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Chapter 9: The Final Battle - Part 3




There stood May right in the doorway. Ash whipped around as the crowd cheered and screamed. She ran to Ash and flew into his arms. The crowd screamed louder.


"Yeah?" May was so happy to finally hold him like she always wanted.

"…Were you watching the whole match all this time?" Ash couldn't believe this was happening…

"Uh huh…" May could feel her tears of happiness.

"Why didn't you say anything? Why didn't you tell me?…I wanted you by my side…" Ash had them too.

"I know Ash…that's why I'm here…I want to be with you all the way…I lo-"

"I know, May…you don't have to say anymore…" Ash then looked up at the crowd and saw Brock: he gave him a thumbs up. Then Ash's attention was drawn elsewhere.


May turned around with Ash still holding here. Pikachu and Absol were lying on the ground. Their eyes were open in a sickly way: like death. May gasped as tears came to her eyes. Ash couldn't say anything. Then he looked at Kaya across the way. Both he and May held back yells.

She was also on the ground. Her cape was in shreds and her dress was torn, her torn wings covered her limp and crumpled body, her eyes were empty and white. The crowd was no longer cheering. A sickly silence was over the stadium. The official came out from the shadows. He inched to his spot and looked at the Poke'mon, ready to make his decision. But at that moment Kaya, with great difficulty, got up along with her Absol. Both were battered and covered in wounds. Ash couldn't believe it. Absol and Kaya shared the same injuries. He looked at Pikachu, who was shivering and trying desperately to get up. The crowd was completely silent.

"Ash, are they okay? Is Pikachu okay?" May was deathly scared.

"I don't know, May. C'mon Pikachu, get up! I know you can, buddy!" At those words, Pikachu desperately tried and tried to get on its feet. Brock jumped down from the stands to join his friends on the ground.

"I can't believe this is happening. Both of them shouldn't still be fighting, it could really injure them both!" Then Brock shook Ash's shoulder. Kaya's Absol started to wearily make its way to Pikachu; fangs bared.

"That's it Demon, finish it off…Make sure it never rises…" Kaya's voice was raspy and hollow. She seemed possessed. Then Ash realized the truth behind her power! But he couldn't do anything…he couldn't stand up against her as weak as she was. He had to wait… Absol put its paw on the weary Pikachu's neck, ready to sink its fangs into his opponent.

"This will end you…I'll give you props, kid, this was an exhilarating, but irritating battle. I'm ending this now…" Absol got closer and closer…But stopped when he saw something out of the corner of his eye: a smirk.

"Hehe…it's not over yet, loser," Pikachu snarled as it sent a small thundershock. Everyone could see Absol bristle in pain. Ash smiled as Pikachu looked back and smiled. May could just stare at Kaya. As her Poke'mon shook in pain, so did she. Absol crumpled in a furry messy heap on the stadium floor. The referee raised the flag.



The crowd's noise was deafening. Ash ran to pick up his Pikachu. It was badly damaged. Pikachu looked up at his overjoyed master and fell asleep. May, Ash, and Brock looked around frantically, not knowing what to do. Then May remembered: Kaya! May ran to her rival and brought her up. She was still breathing, but she could barely stay awake. May shook her. Kaya struggled to look up. She could barely hear what May was saying. She saw her Poke'mon sprawled on the floor, sighed, and lost consciousness…



"…been so long…what…will she…" Kaya could hear murmurs…


"…she's waking up!…don't yell, she's still weak…"

"Where am I?…" Kaya woke up surrounded by her guests and her Poke'mon.

"You're in the clinic in your own gym, it's been four days since you've lost consciousness…" She could hear Ash speaking.

"I don't care…about me…my condition is…nothing…" Kaya struggled to bring herself up. May supported her shoulders with Kaya's Blaziken slowly shifting his master up.

"Kaya, you shouldn't move. Your wounds will open up again," Brock warned her as she started to flinch.

"I've had worse…where is Demon?…where is he!…Ahhn…Tell me," Kaya was gripping Ash's jacket in fear. She started to cry.

"Kaya…De-I mean your Absol's fine. In fact," Ash smiled as he moved out of the way. There was Absol, lying on the bed right next to her. "He's going to make a full recovery." Kaya smiled and released her grip.

"What happened to me?…I remember…I remember everything up until the point when I sent out Demon…What happened?…I felt so cold and numb…and then I felt a searing fire, and then I wake up in my infirmary…" Brock and May looked at each other in confusion…How could they explain what they didn't know?

"I think I know the reason why you blanked out, Kaya." It was Ash who spoke. "I've seen this happen with a friend of mine. Dark and Psychic Poke'mon sometimes have the ability to amplify their trainer's emotions. In this case, it was your Absol. Your strong mental energy combined with Absol's dark energy. Your energies must have collided or mixed together so that you felt , though, and acted the same. It was like you and your Absol were controlling each other. And after the last blow, you body couldn't take it. When your powers grew darker, it may have been triggered by your emotions. It might've been from Rocky coming back or…um…the thing with you and me…" Ash started to scratch his head in embarrassment. Kaya looked at her three guests and started to laugh. All three of them were confused.

"Hahaha…Ash…there wasn't ANYTHING between you and me…" Ash looked at her stunned. May was speechless. "The reason why I did what I did, was for you two to admit that you care a lot for each other. I wanted you two to be together…It worked didn't it?" Kaya smiled as May and Ash steamed in embarrassment. Brock just sat back and laughed. He knew she wasn't a bad person, he just regretted that he wasn't part of this plan.

"WHY DID YOU TRICK US, KAYA? THAT WAS SO CRUEL!" May and Ash were red in the face as they yelled at Kaya.

"Relax, relax, guys…I just meant it for the best. And why get mad? You two are happy now, right? And I did it because…I just didn't want you to go through what I did…You guys were so cute together…I had to do something…" Kaya smiled and went back to sleep. Ash held May's hand as the two watched over her that night. Brock went over to the two lovebirds and knocked them on the heads.

"I swear, you guys are so dense…"


The next day, Ash, Pikachu, May, and Brock were standing outside the gym. Kaya stood in the doorway as she bid her new friends goodbye. Absol trotted at her side supporting her weight, due to Kaya's weakness. Kaya stooped down to give Pikachu a hug. Kaya smiled at her new friends.

"We'll meet again won't we," May asked. Kaya smiled as she put her hand on her own heart.

"I promise, May, we'll meet again. Oh! Before I forget Ash," Kaya yelled as she pulled something out of her pocket. She handed him a TM and money for winning. Ash took it with gratitude. Ash turned it over in confusion, he didn't recognize it. "That TM's Return. It grows stronger in power if your Poke'mon cares for you. And I know just the Poke'mon who can use it to its fullest potential." Kaya winked at Pikachu as it beamed back.

"Thanks Kaya. I'll keep this to good use. We'd better go, don't want to keep you busy," Ash said as he put his arm around May. Kaya just waived it off.

"Nah, I think I'll try and tackle the Hoenn League. But yeah, you guys should be going…You still got the rest of the Hoenn League to complete. I'll see you guys at the tournaments. Remember, I'm registered as 'Shadow.' Good luck to you guys!" Ash, Pikachu, May and Brock waved to their new friend as they set off. Each had thoughts running through their minds. But they all remembered this: the battles would never be over between the rivals that turned friends.