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"He should of been home by now...He's never this late, and when he is, he usually calls first..." Vergil put his book down, and pulled up his sleeve to check his watch. It read 2:15am.

Letting off a small sigh, Vergil adjusted his reading glasses and set in on his book once more, before pulling a large gray blanket over his legs. He has just gotten comfortable, when the door to Devil May Cry flew open. He turned his head quickly at the noise.

"Thanks for the ride guys! I'll see you tommorow night!" Trish stumbled in the door, dragging a pile of snow in with her, and shutting it loudly after herself. She stared forward for a moment, trying to regain her composure, when she just happened to notice a white haired hunk on the couch next to her.

"DANTE!" Trish ran over and lept into Vergil's unsuspecting lap. She beagn to run her fingers through his hair, causing him to drop his book onto his lap, in a vain attempt to get her the hell off of him.

"Trish..." Vergil was squirming around like a worm trying to free himself, wondering what the hell had gotten into her.

"Mmmmmmm Dante...you have the softest hair, and the hottest body..." Trish's breath reaked of alcohol, so Vergil knew instantly that she had been drinking all night.

Vergil began to think. "Why would she think that I'm..." Vergil's eye's popped out of his head. "My hair...I just got out of the shower, so it's down. She thinks I'm Dante..."

"Trish hold on...you don't under..." Vergil was cut short as Trish planted a passionate kiss on his lips.

He broke it quickly, pushing her off of him. "Dammit woman! Get off of me this instant!"

Trish thought for a minute, before putting her hand up to her mouth. "Oh my god...Vergil?"

Vergil in one swift and graceful movement, pushed his hair out of his face, and back into it's righful place. "As my brother would say...Duh...And besides, when was the last time you ever saw Dante reading a book?"

"Oh jesus...I'm so sorry Verge...I thought you..."

Vergil cut her off. "And about that...what in the hell would possess you to do that to my brother?"

Trish slumped into the sofa. "I don't know...I guess it was the snow or something..." She turned around to face out the window, watching as soft white flakes drifted into large awaiting piles.

Vergil cocked an eye up. "The snow?"

Trish smiled. "Yeah. I guess that I've always had a sort of romance with it. You know...playing in it as a kid and stuff..." She turned to look at the man that she tried to hate on an everyday basis. "But you wouldn't know anything about playing or fun, would you Mr. Snotty Pants..."

Vergil gave her a look as if he was truely offended. "What? Do you think that I don't know how to have fun?"

"Well duh..." She looked him up and down. "Look at you...your hair is still wet, so you must of just gotten out of the shower, and you already have a dress shirt and leather pants on...haven't you ever heard of being comfortable?"

"There's nothing wrong with having class woman, and I am comfortable..." Vergil picked his book up out of his lap, and began to read once more.

Trish huffed. "Class? Is that what you are calling it these days? I've always called it being a complete prude..."

Vergil sat, ignoring her completely, his head burried in his novel.

"Fine...if you are going to give me the cold shoulder, I'm going up to bed." Trish stood, and started towards the stairs.


She turned around to see Vergil had put his book down, and was looking at her with a look of concern. "What? Did you forget to add something intellectually derogatory to your last comment?"

Vergil shot her a small smile. "No..." He took his glasses off, and turned to look out of the frosty front window. "Do you know where Dante is? He should of been home hours ago..."

Trish scratched the back of her head, trying to balance herself on the railing of the old staircase. "Ummmmm...I remember that I got a call earlier, and told him to take the job...it was weird though..."

"Weird?" Vergil was staring her down.

"Yeah kinda...it seemed like a hell of alot of money for such a small job..."

Vergil's expression grew concerned. "What? What is alot of money? And what was the job? And where?"

Trish shook her head. "God dammit Vergil! I'm friggin tipsy ok? Give me a break!"

Vergil darted off the couch and slammed her into the wall behind her, sending his icy blue eyes into hers like daggers. "Where did you send my little brother?"

Trish was getting scared for her safety. "I don't remember ok? Jesus Vergil...let me go you big..."

Vergil released her, and grabbed Dante's long black trench coat off of the hanger on the wall. He then began to look for his boots, but could not find them, finally settling for a pair of Dante's large black and silver buckled ones.

"Where are you going Vergil?"

Vergil pulled one of his brother's black knit caps on, and grabbed his sword off of the wall where it was neatly mounted. "I'm going to find my brother...not that you should be concerned...you obviously weren't earlier..."

Trish put a hand on her hip. "Heh! I love Dante like a brother too ok? I was drunk..."

Vergil attached Yamato to his side, and opened the front door. "Don't talk to me about Dante being anything to you right now...I go out of town on business for two weeks and I can't even trust you to screen his jobs properly..."

The depth of the situation was starting to kick in, and Trish moved to the dark twins side. "God...I'm sorry Verge...I want to come and help you..."

Vergil laughed. "Help? Me? You couldn't possibly be of any assistance to me..."

"Maybe I'll remember where he went..." Trish looked up at Vergil as if she was begging. "Please let me help..."

Vergil rolled his eyes, grunting. "Fine...but if you get in my way, and happen to get sliced into two neat halves, it's not my problem..."

Trish nodded. "Ok...so lets go..."

The two stepped out into the knee high snow drifts, Vergil's black coat blowing in the wind. They were both silent, as they looked at the snowy obstacles in front of them.

"So where do we start Verge?"

The dark twin said nothing, walking slowly through the drifts ahead of him. Dante's boots had enormous treads on them, and were very heavy, which was annoying Vergil. "How the hell does he jump around in these things?..."

Trish started after him, stepping into the large indentations that he was leaving in his wake.

As the snow began to fall harder, Trish was having a hard time making her way through it. She looked ahead to the man in front of her, and she fell further and further back from him.

Vergil stopped, realizing that he could no longer hear her soft footsteps behind him. He turned to see a blanket of white, and the vauge outlines of several burried cars in the street. "Trish?" He starined his eyes, looking for any movement that might be her. "Damn woman...I told her not to come..." He started to trudge backwards, looking for her.

He stopped, when he saw her laying on the ground, almost completely covered in snow. "Trish? Wake up..."

She let out a slight moan, but didn't move. "Just let me die here Vergil...I'm too tired to walk anymore...and my head hurts..."

Vergil rolled his eyes. "Oh yes...I'm just going to let you die right here...in the street...damn drunk woman." He knelt down next to her, and picked her up in his arms, before starting to walk ahead once more.

At first, Trish was completely appauled at the fact that she had to be this close to the man she dispised, but after a moment realized that he had actually done something nice for her, and she was taken a back. She nuzzled into his warm chest, inhaling the scent of his black leather jacket. It reaminded her of Dante, and what she could never have, but almost did. Things had been progressing well between them after Mallet island. Dante had finally gotten over his brother's death, and was openeing up to her more and more each day. She remembered thier long talks on the roof of Devil May Cry, watching the sunsets, and sharing intimate stories. She thought that she had finally found the perfect partner, and that's when her life fell apart.

She and Dante had just finished a casual dinner one night, as rain fell in torrents outside.


"That was a great dinner Trish..." Dante picked up his beer bottle and took a large swig.

Trish smiled at him lovingly. "Thanks handsome..." She moved in close to him, and took the bottle from his hand, setting it back down on the table.

"Whoa babe...you don't take a man's beer away, and just expect him..." He was cut short as Trish placed a soft kiss on his lips.

Dante quickly stood up. "Look toots...things are good between us right? Lets not mess it up with kinky, romantic crap ok?" He picked up his plate and went into the kitchen.

Trish sat on the floor, a look of confusion painting her face. She stood as headed into the kitchen. She stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of Dante. He was standing at the sink, his red medallion in his hand, gripping it tightly. His head was hung low, white hair masking his face.

She walked to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Vergil?"

He turned around startled, as if she had snapped him out of some kind of trance. "Huh? Oh...ummm...yeah...I mean no...I mean..."

She placed a loving hand on his face. "It's ok to miss him Dante...he was your twin after all..."

Dante let out a large sigh. "We were more than that Trish...he was my world...half of me died with him that day..."

At that moment Trish knew that she would never have Dante in the way that she wanted him, and for that she began to hate Vergil with all that her heart could muster.

--End Flashback--

Trish awoke to a feeling of warmth and comfort, remembering a time that Dante had held her close, making her feel protected. Inhaling deeply, it was almost as if she could smell him, as a small smile graced her chapped lips. She opened her eyes, only to see the icy glare of Vergil looking down at her.

He released her from his arms, setting her down in the snow next to him. "It's about time you woke up. I am not a taxi, if you hadn't noticed..."

Trish stood before him pouting. "Jerk..."

Vergil laughed. "Just the jerk who has been carrying you for the last half and hour through the snow..."

Trish inwardly felt a tinge of guilt, though she would never in a million years admit it to Vergil. "Whatever...can we just keep moving? I'm freezing here..."

Vergil turned to walk away. "As you wish..." He stopped suddenly to face her. "Don't you remember anything about where he might of been headed?"

Trish crossed her arms. "Can't you just use your twin ESP or something?"

"It dosen't work that way, and you know it..." Vergil started his silent, purposeful march ahead of her once more.

"Whatever Vergil...I'm gonna make you pay for what you took from me..."


Dante grumbled to himself as he trudged through the deep snow ahead of him, making his way to a large mansion at the top of a snowy hill. "God this fucking sucks...this is the last damn time I ever take a job while there is a blizzard warning posted." He stopped to brush the snow out of his white hair, with his large gloved hand. Some of the flakes fell onto his face, making his eyelashes twinkle in the bright moonlight overhead. He pulled a soggy piece of paper out of his trenchcoat's posket and unfolded it. The writing was smeared from moisture, but it was enough to make out.

He looked at the address, and then at the plaque next to him, on a large stone entryway. "This seems to be the place..." He crumbled up the paper, and casually discarded it into a nearby snow bank. "Seems kinda quiet though..."

He started walking towards the large building, when a shrill scream made him turn and draw Ebony and Ivory like lightning. He remained quiet, crouching down into the deep snow. All he could hear was his breath and eratic heartbeat, as he cocked the hammer's of his guns back. "Who's out there?"

He stayed there for a few more minutes, his hot breath fogging up the cold air in front of him, before slowly starting to stand up. Dante looked around, but saw nothing, as the blizzard began to mask everything surrounding him. "That was weird..." He put his guns back into thier holsters, and started up to the large doors ahead of him.

He wrapped one arm around himself, in a vain attempt to keep warmer, as he extended his other hand to the doorbell. A large ring could be heard echoing through the mansion's large ceilings. Dante looked up. "That's the creepiest damn doorbell that I've ever heard..." He smiled. "I gotta tell Vergil when he gets back, that I want one just like it for Devil May Cry..."

His thoughts were interrupted, as the door began to creak open slowly. He looked inside, but couldn't see anyone. "What the?..."

"Good evening sir...are you expected?"

Dante jumped back, wondering where the voice came from, and drawing his eyes downwards to a short man, presumably in his sixties. He made a face like he had just seen a side show act at a carnival. "Ummmm...yes?"

"Name sir..." The little man was dressed in a black tuxedo, and was holding a candlestick in his hands, illuminating his wrinkled face.

"Name's Dante...I was told to..."

The man opened the door, extending an arm forwards. "Ahhhh yes...sir Dante...we have been expecting you for some time now..."

Dante stepped into the dark large room, shaking snow off of him casually as he went. "Gee, sorry. If ya haden't noticed, theres a little snow outside...I would of been here sooner, but I was just enjoying walking through it so much..."

The little man eyed Dante's red and black leather outfit up and down. "Interesting attire sir...may I take your coat?"

Dante held both sides of his red trechcoat out at his sides. "What?" He looked at his clothing. "It's all the rage in Germany ya know..." He let the flaps back down.

"Charming..." The man extended his hand to take Dante's coat.

Dante reached into his pocket. "What you want a tip or something?" He searched through all of his pockets, pulling out a wadded up one dollar bill, and handing it to the man. "Sorry, but this is all I have on me at the moment..." Dante smiled at the man.

The man put it back into Dante's lower coat pocket with the tips of his fingers. "You may keep that..." He looked up at Dante. "From the looks of it, you could use it much more than I..." He waked past Dante, snapping his fingers above his head. "Let's not keep master waiting..."

Dante cocked one eye up, smirking. "I take it that means I'm supposed to follow you then..." He rolled his eyes and began to follow the man through a dark hallway.

Dante noticed that everything seemed to be black in the large house. "Did the power go out on you or something?"

The little man stopped, and turned to look up at the larger man behind him, the candle he was holding illuminating his face. "How very asstute of you..."

Dante huffed. "God you sound like my older brother...no one talks like that anymore...this is the new millenium ya know..."

The man turned around and began walking once more. "And so I suppose that means that everyone should talk like a drunken surfer like you then sir?"

Dante thought for a moment. "Yeah, that would be cool I suppose..." He could of sworn that he heard the butler sigh, and it made him smile

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