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Chapter One

Hi, I'm Kagome Higurashi (sp?) I have one Brother, one Mom, and a fat lazy cat named Buyo. We all live with my Grandfather at his shrine called Sunset Shrine I live in the attic. By my choice entirely it has the best view of the city and the most room in the house to put all of the random things I have in

In my room you can find many things: books, computers, swords, archery stuff, fighting gi's, and many kinds of instruments where I write my music. Yeah I said I write music I don't sing, even though I have been told that I have an awesome voice its just that…. well ….. I'm just too shy.

Well any who now that I told you a little bit about myself you must be thinking that I'm like the most popular girl in the whole school but if you ask anybody in said school they will either say "who?" or the even better answer "oh ya the nerd in my class" or my personal favorite "No." You may think this might hurt me but actually it the best thing to ever happen to me.

When I said im shy I really meant it I would rather have people ignore me then every one-pay attention I mean I don't understand how people can stand all that attention. Of course this leads me to have no friends but I never really had any outside my family. This is my story…

"MOM! Me and Souta are leaving for school now see you later!" yelled a girl about 5'1 with bluish black hair and mysterious blue eyes as she led a younger looking boy down the stairs and soon ran out of the house. "Ok be good and remember to watch out for you brother" yelled the children's mother " 'kay mom bye" the girl yelled back while running down the steps to catch up with her brother.

"Hey Souta slow down its just school if we run the whole way well be early" the girl said while jogging next to the young boy now identified as Souta "I know I just wanted to finish my homework before school" he said while slowing his pace to a quick walk "its ok Souta I was just kidding I wanted to get to the music lab early so I could burn my music on to a few disks because you and mom wanted to hear it. Oh you brought your CD player right?"

"Of course I did Kagome I always have it on me as well as all your other music you really should sing at that bar rather then just playing a CD" the girl now identified as Kagome changed her pace to a quick run to avoid the question "KAGOME!"

When Kagome reached the school she immediately went to the music department. When she arrived there she quickly unzipped her backpack and grabbed 4 blank CDs and one burned one. She put the CDs in the burner and started well burning her disks when she was finished she put her hair into a tight bun and slipped her glasses on and grabbed her CDs on the way out of the door.

She then decided to try and find Souta before school and give him one of her freshly burned CDs. She was walking through a hallway looking for Souta and not really paying attention to her surroundings when she walked straight into an open locker sufficiently scattering her stuff all over the ground. "Dam it" she whispered to her self as she kneeled and started to pick up her stuff "oh sorry bout that you should really watch where your going you know" said a boy about 5'6 with dark hair tied into a small pony tail at the nape of his neck and blue/violet eyes.(brownie points to guess who)

He bent down to help her with her stuff when Kagome quickly snatched the rest of her stuff and stood and turned to leave a very confused boy with a CD that she had dropped. He then decided to pull out his CD player and listen to said disk so at least the girl and him would have something to talk about when they met again. He opened the top and carefully put the CD into the holder and closed the top when he pressed play his ears were assaulted (BL: two peanuts are walking down the street one gets assaulted lol) by the finest non-lyric music he had ever gotten the pleasure to listen to.

He then started to wonder who this girl was because he had never heard this style of music anywhere before and then decided on two possibilities one was that it was a song from another nation, just without the word, or two she made this herself. He would have to tell the gang about her and show her music to them.

Kagome got through most of her day with not too many problems and all she had left was lunch and then gym. She then set out for her favorite tree with her bag lunch in hand. When she settled down in the shade of the branches she took out her lunch contents and a few books and notebooks to finish up the days homework so she could go and work at the bar after school. After a while Souta joined Kagome under the tree with some good news.

"Kagome guess what just happened to me" he said a little excitedly while hopping from foot to foot. "um you lost your virginity" she said calmly "no something better then that" "um ok what happened?" she asked slightly confused by his previous answer "ok you know how I was going to try out for that band at lunch today" "um yeah" "well I went to try out and I got in" "well that's great good for you" "ya but the only bad part the band practice vary from each members house…" "and your point is…" Kagome said while standing up

"Well the next practice is today at our house" he said sheepishly as Kagome fell back down. "um Kagome you ok?" Souta asked with concern laced through out his voice "um yeah just shocked that's all" "um ok so how do you think moms going to react" "well I say you need to give her lots of compliments and tell her calmly and that will at least let the band in but you are so grounded" " oh thanks Kagome" Souta said sarcastically.

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