Title: Fastest Man Alive - With a Limp

Author: girlinterrupted

Summary: It's Bruce and Diana's wedding day. Unfortunately, things start screwing up, and it's up to Flash to set everything right.

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-Chapter 6 -

His eyes opened. He was staring at a white ceiling.

Flash was confused for a moment. From the taste inside his mouth, it was as if he had gone to sleep without brushing his teeth. He looked around and realized that he was in the medical bay of the Watch Tower. He did not know how he got there, why he was lying on a bed, why he was hooked up to numerous monitors, and why Batman and Wonder Woman were looking at him from the foot of his bed.


"Because you don't listen to our warnings."

Batman had spoken like his usual self. Diana was besides him, smiling at Flash.

"What happened?"

"John Dee happened."

"John Dee? So it was all a dream?"


"I can't believe it," Flash said, bewildered. "All that trouble for nothing. Well, thank goodness that you—"

Flash immediately stopped talking.

"What did you dream about, Flash?" Wonder Woman asked him. The scarlet hero paused for a moment.

"That…a giant spider attacked Earth," Flash said, lying through his teeth. Batman and Wonder Woman looked at each other.

"You really expect to fool me with that answer?" Batman growled.

"Trust me, you're better off not knowing the truth," Flash said, sitting up. Wonder Woman handed him a plate piled with chicken, vegetables, and sandwiches. The food-crazy speedster immediately began wolfing down the food and was finished a few seconds later.

"Dee-lish. Only next time, no veggies."

"They're good for you," both Batman and Wonder Woman scolded, simultaneously.

"Good for you, not for me. I'm a carnivore."

"Well, at least there's nothing wrong with him," Wonder Woman said to the Dark Knight.

"How long was I out for?" Flash asked them.

"A month," Batman said, casually.

"WHAT!" Flash exclaimed, shocked.

"J'onn pulled you out of the dream about 25 days ago," Wonder Woman explained.

"I was sleeping for that long?" Flash was bewildered. "How did you feed me?"

"You don't want to know," Wonder Woman said, wiping her brow.

"You'd better start talking, Wally," Batman said, threateningly.

"Ok, ok. The dream was quite…odd. I was enjoying the feast of a lifetime, when suddenly these uber-hot Spanish supermodels—"


"Alright! Geez, at least give me some credit for creativity! If you must know, you two were getting married to each other!" Flash huffed, lying back down. Neither Batman nor Wonder Woman spoke at that point.

Flash craned his neck to look at them. Batman looked like his usual self, except his jaw was extremely clenched to the point where he might have broken his teeth. Diana suddenly found interest in the white floor tiles.

"I told you you'd be better off not knowing," Flash said, sitting up again.

Finally, Wonder Woman looked up and into his face.

"There's something we should tell you, Wally," she said, nudging Batman, who immediately stopped his excessive jaw clasp.

"Bruce and I…"

Now this time, it was Batman who found interest in the floor tiles. Flash was confused.

"Continue…" he said to Wonder Woman.

"We've been married for three weeks."

Flash's jaw hit the floor.

"OH. MY……….asofihoasihtknaosihfohsao!"

That was the sound Flash made when he was shocked and frustrated.

Then, there was a deadly silence. The only sound heard was the heart monitor, which had suddenly increased the rates of beep-beeps. Flash felt the blood rush to his head, as though he was about to faint. His hunger pangs were forgotten. He dared to look at Batman.

The Dark Knight had his hands over his mouth, and his eyes were squint. Wonder Woman's lips were pursed.

Then Flash realized why they looked like that.


Both Batman and Wonder Woman were trying to hold in their laughter, but they failed. While Flash sat there, panting, as though he had just run a marathon, the two other heroes laughed so hard they were afraid their lungs would burst. Wonder Woman even had tears in her eyes. Batman came over to the bed to lean on it, because he couldn't support himself and laugh so hard at the same time.

Flash had his fists clenched, and he felt embarrassed at his gullibility.

"You…you should have…seen your face…Wally…" Batman managed to gasp, between fits of hilarity. Flash just glared at him. At the moment, Superman entered the medical bay. He was about to greet Flash when he saw how hard Batman was laughing. He turned around and walked back out, pretending he hadn't seen anything.

The end.

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