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Chapter one: A new friend

"Ash! Wait up! You're going too fast! I said wait you dummy," yelled May as she tried to keep up with an overly eager Ash. May was a starting Poke'mon trainer in Hoenn. Although she battles, she usually prefers Poke'mon contests. Fortunately for May, her little brother was staying in the last town they visited, he had a small cold. So May and her friends decided to go to the next town to find some medicine for him. And also, she got to spend some "time" with Ash. May and Ash were friends, most of the time. She didn't want him to know about her "secret crush."

"Aw c'mon, May! I can't wait for the next Gym battle! Hey Brock, where is the next gym," Ash asked, half out of breath, with Pikachu at his side. Ash strives to be the number one Poke'mon trainer. He has already been a great trainer and champion in the Poke'mon League, Johto League, and Orange League. All that was left was the Hoenn League.

"I think it's in the next town, Ash. But it's not an official gym. On the map, it says it's a gym for those who want to test their skills for the road ahead. And plus, it says that the solo keeper of the gym is said to be unbeatable," Brock commented. Brock was the former leader of the Pewter city gym, but now pushes on to be the number one breeder. They again head to the next town. But Ash may take part in the toughest battle on his journey.

As the friends just saw the town over the hill, a trainer spotted them. The trainer surprised them all, but not that they were scared, but by how she dressed. Her hair was in a high bun and she had a smirk on her somewhat tan face. She wore black cargo pants, a black spaghetti strap with a white shirt over it. She also wore a black choker around her neck, dragon earrings, a black and silver bracelet on one side, and a black sweatband on the other. As they saw it, she looked like a rocker. Brock automatically blushed at the sight of her. May, for some reason, fumed when she appeared. Ash did think she did look pretty, until he noticed poke'balls on the sides of her pants.

"HEY! You're a Poke'mon trainer, aren't you," Ash asked excitedly.

"Heh. Sure am. Known for being a tough one, too," She calmly said. Pikachu walked up to her to check this new trainer out. "Pika?" Pikachu always had a soft spot for girls. At this, the trainer smiled, kneeled down and started petting and stroking Pikachu like a cat. "Pikachuuu! Pikaaaah!" Pikachu started to purr. May was furious, and turned away with a "hmph!" The girl stood up and introduced herself "The name's Kaya. I'm a 15-year-old Poke'mon trainer from a place very far from this region. You wanna battle? A one on one match. No substitutes. That all right with you?"

"Allright! You're on! But I have to warn you, too. I'm pretty good! I'm-"

"Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. Participated in all of the leagues so far. And from what I hear, you're a pretty good champion as well." Ash was taken aback. He didn't know she already knew who she was. "Yeah, I know you. And don't worry. I'm not part of some organization. I just know you from rep. And you are Brock I presume? You're a former Gym Leader, aren't you? I heard you're a pretty good breeder." Brock just nodded and stared at her with love struck eyes. "Ah! And you must be May! You're a pretty and young little girl to already be participating in those tough Poke'mon contests," Kaya said as she ruffled May's hair. May just shook her head in annoyance and looked away. Kaya was taken aback at first, but then gave a smile.

"Okay, okay! No more talk. Are we gonna battle or what!"

"Ah yes. I'm sorry Ash. Let's get this done and over with, shall we?"

"And after the battle, maybe we can go out for lunch, Kaya. Just the two of – Yowch!"

"Brock! Enough…just let them battle…" May was pulling Brock away by the ear, again. Brock, Kaya, and Pikachu found a grassy hill where they could sit and watch. Strangely, May had a little vein popping out of her head, but Ash didn't notice. Kaya looked at May and smiled. "Cute girl…"

They found a nice flat and grassy area to battle. Ash was pumped up and ready, but he couldn't help thinking that Kaya knew something that he didn't. Putting it aside, he reached to his belt, pulled off a poke'ball, and threw it in the air. Out popped a green lizard-like Poke'mon. It was Grovyle. It still had his tough guy attitude and it stuck a branch in his mouth and struck a tough pose.

"Heh. Cute Grovyle, Ash. I like its style. Can see how much you've trained it. But let's get down to business…" She threw a great ball into the air and a strange Poke'mon popped out of it. It looked like a little man with a fur coat. It wore a big smile on his face as he hopped. Ash took out his pocket pokedex and analyzed it right away.

"Snorunt: The Ice Poke'mon. This Poke'mon is rarely found and likes the snowy and icy cold climate." I've never seen this Poke'mon before, Ash thought. It looks kind of funny. For a tough looking girl, she has a wimpy looking Poke'mon.

"Oh don't worry, Ash. This isn't any one of my stronger Poke'mon. I'm just training her. And she's a lot stronger than she looks." Kaya sounded like she read Ash's mind. Ash didn't like the sound of her tone. Who WAS Kaya? What kind of girl IS she, Ash wondered. He couldn't get her out of his mind…

"Whatever you say, Kaya. But my Poke'mon isn't a weakling either," yelled Ash, though he was a little shaken. "Grovyle, Razor leaf now!" At the command, Grovyle jumped in the air, curled in a ball, and hurled a storm of leaves right at Kaya's Snorunt.

"Hahaha! Cute beginning move, but you need to do better than that! Snorunt! Aim your icy wind right at those leaves, girl!" Snorunt sent a chilly wind at the oncoming leaves, and froze them all in mid air. "Hahahahaha! You see? She's a lot stronger than she looks," Kaya said as she gave her Poke'mon a small pat. Snorunt smiled big, Ash frowned in dismay. No one was able to completely stop his Grovyle's Razor leaf attack before. There's something different about her, he thought…

On the hill, May, Brock, and Pikachu looked on. Pikachu was cheering for Ash while May and Brock watched. Brock couldn't help but noticed something was bothering May. He noticed the change in her attitude when they met up with Kaya. Then to his surprise, she spoke.

"Hey Brock, do you think Ash has a chance against her Snorunt? I mean, even though it is an ice Poke'mon," May asked, unsure. Ash usually did very well in the beginning of a match. But this new girl seemed much stronger than the others did. In her opinion, she didn't like her. She dressed kind of scary and she saw how Ash looked at her. Oooooo! It made her so mad just thinking about it.

"Well, May. Ash's Grovyle should've had a slight edge, since it's been getting much stronger since it evolved. And Snorunt is still in its basic stage. But this one looks like it's ready to evolve. It's gained a lot of strength and power. Snorunt shouldn't have obliterated Grovyle's attack, or maybe not even stop it at all at this level," Brock said with a stern face. May didn't like his tone of voice. "I have a feeling Ash is going to have a losing match this time." May looked at Brock with concern and shock. No one was going to beat her Ash. No one! Not even Kaya! How dare she flirt with him during a battle! If Ash lost, SHE would battle Kaya herself!

The first round went on for a while, and both of the Poke'mon were getting a little winded. Ash's Grovyle had several burns form Snorunt's icy blows and its breathing was a little heavy. But Kaya's Snorunt had fewer injuries and wasn't breathing as hard. Ash was feeling a bit frustrated. Then Grovyle looked back at Ash. They both stared at each other for a while, as if reading each other's minds. Grovyle gave Ash a smile. They both knew what to do.

"Time to end this round. Snorunt, Aurora Beam!" Snorunt tilted its head back, ready to fire.

"Go Grovyle! You know what to do!" Ash trusted his Poke'mon. And even though he felt uneasy with his Poke'mon's decision, he let it do what it thought was the best. Kaya was caught by surprise with this move and gestured her Snorunt to fire its beam. Grovyle rushed blindly towards Snorunt with its arms guarding its head as the beam engulfed it. There was a green blur as the beam stopped. Clouds of dust swarmed everywhere. Kaya and Ash called for their Poke'mon, hoping both were victorious. May and Brock stood up in shock, hoping for the best…

When the dust cleared, Grovyle was crouching on the grass with Snorunt behind it. Grovyle gave a small flinch. Snorunt smiled big and gave a cry. Then suddenly, Snorunt fell face down into the grass, fainted. Everyone gasped and ran to the battlefield. Ash was overjoyed and gave Grovyle a high five. Kaya stroked her Poke'mon and returned it to his poke'ball. Brock and May joined them later on with Pikachu running down the hill to meet them.

"Wow Ash. Out of all the trainers I battled, you lasted the longest against me AND you were the only one to defeat me! Congratulations," Kaya said happily.

"It's no big, Kaya! You were really strong, too! One of the toughest trainers I've faced in Hoenn. Here, wanna see the battle? I recorded it with my pokedex," Ash said as he flipped open his pokedex and let Kaya watch the screen. It showed Kaya's Snorunt shooting its aurora beam with Ash's Grovyle rushing into the beam. "Now let me slow it down a bit…and there! WHOA!" Ash and Kaya watched in shock as they saw Grovyle rush through the blast, and use its Slash attack on Snorunt, like a samurai initiating a killing blow. They both just stared at the screen in awe.

"HAHAHAHA! Brilliant! Great! You're just the trainer I hoped you would be! I feel honored to have battled with you. Now, come with me into town, and rest up. If you need a place to stay, you can crash at my Gym. Be ready for our next battle," Kaya said. She was greatly impressed.

"Wait! Wait a minute! What did you say! Something about a Gym," The three friends hysterically asked. They were shocked at what she just told them. Not only they had a place to stay to sleep and eat, but she also said something else. Ash and Brock hoped she said what they thought she said. May on the other hand, was not happy. She hoped she didn't say that she was…

"Oh! I didn't tell you? I'm The Gym Leader in the next town! C'mon, follow me!"


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