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"Damn it!"

Jenna narrowed her eyes in concern when Isaac slammed a fist down on a table.

Within a small room were Jenna and Isaac. The room wasn't much, mainly a few pieces of furniture with maps scattered everywhere. While Jenna stood near the doorway, Isaac sat at the table, slamming a fist against the table top.

"We missed her! How is that possible? Damn it!" Angrily, Isaac slammed his fist down once more as the curse escaped his lips. "How could we miss her?"

"I… I knew stealing from that girl with the cloak was a good idea…" Jenna growled, folding her arms over her chest. All she got in return was a hate-filled glare from Isaac's navy blue eyes. "Chill out, captain. It's not like she's gonna die out on sea… and Champa isn't too bad of a place…"

"But she's going to see the king… and if we bother the king… that's like messing with Lucifer himself…" Isaac grumbled, burying his face in his hands. No, he wasn't crying. He was just too stressed out for anything…

"Why is it so bad? We've messed with him before!" Jenna laughed, taking a seat on the table so she was in front of him. "Nothing to worry about. This Mia girl of yours is worth it, right?"

Her words were cheerful and comforting… but Isaac was too frustrated for this.

"Just go please…" Confused, Jenna raised an eyebrow at him. "I'm just worried for her. That King is evil, and will trick anyone into doing what he wants…" Slowly, Jenna allowed one of her hands to gently touch his shoulder.

"Decide what you want, Isaac. Just know your crew is with you every step. And if you make a wrong step and trip, we'll be behind you to catch you!" Jenna cheered, hopping off the table and giving him a wide grin. However, Isaac was in no mood to hear such nonsense.

"Go away… be off with you and your corny lines…" Isaac sighed, waving a hand to dismiss her.

But Isaac forgot Jenna wasn't one to listen.

"Hey! I'm trying to cheer you up and you turn around and be a jerk about it!" Without warning, Jenna shoved him slightly. "How about I say this… If you make a wrong step…" A yelp escaped Isaac when Jenna slammed her hands down and gave him a poison filled glare. "We'll be right behind you to kick your butt!"

Worst thing was, Isaac knew she meant it. Jenna never spoke of something she couldn't do…

"All right, all right! I get it!" Isaac snapped, getting up and giving her a glare as well. Deciding this was a better answer then his last one, Jenna smiled.

"When you've made up your mind, I'll be on the deck to instruct the crew." Jenna said, heading toward the doors. Isaac simply watched her, a frustrated look in place as his navy blue eyes narrowed.

Should he really go through all the trouble just to find someone he barely knew about?

By noon or so, Mia had reached Champa.

The city itself was huge but not too crowded like a huge place should be. The people looked rather friendly, and the moment she reached the docks, people were all ready greeting her.

The friendliest of them all had to be a short blonde haired boy standing at the docks. He wore a brown vest, white tunic, and pants that if it weren't for a belt looped around his waist, the town would probably be able to see his underwear.

However, it was when Mia looked into his violet eyes did she see how gentle he was.

"Hello and welcome to Champa! My name is Ivan, and I will gladly help you in anyway I can!" He greeted, bowing slightly. Mia smiled warmly. The people here sure were nice… "What have you come to Champa for? It's not everyday we get sailors…"

Instantly Mia frowned. How could she have been mistaken for a sailor…?

"No, no, no…" Taking in a deep breath, Mia smiled sweetly. "I've come here to see the king. Is there anyway I-"At hearing her mention the king, a spark of interest flew through Ivan's violet eyes.

"So you must be Alex's bride!" As quick as his face came, it fell almost instantly. "Why are you wearing such poor clothing? And what's up… with your boat…?" This deeply insulted Mia, considering her dying father was the one who made her the 'poor clothing'.

"Excuse me?" She hissed, emerald eyes narrowing. Mia wasn't going to stand this!

"In any case, I'll be your guide to the king. Come with me!" He cheered, running up the stone steps towards the city. Sighing, Mia followed. All she had to do was talk to the king, get the medicine, and set sail for home.

Hopefully nothing would get in her way…

"Dumb Isaac… dragging us all the way out here for some girl than throwing a temper tantrum about it… jerk…" Jenna grumbled, taking a seat on a barrel. She was on deck, awaiting Isaac's decision.

"If I didn't know any better… I'd say you're jealous my dear Jenna…"

The voice that filled her ears caused Jenna to flinch. The voice was deeper than Isaac's, but held a cocky tone in it.

"I've got no reason to be jealous, Felix…" Jenna sighed, shaking her head. As though on cue, a man probably a few years older than Isaac walked over to her side, his dark brown eyes holding a glint of mischief.

His long and thick brown hair was pulled into a ponytail that loosely hung on down his back. His clothes weren't much, a simple pair of black pants and a white shirt. But the shirt had the front wide open so a skull tattoo was visible on his chest.

"Of course you are!" He laughed, a cocky grin on his face. Within a second, Jenna's cheeks turned red with anger.

"I'm not! I could care less if Isaac was chasing another man!" Jenna snapped. However, this didn't seem to convince the man as the cocky grin didn't falter in the slightest. "I have no reason to be jealous! I like someone else!"

"Right… you say that…" He chuckled, reaching out and gently patting her on the head.

"Go rot in hell, Felix." Jenna hissed, her temper rising with each pat he gave her. How could he treat her like a child? Of course she didn't like Isaac… she liked someone else…

Just as she got ready to fight back… the door to the map room suddenly burst open… and Isaac stood there, a determined expression set. His navy blue eyes were burning with something…

And Jenna knew exactly what that something was. Instantly, a smile came to her face. Isaac didn't need to say a single word. Jenna all ready knew his decision.

"Felix, go order the men to set course to Champa. Isaac, tell me what the plan is!" Jenna decided to do the ordering, since Isaac was too determined to speak.

However, his words weren't quite what she had hopped for…

"I don't know!" He declared, making Felix trip and Jenna send him a glare. The worst thing was as Isaac spoke, he still looked headstrong…

"Well then make a plan!" Felix snapped, giving Isaac a glare almost identical to Jenna's. At this, Isaac frowned. Now he had to come up with a plan…?

"Ok… well…" Deciding to think of a rough plan, Isaac sighed. "We go to Champa… rob the place dry…" A grin cam to Jenna and Felix's face at hearing this. "Then kidnap Mia… and we'll be off!" Isaac said, a grin similar to theirs appearing on his face.

"Wait… captain…" Felix's grin smeared to a frown. "How are we going to find Mia? You saw her when she 8… 8, damn it! She's not gonna be the same little girl you met years ago…" Jenna nodded. Felix had a good point…

"That's why I plan on calling her name out as we rob the place. She's bound to come to us then!" Isaac cheered, his grin refusing to fall.

Immediately, Jenna and Felix sent the other a nervous glance. Sometimes their captain didn't think straight with everything…

"You… you aren't serious, right?" Jenna painfully laughed, mentally praying Isaac was simply joking. Unfortunately for the two, their captain wasn't kidding…

"Of course not. Why would I joke around while constructing a kidnapping plan?" Isaac asked, blonde eyebrows furrowing in confusion. A groan escaped Felix while Jenna shook her head sadly. "What?"

"Isaac… chances are there's gonna be someone else with the name of Mia. What if you call that out and some old hag walks out of her home to you?" Felix asked, raising an eyebrow. Quickly, Isaac's face fell. That… would be wrong…

"D-Don't say that. Don't jinx us now, Felix." Isaac grumbled, his right eye twitching slightly. Last thing Captain Valentine wanted to do was kidnap some old hag…

"So what do you plan on doing? We can't go around calling her name out." Jenna stated, as though shooting Isaac's plan down permanently.

"I don't know. When we get there… I'll construct a full plan. Just… give me some time to think…" Isaac whispered, rubbing his temples in thought and irritation.

"Remember Isaac… if you make a wrong step…" Jenna warned.

"I know, I know. You'll be there to catch me when I fall." Isaac sighed.

But that wasn't what Jenna was going to say…

"Wrong." Looking up at her with wide navy blue eyes… Isaac watched horrified as Jenna held up a fist, and punched it into her palm. "We whoop your ass…" Jenna whispered lowly, her voice menacing. A snicker escaped Felix. Sometimes his sister could be so entertaining…

"R-Right... sometimes I wonder why I made someone as violent as you into my crew…" Isaac wondered aloud, before turning his back to Jenna and Felix. As he headed toward the map room to construct a plan… Captain Isaac Valentine failed to notice Jenna storming toward him, face flushed with anger and chocolate brown eyes narrowed in fury.

If it wasn't for Felix jumping in between her and Isaac, poor Isaac would have been murdered…

"This is such a lovely town…" Mia whispered, emerald eyes sparkling as she looked in every direction.

Through her tour with Ivan on their way to the castle, Mia was more than amazed as she saw what a huge and wonderful city Champa was. It contrasted so much compared to her small village… why couldn't her village be perfect like Champa?

"Miss… can we please carry onto the castle…?" Ivan asked, anxious to get this over with. He was tired of stopping so Mia could glance around… "The king is waiting for us…"

"This is such a beautiful place…" Mia murmured, walking toward Ivan.

But she failed to hear the young blonde whisper: "And soon it'll be all yours and Alex's…"

"So… how much longer toward the castle?" Mia asked, following Ivan again. To her shock, he gave her a slightly sickened look.

"Are you that eager to see Alex? If I was going to be his bride, I would runaway…" Ivan commented. Mia frowned at hearing this. Wasn't that the second time she had been labeled as someone's bride? Why did Ivan keep saying that? "Alex will be excited to see you… selfish freak can't wait to get a woman…"

Now Mia was growing nervous. Who was Alex?

"A-Alex? I don't believe I know him…" She laughed, walking slightly faster so she could keep up with Ivan. For a little guy, he sure was fast!

"Of course you haven't. The king says you've never met him…" The king knew who Mia had and hadn't met? That was just too weird for her…

"Ivan… I'm really confused… can you explain why you keep calling me-"

"We're here!" Before Mia could finish, Ivan suddenly halted. "The castle doesn't seem too big… but get used to it. When you hook up with that blue haired freak, you can remodel the hell out of this place…"

At that point, Mia looked up with wide emerald eyes.

It looked like any other castle. Giant stone walls and towers, bright blue flags on the tops of the towers… even a set of giant wooden doors.

How could Ivan say it wasn't too big? In Mia's head, it was gigantic!

"Just follow me and don't speak with anyone. If the guards or maids know your Alex's fiancée, you'll be swamped in questions and begs for money…"

Now Mia was really confused and irritated. She wasn't anyone's fiancée, and she didn't even know who this Alex guy was! So how could she possibly be Alex's fiancée?

"Ivan, what are you-"

"Not now. Just follow me…" There was a tone of anger in his voice, which caused Mia to close her mouth officially. She didn't want to piss anyone off… especially this close to the king…

"What do you mean she can't come?" A voice boomed.

Within a near empty room was a rather old man sitting in a giant gold throne. A royal blue carpet was rolled from the doors to the throne, and matching blue flags hung off the walls.

The old man was terribly thin and frail looking. His hair was white while his skin nearly layered in wrinkles. But to extract that from one's eye, he wore a heavy blue robe and silver crown covered in sapphire jewels on his head.

"K-King Babi! We're sorry!" A guard bowing before him stuttered, trembling slightly. Babi however did not look happy in the slightest.

"You mean to tell me a day before Alex's wedding that his fiancée has engaged herself to someone else?" He hissed through his teeth, trying his best to remain calm.

To his horror, the guard gave a shaky nod.

"How dare her! How in the world am I going to tell all of Champa and my own son… that the wedding is canceled?" Babi demanded, digging his fingers into the arm rests to the throne.

The guard only trembled more when he took note that Babi's knuckles began turning white.

"I'm so sorry…" The guard apologized. Just when Babi opened his mouth to start screaming… the doors creaked open. The two flashed their attention to the doorway to see Ivan's head popping in.

"Hello King Babi. I've brought Alex's fiancée." Ivan stated, a smile coming to his peach face.

At hearing the boy's words, the guard gasped while Babi raised a gray eyebrow. How confusing… first the fiancée decides to ditch Alex, then she comes back…

"Bring her in…?" Babi questioned.

Slowly, Ivan opened the door fully… and Mia stepped in, eyes wide at what she took in from the room.

Babi too grew wide eyed at her. He knew very well that she wasn't Alex's fiancée judging by her clothing… but how beautiful she was…

"Excuse me, your highness? I have a favor to ask of you…" Mia whispered, calmly walking toward King Babi.

Then it struck Babi like a brick. She had a favor… and with Alex's fiancée leaving…

Mia would be the perfect substitute for his precious son…

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