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I actually had no idea who the two intruders would actually be, but thanks to most of my reviewers the common opinion is that it is Marik (not Malik-Marik with an 'r' is the host, and Malik with an 'l' is the Yami…I know it gets confusing, huh?) and Kura-chan (Bakura, not Ryou) who come and bust them. So that is the way I have intended to go. Hope u like!

This will be a very short chapter-mainly of the conversation between them all-because I am STUCK for ideas on what the two Yami's should do….evil things aren't really my forte, and I cant think of a "sinister-plot-affecting-deed-of-havoc" those two would do.

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Suspicious Much!

Chapter 4

"Oh shit."

The one on the left snickered and narrowed his violet eyes, clearly enjoying the havoc he was causing. His partner folded his arms over his chest and flicked an albino strand of hair out of his cold eyes, scrutinizing the taller brunette and totally ignoring the blonde behind him. However, the blonde was all that the other tanned individual could be bothered toying with.

"Now now mutt, such bad language…be nicer-or you may regret it later." He purred, his gravelly voice chilling Jou to the bone.

That voice…unwelcome memories resurfaced, long ago pushed aside to be forgotten and dismissed. Jou shivered and drew closer to Kaiba, who was standing rigid and tense, heat waves of fury and anger emitting from him.

"Marik, you fucking bastard! Don't you dare threaten him! Ill make you pay dearly, and you can join your insane father in hell!" Kaiba spat furiously, gritting his teeth. He shot the two intruders his silencing icy glare, watching as the two blondes just laughed; their voices deep and haunting.

"My father? Ha! Don't make me laugh, Kaiba. He's not in hell, you fool…just trapped in the shadow realm forever." Marik grimaced suddenly, as if regretting talking about it. He quickly dismissed it and took a step forward, tilting his head to one side. "Last I checked you couldn't perform Shadow Magic, so sending me to meet my father should be the least thing you should be worried about!"

"He's right…maybe you should be more worried about you and your precious new little pet, don't you think?" The harsh voice of the albino suddenly rang out, a threat lightly glittering through his well picked words.

Kaiba tensed, and Jou frowned. Why should Kaiba be worried about himself? What could Bakura do that could possibly endanger him? Jou frowned, fear slowly being replaced by a delayed thrill of anger, hatred and also curiosity. Bakura was in control, but why? Why had Ryou let him take over if the insane Yami was out to cause destruction?

While Jou was lost in thought, the other three boys were bickering and swapping snide remarks, Bakura and Marik clearly enjoying themselves and Kaiba getting more and more frustrated. Jou suddenly had to ask.

"Why're you even here?" he shouted suddenly, Kaiba turning to look astonished at the previously quiet boy. Marik and Bakura stopped and cold violet and grey eyes narrowed in amusement.

"My, if the dog hasn't finally figured out how to bark." Marik sneered. At this, Kaiba narrowed his eyes angrily and took a step forward. Jou tapped his arm lovingly and told him to calm down, Kaiba obliging after a seconds consideration.

"What do you mean 'why are we here', mortal?" Bakura suddenly snapped, glaring at Jou.

"Isn't it obvious?" Marik continued, frowning questioningly at Bakura. "We were told you were being "ultra friendly" towards your nemesis and so came to create a little bit of panic!" he snickered. "And then some…" he muttered under his breath.

Jou frowned. "Tha's not what I ask'd, 'nd I'm not talkin ta you, so butt out!" he shot at Marik, causing the blonde to growl angrily. "I was talkin ta you, Bakura." The said Yami raised his white eyebrows, frowning at the aggression in the teen's tone. "What da hell are ya doin here? Why's Ryou let ya take ova? He promised he'd keep ya in check!"

Bakura paused and his eyes hazed over. Jou had seen that look before. That was the look that Yugi got when he was talking to Yami in his mind. Bakura stared away into nothingness for a few seconds before Marik let out of growl of impatience and punched the white-haired Yami on the shoulder. Snapping out of his trance, Bakura looked at Marik, an annoyed glint in his grey eyes.

"Do you mind, you idiot? I was talking to my light!" he snapped, raising his fist in a threatening motion. Marik smirked and shrugged, pointing towards the other two as if to tell him that now was not the time to fight when there were better things to do.

"Ah yes, you're wondering why I'm in control, right?" Bakura asked coldly, walking up to Jou and tracing a finger over his forehead and down over his nose. Jou shivered to the touch, but refused to give Bakura the pleasure to see him shy away. Instead he leveled his blazing honey eyes to the silver grey ones staring mockingly at him. Bakura snickered and removed his finger. "Well, let's just say that I didn't give the boy a chance to say no…" he whispered, a slight glimmer of a mad smile crossing his sharp features.

There was a growl and Kaiba took two large steps towards them, barging in between the two. "Stay away from my Jou!" he ordered protectively, glaring at the grinning albino with contempt and jealousy.

Marik laughed, shrill and high. "How pathetic! The great Seto Kaiba, guarding his latest acquirement." He mocked gleefully, running his hands through his spiked blonde hair. He glanced ferally at Jou for a moment before looking back at Kaiba. "Tell me, Kaiba-how much did this new one cost? What are you gonna pay for his company?"

Kaiba's eyes widened and he looked shocked. Pay?

"Wait Marik!" Bakura butt in, grinning sadistically at the golden boy still standing quietly to Kaiba's left. "Maybe it's the other way around…I didn't think Kaiba was that cheap though…"

"YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" Kaiba roared, making Jou jump. "HOW DARE YOU!"

Marik and Bakura merely broke out into maniacal laughter. "I think we hit a sore spot!" Marik wheezed in between gasps for air. Bakura merely nodded and doubled over in fits of laughter, ignoring the seething rage that was pouring from the murderous brunette.

No one had dared piss him off so badly for a long time. No one except these two. They drove him insane and they had the nerve to interfere with his time with his puppy and then insult them both. They expected to get away with it! 'Not bloody fucking likely' Kaiba promised to himself.

Revenge is sweet…

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