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Once upon a time there was a young princess and a young prince who were siblings under a charitable and powerful king. The king cherished his children above all other things and would do anything for them… even keep them prisoners in the castle to maintain their wellbeing. Now it was said that it was either insanity or a curse, which befell the king, but eventually he changed… he grew crazy and began to destroy the kingdom and everyone who resided in it. This man was soon was soon caught just before he harmed his two children and with a final vow he looked at his children and spoke " I promise we will be together again, and when we are, I will make sure we will stay together and safe forever."



Kagome turned her head towards the sound and quickly adjusted her glasses to hide her wary and tired eyes.

"Morning Tashio-san!" she asked in an awfully cheery voice. "Can I help you?"

"Yes I wanted to know how far you have gotten on your half of the science assignment." Sesshoumaru said in a forced monotone voice. Kagome looked at him for a moment as if he was crazy before remembering the said project assignment.

"OH I am so sorry I have been completely busy as of late and I have been overloaded," she said in a frantic voice as she began to tug at her hair. Sesshoumaru gave her appearance a once over "Yes, apparently you spent much time in the sun recently" he said while noting her new tan.

Kagome looked down at herself wondering what he was talking about when her eyes widened a bit ' crap I forgot to change that' she thought while thinking quickly of a excuse "oh well my mom got sick of my paleness and used some of that tanning oil on me" she said while silently give herself a pat on the back.

"Ok… just make sure you get your half done because I do not wish to be brought down by anyone, including you!" he spoke in slightly higher tone before he turned and walked down the hallway while Kagome waited until he was gone before letting out a sigh and sliding to the floor thinking 'if only he knew…'


For the last few weeks Kagome and Jakotsu, as well as a few others, spent long nights going around town searching for Naraku as well as placing barriers up in place he wasn't. The barriers were made by holy priests and specialized to keep out certain types of demons or people, and in this case Naraku. Now may be wondering why they are out looking for him instead of trying to go into hiding?

Well let's put it this way: if a lemming jumps off a cliff and lands on a Mafia Boss's car, this act causes the boss to become angry and sends out Hit men to kill the lemming's family. So what are the lemmings to do? Hide in their nice and safe burrows or go jump off different cliffs in hopes of hitting the Mafia's car again…. Ok bad example but to stay still and have him be the hunter is out of the question.

But back to Kagome, who was softly dozing, came to full attention as the bell rung signifying the day had ended and thus freeing the prisoners (students/teachers) from their bindings and into the free world of the weekend.

Kagome quickly stood up. Then she walked over to her locker and unlocked it and slowly began to place all her things inside giving them a longing look before closing the door at walking toward the exit.

'Sorry Sesshoumaru but you might have to finish that project on your own' was her final thought before rushing outside and meeting Jakotsu and Bakotsu all the while slipping out of her outer uniform showing her under clothing which consisted of the more form fitting kind and lastly she undid her bun before hoping into the car.

"The board is set, the pieces are placed…. The game begins…" was the final thing heard before the car zoomed away towards the nicer side of the town.

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