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Summery: The Titans all went their separate ways, but when a planetary war threatens to break out between Earth and Tamaran, Richard Grayson and his wife Kori must find the rest of the team and forge a union once again. Kori must fight to stay with her love along with keeping their child out of danger.

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Prologue dedicated to everyone cuz ur just so awesome!

She clutched the bed sheets as his lips began to travel down her neck. She giggled softly as he nipped at her shoulder blade, one of her most ticklish spots. His hands traveled down her stomach, roaming over the slight bump in her nightgown. She kept her eyes closed and smiled as he took her in for a full kiss. She moaned against him in complaint as he pulled away and continued assaulting her neck and chest. Her hand absentmindedly made it to his hair where she twirled his dark locks around her finger.

It certainly was wonderful to wake up to this every morning. Just her and the man she loved showing each other the greatness of their affection, and whoever woke first was in charge. It just so happened that this morning would be his, and she had no need for a complaint. She liked how he would give her slight nips along her jaw line while holding her like the world would end if he didn't. He was always so appreciative of her, willing to do anything just to make her happy. He moved up to kiss the sensitive spot on her earlobe, leaving her to shutter as his warm breath ticked her.

"The two of you have to wake up sometime." Of course this didn't faze her; he spoke such words to her almost every morning. She opened her eyes languorously and smiled as her eyes met his.

"But lest you forget we are currently sleeping for two…" he shook his head, sitting up on his elbows to look down at her with an obnoxious grin.

"Already sarcastic at eight in the morning." he questoned aloud. With the blankets twisted around her, she sat up and leaned against the head board, watching the man beside her with a twinkle in her eyes. She smiled at her husband and he gripped the side of the bed preparing to stand up. She gently placed her hair behind her ears and looked at the restroom door, not really wanting to move but deciding that she needed to get up eventually. Untangling the dowdy sheets she moved to her destination.

"But that my dear is what you love about me, is it not?" she asked, he paused slightly, as if to ponder the question further, this displeased her greatlyand a pout formed on her lips.

"Richard is it not?" she asked more seriously, walking over to stand in front of him with her arms crossing. He wrinkled his nose and tilted his head to the side.

"I don't know, you tell me." She squeeled softly as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her onto his lap expertly. She could do nothing but comply. His hands moved to her stomach and he once again rubbed it gently.

"How are you feeling today?" she smiled and shrugged her shoulders, placing her hands over his on her prutruding stomach.

"Like a horse, and yourself?" he grinned and gave her a soft kiss on her nose.

"Never been better." Another small pout formed on her lips as she stood up and finished crossing the floor to the bathroom. Richard stood up soon after, heading over to the closet and finding the perfect suit for the day's work. He grinned as heard the water in the restroom turned on.

"How was your rounds last night?" she asked, reaching over for her toothpaste and brush.

"Uneventful, I stopped a robbery downtown, that's about it…I guess they don't need Nightwing around as much anymore." He looked at the open bathroom door, listening to his wife brush her teeth.

"You have another appointment with Dr. Thompson today?" he asked over the sounds of his wife's gargling. She peeked her head out of the bathroom, a toothbrush in her mouth and toothpaste foaming in the corner of her lips, and nodded moving back into the bathroom to spit out her toothpaste.

"At three, will you be joining me this time?" she asked hopefully putting the toothbrush back in her mouth. He scratched the back of his neck and frowned. He had missed several of the other appointments she was forced to attend. And as much as it hurt him when he was too busy to come along he knew it hurt her more. He liked to be there to hold her hand and watch as the Doctor took blood and gave her an ultrasound, his wordless encouragement. Afterall the Baby was just as much his as it was hers and he really wanted to and SHOULD be there. He felt so guilty.

"I'm sorry, you know I want to be there but Bruce won't give me the time off." He glanced at the saddened look on his wife's face and sighed. "But if there is any way for me to get off early you know I'll be there." She smiled and nodded vigorously, spitting out the remaining toothpaste in the sink.

"Then I will only hope dear." He nodded and walked up behind her, giving her a delicate kiss on her exposed neck. His fingers began to run idly through her hair, sending shivers down her spine.

"I know you will." He whispered into her hair. She turned around slowly and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Do you think we shall be able to keep the baby this time?" He looked down at her and moved a stray hair from her cheek.

"I don't know, but there is always a chance. So far this is the longest pregnancy you've had, and the Doctor said after five months the chance of having the baby is well over eighty percent. That only gives you three weeks till you're at five months." She nodded.

"But three weeks is still a long time, we have lost three children Richard, I can feel this one inside me, I do not think I can stand losing this child too." It hurt him to hear her say such things. She was always the strong one, never letting anything get her down. He too wanted this baby, and after three glorious years of marriage and three miscarriages he wasn't sure he could handle losing another one. He could still remember how it felt when they lost the last one.

"Her body just couldn't hold it, we did everything we could. It might be because she's a Tamaranian, maybe she couldn't handle carrying a half Earthling baby."

They didn't believe what they were told and continued to try. They knew they could show them all. And now she was pregnant again and they doing everything they could to keep it.

She smiled and kissed him softly, although it lasted a few mere seconds they had trouble turning way.

"I want this more than anything…" he whispered as he pulled her further in his arms. She smiled against his chest.

"I know, as do I. You shall make a wonderful father Richard." He stifled a smile, not feeling it right to believe her statement.

"You don't know that…" She frowned. Of course she knew of his doubts. He himself had never really had a father. He had been too young to remember the days when his maternal was still alive. And although Bruce had made a wonderful Guardian he wasn't exactly one to treat as a father of sorts. But despite this, she had no reason to think of him as anything other than a great father.

"I have faith in you Richard; I know that you will be wonderful at raising our child for you are already a great father to her. And you must not forget that I will be there to help you as well. We, my love, are in this together." He looked down at her smiling face, captivated by his wife's words.

"You are amazing Kori." She shrugged and pulled away, almost regretting it when his warmth left her.

"I know." He chuckled as she then proceeded to turn on the shower.

He looked at her back side and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Wait, you said she." She turned around and nodded, sliding her hand along her belly.

"Yes because that is what she is." He laughed and shook his head.

"Well I think it's a boy." She yawned and stretched her arms over her head.

"I'm her mother and I think she is a girl." She stuck her tongue out at him as he grinned. Walking up she grabbed him by the collar of his pajamas and pulled him into the shower with her.

"As long as our child is healthy it does not matter." She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him passionately, letting the warm water soak their nightwear.

Three a clock came way quicker than Kori could have thought possible. The office was only a few minutes away from the home she shared with her husband, and although he was unable to attend she swore she would keep her head up the entire time. She drove down the lengthy Gotham streets, careful to keep from any accidents or misfortunes. She always was the careful driver, not a ticket or accident in all the years of owning her drivers license. Minutes later she pulled in to the Gotham Memorial Clinic and parked her car in the garage where she normally parked it on her weekly visits. She turned off her engine and grabbed her belongings, prepared to go inside.

She stepped out of her car and shut the door, locking it and heading inside. She walked down a long hallway with only the newly painted white walls to look at. Her strides were a little rushed as she came to the end of the hallway.

She looked to her left and spotted a set of elevators, ready to take her up to the correct floor. The doors opened and she walked in, the sound of her steady breathing being over taken by the nauseating elevator music she hated with a passion. The doors shut behind her and she pressed the button to her floor. The elevator began to ascend to its destination and Kori felt the familiar clinch of her stomach. She held on the sides of the elevator for support.

When she finally was out and on her physician's floor she headed to Dr. Leslie Thompson's office, right on time for her appointment.

She didn't have much to do but sit around until the doctor called her in. She figured magazines would serve as the perfect entertainment for the few minutes of boredom she was forced to go through. Of course the auburn haired alien's duty for the day was nothing compared to what her husband had to go through daily. That sufficed as little comfort. Just thinking about Richard not being there left a pang in her heart.

"He must work to guarantee his family's financial stability." She told herself.

"But running an entire company and ending the crime on the streets is far too much work for one man." It didn't matter what she thought of it all. Her husband worked hard and that she was fine with, but the little time they spent together was just not enough.

She put a hand on her belly and smiled. Coyly playing with the drawstring on her pants, she glanced up at the beautiful Doctor she hadn't even noticed in front of her.

"Good evening Dr. Thompson." A listless smile played at the doctor's lips as she offered a hand to her. Kori stood up with little effort, pulling her shirt over her drawstrings. She gave her doctor a small hug, receiving one back.

"Hello Starfire." She always made it a point to call her by her earth name. Being a superhero physician Dr. Thompson was one of the most trusted Doctors around the world to the superhero population, and although Starfire was retired, Tamaranians weren't exactly seen as regular human specimens to earth people. They were aliens, here on a world not their own. They were profiled, but she didn't care, she may be an alien to some, but she was a living, breathing, sweetheart to others.

"How is Nightwing?" Kori turned to her and smiled as they walked into her office.

"He is wonderful; his rounds are becoming less frequent." Dr. Thompson nodded knowingly, opening the door to her office. Kori thanked her as she held the door and walked in. Sitting in the leather cathedra on the far side of the room she made herself comfortable and waited for Dr. Thompson's antagonizing questions. Kori played with her fingers, holding them in front of her to see her purple nail polish and the silver three-band ring on her finger. The doctor sat across from her, behind an elegantly crafted desk. She let her wavy blonde hair fall from its ponytail and smiled warmly at the mother-to-be.

"So tell me, anything feel different from the usual?" Kori shook her head. It was very true. Nothing was out of the ordinary for her today. Dr. Thompson nodded and pulled out Kori's file.

"I take it Dick wont be joining us today?" a frowned tugged at Starfire's lips as she moved her head from side to side.

"No, not today." The voice turned into a sensual whisper as the Doctor stood up and walked around the desk. She put a pale hand on her shoulder and grinned.

"Come on; let's get this started so you can go home." Kori nodded and stood from the cathedra, and began walking to the examination room like she had done many times before.

Her eyes were greeted with more pearly white walls. They had pictures of children and animals scattered across them, causing her to smile brightly.

"Another day of tests…" she thought with annoyance.

Kori sat up on the observation table and was told to lie down on her back. Of course she complied, always aiming to please. She laughed as Dr. Thompson pressed on her belly, and despite the feeling of her doctor's cold hands on her heated skin she couldn't help but feel ticklish. She looked up just as her doctor recorded her findings on Kori's file. She followed the pencil in her doctor's grip and grinned and feeling rather observant she wondered what exactly her doctor was writing, but of course, not wanting to hurt anybody's feelings she didn't press it. She would be told in due time.

"This is going to be cold." Dr. Meridian told her, pushing up her maternity shirt and squeezing some sort of gel substance onto her stomach. She gasped as it made contact with her skin.

"Cold was an understatement" she said to herself. She quickly closed her mouth as her Doctor started her ultrasound. Before her eyes a picture of a child formed on the monitor.

It was her child…

He signed paper after paper, some of them he didn't even bother to read. The clock ticked away. Telling him it was little over three and that his wife was down at her appointment right at that moment. His hair, which fell neatly in two inch sections, was slicked back with little stray hairs falling over his baby blue eyes.

There was a slight knock at the door, causing him to look up from his work.

"Come in." he replied to the knocker grumpily. The door opened slowly and Dick smiled at the woman approaching him.

"Good evening Mr. Grayson." The woman spoke silently placing an envelope on the desk in front of him. He nodded and smiled.

"Good evening." She walked out quicker than she had walked in and shut the door behind her, leaving the letter behind. He reached over and plucked it from its spot on the desk. The cover was blank, not even an address was present. He stood up and walked to his window, which gave him a full view of the city. He then peeled back the paper on the back side of the envelope and pulled out the contents inside.

He opened the letter and began to read it, and suddenly his blood ran cold.

He looked out over the city. In his hand lied a letter written by the only father figure he'd ever known. The signature was perfectly crafted. The words on the paper left a great dejection is his heart. None of the words were simple, all had formed tragedy in his mind, and after fighting for practically all of his life, knowing everything from their tiniest detail, he wasn't sure what he was going to do.

Even though he was dressed as Richard Grayson, he was standing as Nightwing. And Nightwing wanted to be anybody but himself. The paper crumbled between his palm, the words and signature becoming nothing but jumbled words, unreadable ones that had his world crashing down around him. He let it fall to the floor in a heap of trash.

"Dick, what's up?" at the sound of his name he turned around abruptly. He hadn't even heard his friend come in. He shrugged and with a small frown and shook his head.

"Nothing Roy." Roy rolled his eyes and placed a hand on his friends shoulder.

"Hey man, I'm your best friend. I know there's something wrong." Dick nodded, sitting himself back down in his desk chair. Roy and he did go way back. He was most definitely the only man Richard really trusted. He had even been the best man at his wedding. But how was he going to explain the contents of the letter to him.

"Something's happening, something that might very well ruin what Kori and I have strived for all these years."

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