Hey everyone. Lately I've been doing nothing but Jenna and Piers… and though I have been working on Jenna and Garet stories, I've been too lazy to post them. So I decided to write a story one of my all time favorite couples… Isaac/Mia!

Title: Captain Valentine

Rating: T for violence, language and mild suggestive themes

Pairings: Isaac/Mia, Alex/Mia, Garet/Jenna and if the reviewers choose to… I'll be happy to put Piers/Jenna. But you better review and ask me too, or else I can't put it in.

Then you readers can pick who you want to be paired up with Felix, Ivan and Sheba.

Summary: Mia is a simple girl, and she's going to be forced to marry Prince Alex so that the king can save her sick father. Little does Mia remember that she promised herself to a pirate… And now he's come back for her!

Anyway, on with the story!


Every girl had always had a secret wish about a boy. When you were younger, you remember growing up with some sort of perfect boy image, right?

Maybe you wanted to be swept off your feet by a charming prince, and you two would ride off into the sunset on his white horse.

Maybe you wanted to catch the eye of a vampire, who would invite you to his castle on top of a spooky mountain. Once there, he would ask you to be his wife and you two would forever remain passionate with one another.

Or it could have been something along the lines of you being a square and drape would tell you to hop on his motorcycle, where you two would ride away from it all… together…

But no. None of those dreams would ever come true, now would they? Of course not. No one's dream ever did.

However, young Mia wasn't going to let that happen. She didn't want her dream to vanish away like all the other boys and girls… she wanted her dream to come true. And she wasn't going to let anyone stop her… And what was Mia's dream? Oh… her lover wasn't a prince, vampire or a bad boy… no… Mia had always wanted…

A Pirate Captain.

Yes, Mia wanted to be whisked away by a Pirate, who would be the captain of a beautiful ship. He would be incredibly handsome and gentle, unlike all those one eyed, peg legged old men… she wanted someone special. Someone no one would expect to be a pirate…

In her emerald eyes, he would be the kindest man in all the 7 seas. In anyone else's eyes, he would be ruthless and dangerous… a legend of legends…

So everyday, young Mia, who was around 8 or so at the time, would run around the docks of her small town and gaze over the pirates. None really caught her eye. They were scary and had the weirdest accents that she never understood. Of course her parents said that the way they spoke was normal.

And so Mia had decided that if all pirates were like this, then she never would have her dream. After all, who wanted to marry the scary and slightly disgusting men boarding into her town?

But then… he came along…

The light blue haired girl was leaning over the side of her father's ship –which wasn't too big- watching pirates begin to board along her town's docks… when the most charming voice filled her ears.

"What's a little girl like you doing here?" Then the most handsome man she had ever seen stepped in front of her. He wore a huge red hat with a giant white feather sticking out… how could she forget his hat? It was the funniest thing she had ever seen. His clothes were fine looking. A matching red coat with gold lace strings tying the front together hung tightly to him. Then his brown fluffy pants tucked into his black boots. His sleeves were tight on him, but a white tunic was beneath it, and the sleeves to that almost covered his hands at how frilly they were. He didn't look a day over 15…

However, it was his navy blue eyes that drowned her. Those stunning eyes… anyone could have lost their way by just sending a quick glance at him through them.

"I'm watchin' da pirates!" Mia said, giving a blank expression on her face. Obviously the stranger could tell she was staring at him.

"Watching the pirates, huh? Don't you think it's a little dangerous for someone as cute as you to be doing something that dangerous?" He whispered, his voice sounding deep and calm… which sent Mia into a deeper trance.

"It's not dangerous. They don't yell at me…" She whispered, unable to remove her emerald eyes from his navy blue eyes. Then it was his golden blonde hair that almost covered his eyes that caught her attention. "What are you doing here?"

"Why… I am a pirate…" He murmured, giving her an enchanting smile. How could someone be this perfect…? Why couldn't more men be like him? "My name is Captain Valentine… but because you're so adorable, I'll let you just call me Isaac." Not only was he a pirate, but he was a captain as well!

"Captain Valentine? That's a cool name!" She said, a wide grin coming to her face. A grin just as wide came to his face. "My name's Mia!"

"Mia? Well that's a lovely name for someone so cute. I bet you'll be a real beauty when you're older." Mia gave him a curious look. What was he getting at? "With eyes like those, no man will be able to resist you." He chuckled, reaching out. His hand gently reached out and brushed a light blue lock away from her face.

Mia was surprised with how soft his fingers were.

"Captain Valentine…" She had to say it. He was the one from her dreams… the handsome pirate captain who would whisk her away… "One day when I'm older… will you kidnap me?"

A startled expression crossed Isaac's face. His navy blue eyes widened while lips parted ever so slightly. Why would anyone ask such a thing? Who could possibly want to be abducted by pirates?

"Why would a little girl like you ask me that?" He asked, his shocked expression not changing for a second. Grinning, Mia reached out and touched his big hat. The boat was leveled so there face was at his forehead, which didn't make it too hard for her to touch him.

"Because I always wanted to be a pirate captain's bride! I've always wanted the most handsome pirate to take me away!" Though Isaac blinked a few times, he waited for her to continue. "You're the most handsome captain I've ever seen! Take me away one day and marry me!" At hearing this, Isaac weakly smiled. How funny for a child to be asking him this…

"All right. Then remember this…" His navy blue eyes lit up while a kind smile came to his face. "When you turn 16… I'll come back to this small town and kidnap you. I will whisk you away… and you will become my wife." Mia made a squeal at this. Her dream was going to come true! It really was! "So never forget… because you just sold your heart to Captain Valentine… and I never leave a beautiful woman's heart behind…" Leaning close, Isaac laid a soft kiss on her cheek. This earned a crimson blush to paint onto Mia's cheeks as she felt his soft lips on her cheek.

"Isaac! Hurry up!" A voice in the distance called. Pulling back sharply, Isaac sighed.

"Looks like my crew needs me… farewell, Mia…" He whispered, walking down the docks.

And that was the last Mia had ever seen of her precious Captain Valentine…

Years passed… and her memories from her childhood slowly faded away. Even now she couldn't remember much from her past. Just her times on the docks… the funny moments with her father and her…

But sadly she had forgotten about Isaac's promise. The only thing she remembered was some hazy being… the most enchanting navy blue eyes. But she couldn't even remember his name…

And yet, the Captain hadn't forgotten her, since he had collected that memory in his teenage years. As the years passed, he became more and more excited to see the emerald eyed beauty he would come to collect for in 8 years… And why did he remember?

Because Captain Isaac Valentine never forgot a promise… especially one sealing a woman's heart to his…

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