but when Draco showed no sign of responding, he decided to elaborate on his theory. "You see, Draco, normally I would think nothing of Potter's absence from my class, as his lack of appearance before the two of you… befriended each other was more than frequent. However, it seems that you have had a very positive influence on him, as his marks and attendance alike have, quite frankly, skyrocketed. And, to top it all off, couple his sudden regression to his previous bad habits with the fact that you, after six years of perfect attendance, somehow just happen to miss the exact same class, and then the two of you coincidentally show up in the Great Hall with your ideas of fashionably late matching almost to the minute…. Well, Draco, I have a very active imagination, and it would behoove you to set the record straight for me before I concoct a hypothetical situation that would be far more humiliating than what actually took place.

By the end of Snape's speech, or rant, as would be a better description, Draco was visibly mortified. He opened his mouth several times to say something, but failed at every try. Finally, he managed to choke out, "It's not what you think!"

"I should hope not," Snape drawled. "Perhaps you would care to enlighten me?"

Draco shifted uncomfortably, and just as he had opened his mouth to confess what he hoped was a decently believable line of bull shit, Harry came running through the door looking even more unkempt than he had at dinner.

Snape's face immediately changed from a smirk to a sneer. "You're late."

"Sorry, Professor," Harry said, breathing heavily. "There was a bit of a… hold up in the Great Hall."

"So I noticed," Snape replied snidely. "No matter. I should have expected no more from you. The two of you will commence with your detention. You will be venturing to the clearings just inside the perimeter of the Forbidden Forest to collect the specimens I will require for our next conjoined potion project. And you can wipe those miserable looks off your faces, I won't be doling out sympathies tonight. You may leave whenever you wish, as there's no way you will be able to retrieve the required amount in one night. Therefore, you will continue to go back each night until you have succeeded." He turned around and grabbed a piece of parchment and a crate full of empty vials and containers. "Here is a list of what I need and everything you will need to store it."

After he had handed the supplies over, he swept out of the dungeons, leaving the two boys groaning in his wake.

Harry and Draco made their way silently to the edge of the Forbidden Forest, both feeling slightly awkward and uncomfortable after the day's—and the previous night's—events.

Finally, they reached the first clearing just inside the Forbidden Forest's outer ring of trees.

Harry reached in his pocket and removed the shrunken crate of vials, returning it to its original size before setting it on the grass. He then lowered himself to the ground and proceeded to open up the crumpled piece of parchment and scrutinize its instructions.

After a few minutes of quiet reading, he looked up at Draco, who was still standing in the same place he had been when they'd stopped.

Draco sighed. "We're going to be here for a while, aren't we?"

Harry merely nodded and flopped on his back, letting loose a loud and dramatic sigh.

Draco contemplated his next move for a few moments, then mimicked Harry's position, careful to keep a good six inches or so between the two of them to discourage contact. He wanted to steer as far clear from any and all awkward moments as possible.

"So," Harry said casually, "what do we do now?"

Draco shrugged. "I don't know. Our detention, I suppose."

Harry snorted. "Like hell. I fully intend to make his slimy little life as miserable as he makes mine. If we don't give him his supplies, he can't make us do the potion."

Draco turned his head and raised an eyebrow.

Harry laughed. "Oh, we'll gather the supplies… eventually. But there's nothing wrong with taking our sweet time doing it."

"So let me get this straight… you want to prolong our detention simply for the purpose of being a pain in Snape's ass?"

Harry looked thoughtful for a moment and then smiled. "Yeah, that sounds about the gist of it. Besides… it's a good excuse to get out of the castle."

Draco stared at him blankly, then broke into a grin. "I like it!"

Harry laughed. "Well, well, well… Draco Malfoy, ganging up on Snape. What is the world coming to?"

Draco just shrugged. "What can I say? You must be rubbing off on me."

Harry snickered at the innuendo that Draco obviously hadn't noticed, but decided not to point out its irony.

"So," Draco said, "what are we going to do instead of being productive?"

Harry got a mischievous look on his face. "Who says we won't be productive?" And with that, he rolled over so that he was on top of Draco, straddling him and effectively pinning him to the ground.

Draco gasped in surprise and Harry immediately took advantage of the situation by attacking the other boy's mouth with his own.

For one small instant, Draco was about to fight back, to protest that they should at least try to make some headway on their detention.

That moment was quickly and successfully stabbed, gutted, and ultimately silenced as Harry's fingers fumbled to undo the first few buttons on Draco's shirt and his mouth moved lower to nip and suck at the pale collarbone beneath him.

Draco shivered from both the sensation of Harry's teeth on his skin and the cold air that assaulted his now very exposed flesh—after all, it was the middle of October.

Harry must have been very perceptive, because without so much as a pause in his actions and with a simple flick of his wrist—no wand or words spoken—he had cast a warming spell around them.

Draco made a mental note to—when he was not so damn distracted—ask Harry how in the bloody hell he could do wandless and nonverbal magic, let alone both at the same time. But he barely had time to finish his thoughts before he had once again melted into the other boy's arms.

Without breaking the contact of his mouth to Draco's pale neck, one of Harry's hands reached up to curl his fingers through Draco's hair while the other one worked at the rest of the buttons on his shirt. When he had managed to remove the offending garment, Harry finally lifted his head. His breath hitched in his throat slightly as he took in the sight of the boy beneath him.

Draco was, suffice it to say, stunningly gorgeous in any and every possible way. His cheeks were flushed in a light shade of pink that perfectly contrasted with his pale skin and his hair was strewn askew, but just as it had been that morning, even in its mussed up state, it still looked soft and shiny and gloriously touchable. His lips were parted just barely and he appeared to be panting, and even within the confines of the warming spell, Harry could see the boy's breath forming small white puffs in the air.

Harry ran one hand down Draco's cheek, watching with building lust as the blonde lashes fluttered together, and let his fingers continue to lightly trace a line down the muscled torso. Draco was still as thin as ever, but not nearly as fragile looking as Harry had imagined—his entire upper body had been toned from years of Quidditch.

Harry let out a breath he hadn't quite realized he was holding and a small smile curled at his lips.

"What are you grinning about?" Draco asked skeptically.

Harry's smile broadened as he replaced his roaming hand on Draco's cheek and moved the other hand to rest on the boy's chest. He leaned forward and kissed Draco lightly before whispering softly, "You."

Draco's face twisted into obvious confusion, so Harry elaborated.

"You're just so… perfect."

Draco's cheeks turned an even brighter shade of pink as he tried to hide his shy smile. "You're not so bad, yourself. And might I also mention that your amount of clothing is not proportional to mine?"

Harry chuckled as Draco's hands moved tentatively up to the collar of his shirt and began working the buttons out of their fasteners. "I suppose you intend to fix that, eh?"

As Draco pushed Harry's shirt off of his shoulders, he wrapped his arms around the raven haired boy's neck and pulled his lips to his own. "Yes," he said between his bouts of kissing.

Harry sighed as he finally let loose all the pent up lust he had inside him. He began grabbing furiously for any bit of flesh he could get his hands on, and his reward was a muffled moan from the figure beneath him. He bit lightly on Draco's lip and, while one of his hands was still clutching at the soft blonde hair, he dared to let the other venture lower. He paused when he hit the waistband of the other boy's trousers, waiting for any sign of objection. When his only response was being gripped tighter, he figured it was as good a time as any and started to pull the belt free.

His hands were shaking now, and his heart was thumping madly against his chest, but he refused to chicken out. What would Draco think of him, then? So he forced himself to continue. It seemed eternities later that he had finally removed the belt and undone the trousers. He opened his eyes to brave one last look at Draco, and as he did, relief washed over him. The other boy was as inexplicably and shamelessly mortified as he was.

Something about the look of sheer terror in Draco's eyes gave Harry an unexpected and overwhelming feeling of confidence, and in that moment, he wanted nothing more than to erase that horrified look and replace it with one of pleasure. With a reassuring smile, he captured Draco's lips with his own and let his hand travel the few extra inches, wrapping his fingers around his prize.

Draco's eyes snapped shut and he inhaled sharply as his hips jerked reflexively. Harry's lips moved like velvet over his own, and not for the first time, he wondered what it would feel like if those same lips replaced the hand that was currently stroking him into blissful oblivion.

That thought sent a shudder of passion through Draco's entire body, bringing with it a timid but determined mindset. With one hand curled possessively around the back of Harry's neck, Draco mustered up every ounce of courage he could rally to mimic the other boy's most recent feat.

He was filled with an immensely satisfying sense of pleasure when his actions elicited a wanton moan. His stationary hand left the nape of Harry's neck and moved upward, curling its fingers in the unruly black hair; his other hand began to move in time with Harry's.

Draco moved his mouth to Harry's neck and nibbled on the soft flesh, relishing in the noises being made from the onslaught. He continued his assault downward as far as he could reach and ended up grazing his teeth lightly over the taut chest.

It was becoming increasingly hard to concentrate on anything but the glorious warmth and pressure of Harry's hand, and within a few minutes, Draco let out a throaty moan as he came with one last thrust against the other boy. Harry followed suit a few moments later, biting lightly on Draco's bottom lip.

The two boys lie tangled together and breathing heavily for several minutes before Harry finally performed another one of his miraculous nonverbal wandless spells to clean them both up. He rolled on his side facing Draco and reached over to twine their fingers together, smiling contentedly.

Harry had assumed that after all was said and done, he would feel ashamed, embarrassed, or at the very least, incredibly awkward. But, Merlin save him, all he could think of was how happy he was… that he just wanted to pull the blonde closer and never let go.

After an hour or so of just lazing about, Harry finally got up, stretching, and said, "I suppose we should gather some of these supplies."

Draco snorted in laughter as he stood, as well. "You want to start looking now? It's half past midnight already!"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Think like a wizard, Draco, not like a muggle. You seem to be forgetting how useful that little stick-thing you always carry in your pocket can be."

Draco's brow furrowed in confusion.

Harry just heaved an exasperated sigh and proceeded to 'accio' several items from their long list, placing them all in their own separate vials.

Draco stood in stunned silence and Harry couldn't help but laugh at the look on his face.

"Why the hell didn't I ever think of that!?"

"You know," Harry replied, "I really don't know. I would have thought you'd be the first to use magic to your advantage in detentions."

"Wow… I feel like a damned half blood."

"Hey, now!" Harry shot defensively.

Draco grinned sheepishly. "No offense."

"Yeah, sure. Whatever." But he laughed, all the same.

Draco just shook his head.

"Well, I suppose this is enough for one night… just enough not to raise suspicions, but still not too much to keep us from coming back a few more times."

That said, Draco shrunk the crate and volunteered to drop off their findings with Snape on his way to his dorm. He started to walk off when Harry snatched his arm and spun him back around. "What are—" he started, but was cut off when Harry's lips crushed against his in a searing kiss.

When Harry stepped back, he didn't even say anything. He just smiled and grabbed Draco's hand, pulling him toward the castle. They walked hand in hand in silence until they reached the main path to the castle's entrance. At that point, they reluctantly let go of each other as they continued to trudge forward.

Once inside the castle, the boys paused for a moment in a silent goodbye before they both turned and went their separate ways, each wondering to themselves how they'd managed to survive so long without the other.

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