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Chapter 1

"I Won't Let You Pull Me Down"

Going Under- Evanescence

It was indescribable, the heat and the passion that flowed between them, but hadn't they only been fighting a moment before? Moans of pleasure could be heard as the two lovers pleasured each other. Touching, licking, pressing against each other, gasping for breath, clawing at each other. It wasn't the first time this had happened. Recently this always seemed to happen whenever they got in a fight.

First they would be bickering over the smallest thing, and then they would be saying hurtful things to each other. As the fight grew more heated they would start throwing punches at each other. Before either knew it they would start touching each other in intimate yet aggressive ways. The heat would soon turn to passion and without even thinking about what they would allow their bodies to unite, but even though they were doing an act meant for lovers it was filled with nothing but anger, frustration, want, and the need to dominate and destroy.

Tyson tried to hold back a cry of pain as he felt Kai drag his nails down his sides leaving red marks that would fade in a few days. Pulling the dual haired boy closer to him Tyson bit down hard on the other boy's neck, drawing blood in the process. He hated this. He hated how they would be fighting and then this would happen. He didn't want this. He had wanted his first time to be with the one he loved but in the end he had given himself up to Kai. Kai, the one who hated him most in the world. It disgusted him.

Lips press roughly against his as teeth bit harshly on his bottom lip drawing the sweet copper tasting blood. Unwillingly, Tyson opened his mouth to let Kai's tongue enter and then quickly bit the offending appendage. Kai pulled his face back a few inches away from Tyson's and glared heatedly at the younger teen before attacking the boy's lips again, this time showing no mercy.

Tyson tried holding back another moan of pleasure and pain. He felt Kai entering him, but any cries he made were muffled by Kai's mouth on his. It hurt so much, but it felt so good. He knew it was wrong but he couldn't do anything. Kai plunged deeper into him and instinctively he wrapped his arms around Kai's shoulders and dug his nails into the teen's back.

Kai felt Tyson's nails digging into his back and in reply to the action he pulled the other boy's hair roughly. He heard a whimper of pain come Tyson, but he didn't care. He wanted Tyson to suffer. He wanted the boy to feel as much pain as possible. He plunged into Tyson again and this time he was sure he had drawn some blood, good, that meant Tyson would feel immense pain for the next few days.

A gasp of pain, shock, and pleasure passed through Tyson's lips as he felt the cool metallic liquid pooling around his legs. It hurt so much but he wouldn't cry. Not even thinking about the consequences for his actions Tyson grabbed a handful of Kai's hair and pulled the older boy's face to his and roughly kissed his teammate. Blood poured from both of their mouths as they kissed and bit each other.

Dragging his nails down Tyson's chest Kai left ten trails of blood flowing down the younger boy's chest. Pulling away from their bloody kiss Kai leaned down and lapped up the blood from Tyson's chest and smirked when he felt a shiver run through teen.

Tears burned in the corner of his eyes but Tyson wouldn't let them fall. Crying would mean Kai won and he wasn't going to give the other boy the satisfaction of knowing he won. Burying his fingers in Kai's luscious hair Tyson tugged on it, but got no reaction from Kai, that is until he felt the older boy slam into him again, this time harder then all the other times.

The once white and pristine bedspread that the boy's had been laying on was never covered in blood. One them was most likely going to have to burn it if they didn't want anyone to find out about their affair because there was no possible way they were going to be able to clean out all of the blood.

A cry of pleasure and great anguish echoed off the walls as Tyson came to his climax. As his walls tightened around Kai's member the dual haired boy made one more thrust that made Tyson cry out again and then he spilt his own essence into the boy he had pinned under him.

Kai rolled off of Tyson and the two breathed deeply in hopes of regaining some of their lost breath, but as they did they glared at each other. Both of them letting the other know how much they hated the other, before fading into sleep.


It was still dark out when Tyson woke up. Kai was still asleep, but Tyson had expected it. Ever since this deadly ritual had started he had learned that he would often wake up before Kai because in the middle of his sleep he would move causing pain to shoot through his body and then he would wake up instantly to the pain, and tonight was no exception. His whole body ached in pain, no pain wasn't the right word to describe it. What he was feeling was greater than that. It burned his flesh and turned his blood into a lava so hot it melted away his bones in a taunting and slow way.

He sat up and moved, ignoring the pain that grew inside him with each step he took. He could feel the cool blood running down his chest as the wounds reopened themselves. This was nothing. He had felt worse, so he could take it no matter how much his body protested against it. His legs felt so heavy, almost as if they were chained to three tons of weight, but he had to get to the bathroom. He had to clean himself of this… this… this…. He didn't know what this was but he knew he despised it.

Once inside the bathroom he closed the door and locked it. He didn't bother turning on the lights, he knew where everything was, and even if he didn't it wasn't like he could be hurt much more anyway. A sad smile appeared on Tyson's face at the thought. He really hated all of this but he didn't know what to do to stop this.

Stepping into the shower he turned the knob for the water and let the icy cold drops touch his face and wash away the blood from his body. The crystal clear waters melded with the dark crimson blood to become a bright red liquid that washed over Tyson's body. Tears formed in Tyson's eyes as he stared at the impure water that now swam at his feet. He couldn't stand this. He wanted it to all to end.

When did this happen? Tyson thought to himself. I know we never got along but how did we end up like this? We get in a fight over the smallest thing and then we have angry sex and nothing gets solved. Why are we doing this to each other? I'm sick of it. A sob echoed off the shower walls but the tears that remained in Tyson's eyes never fell.

Furiously Tyson grabbed a washcloth and began to roughly rub his skin. He rubbed the cloth against his skin so hard it began to peel and turn red, but it wasn't enough. He felt so dirty and pathetic. I hate this, but I don't know what to do to stop this! I just want to run and hide and curl up in a corner and pray no one ever finds me! Does Kai even care about what we're doing! It's wrong! We shouldn't be doing this to each other! We're teammates for crying out loud!

Tyson fell to his knees and kept scrubbing himself with the washcloth. He needed to rinse himself of all this. Rinse away all the pain, all the abuse, all the desire. It was all so wrong. They weren't in love, and probably the only time they did desire each other was when their fights got to such a heated level. It wasn't right for them to do all these things and yet they couldn't stop.

The water was so cold now against his abused flesh, but it burnt like acid. Kai, I want this to end. I want to run away from all of this. Please, can't we let everything return back to normal? Can't we go back to just being friends, even if we weren't really good ones? Silence answered Tyson's questions. He felt so alone and abandon as he sat there alone in the shower as the water poured on him. Only one train of thought was left in his head as he sat there on the cold tiled shower floor.

I want to run away… I want this to all end… I want to runaway and never come back… I don't want to do this any more… I want to leave Kai… I want to be free of all this… I want my happy life back… I want to run and hide…

Tyson used all of his will power to turn off the water that felt like it was bruising his skin. Shakily he managed to step out of the shower and wrap a white fluffy towel around his slim waist and grabbed the first aid kit by the sink. Taking a seat on the toilet Tyson put the little box on his lap and opened it. He had done this so many times now he didn't even have to think about what he was doing as he began to bandage himself up.

I want to runaway… I want to runaway…

but what if Kai comes after me?

Why would he do that?

He doesn't care…

What we're doing isn't out of love, but out of hate…

He won't care…

My absence will make both of us happy…

I wonder if he'll notice?

Probably not…

I just want, no, need, to run away…

I will leave…

I will runaway…

Tyson now stood in his bedroom dressed in blue jeans and a black tank top he had found in his dresser, with his usual hat on his head. Grabbing a random jacket out of his dresser he put it on, and then began to grab more clothes out of his dresser. Quietly he stuffed each piece of clothing into one of his old school backpacks. Once his backpack only had a little bit of room left he went to the kitchen and grabbed some fruit and other foods that wouldn't go bad for a while.

After filling his bag with what he thought would he need Tyson went back to his room and grabbed his wallet. Before leaving he looked in it to see how much money he had, it was enough to last two or three days but he needed more. Desperate for money Tyson did the one thing he never thought he would do. He snuck into his own grandfather's room and took whatever money he could find lying around.

Tyson did feel guilty for taking money from his grandfather but he was sure that Gramps would understand if he explained everything to him, which he would eventually, but right now all that mattered was getting away from Kai.

With tears forming behind his eyes Tyson left the one place that had always been his home. He knew his friends and family would worry about him, and that alone made him want to turn back and go back to the place, but he couldn't. He had already done too many shameful things. He couldn't go back home. He could never see his loved ones again.

A gust of wind blew past Tyson and as it did so it took his tears with it. As they floated down to the ground Tyson took off in a run, as the wind continued to steal his tears and make them fall. One teardrop slid down his cheek and onto his lip. Subconsciously he licked his lip to taste the salty liquid and murmured below a whisper, "I'm sorry."