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Suspicious Much

Chapter 1

"Kaiba…" Jou whined, lagging behind the tall boy he was following.

"What, Jou, WHAT?" Kaiba snapped in an aggravated tone, not bothering to look behind him, and perhaps speeding up his already quick pace. Several people gasped and whispered, noticing Kaiba didn't call Jou his tag nick name, 'Mutt'.

"Slow down! Your going too faaast!" Jou said loudly, causing several others to stare.

Many people were already eyeing the two of them with benign interest, as generally the two spent as much time away from each other. If they were in too close a proximity, usually bodily harm occurred in less than t-minus 3 minutes and counting. Sometimes nothing was even said, and they still managed to offend each other enough for both of them to want to pummel the others head in. So the sight of the two of them walking together, let alone not swearing and growling in conversation, was a considerable yet also rather concerning event.

"I will NOT SLOW DOWN!" Kaiba almost yelled, his temper rising. "Just keep up!"

"But Seto…" came the reply, close behind Kaiba and sounding breathless. Kaiba growled and stopped to a halt, spinning around to glare menacingly in his followers face. Jou was facing behind him, grinning at a group of giggling girls and not watching where he was going.

"DON'T CALL ME SETO, YOU-" Kaiba started to growl harshly, but his sentence was cut short when Jou ploughed into him and knocked the remainder of his breath out of his lungs. Taking a step back to relieve the contact, Kaiba reached over and grabbed the clumsy boy by the collar, bringing him in close and lifting him up to eye level. Jou yelped at the force and stared at the cold blue eyes that were now a little too close to him, feeling the strain of gravity as his feet dangled above the floor.

"Hey, Kaiba-chill mate…" Jou stuttered, one hand on Kaiba's tightly clenched fist bundling his shirt and the other raised in a simple shrug. Kaiba growled and looked around. It was deathly silent and the students were staring in awe, some backing away to give the room needed for the two of them to fight. Looking sourly back at the younger teen in his clutches, Kaiba just hissed "I'm NOT your mate!" and dropped Jou.

Landing on his feet and straightening his shirt, Jou muttered "jerk" and loosened a crick in his neck, giving Kaiba a fierce stare. Kaiba took two steps back, glared threateningly once around the ring of people surrounding them and spun on his heel. With an impressive whip of his long jacket he turned and stalked away. He walked two or three steps and looked over his shoulder at Jou, who hadn't moved an inch.

"Well?" he said icily.

"Well what Kaiba?" Jou retorted, flicking a blonde strand out of his face arrogantly.

"Are you coming or not? I refuse to waste anymore time here surrounded by gawping children." Kaiba said simply, motioning to the crowd and adding poison to his words.

Jou snorted and complied, walking to stand behind Kaiba. "Much better, puppy. Good boy" Kaiba muttered, a sneer curling his lips, and Jou clenched his fists and growled. Kaiba just narrowed his eyes, and many could have sworn that a glimmer of a smile had flitted across his sharp features. Jou's eyes widened and returned the mocking look in Kaiba's eyes with a slight wink. Kaiba, looking pleased at something, turned and continued down the corridor, Jou silently and (seemingly) reluctantly in tow.

The crowd muttered softly, watching the curious couple depart. Some of the bolder, perhaps stupider 5th graders stealthily followed the two boys and witnessed them walking into the disused classroom further down the hall. They stayed and watched attentively, and returned back to the anxiously waiting crowd to report what they had seen. According to their excited chatter, Kaiba had opened the classroom door and courteously allowed Jou to enter before him, actually smiling gently. Jou had responded with a soft hand down the side of Kaiba's face and an affectionate pat on the chest before walking in. Kaiba had followed and checked to see if they had been followed before he quietly closed the door. It all looked so sneaky and suspicious, and nothing as to how the both of them usually acted, even when they weren't together. Theories and excited rumours immediately started to flow. The common question raised to everyone's mind was obvious.

"What are they up to?"

There we go. What ARE they really up to? Wanna find out? Then ask me to keep going! Love me.