Dance, Dance, Koishii



KxH. AU. Meet Kagome: serial heartbreaker slash dancer. Meet Hiten: cold mercenary slash badass demon. Whoa, deja vu? Each going in for the ultimate achievement, not noticing the world clashing and crashing around them, attractions brewing.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha, and I don't claim to. But this story, idea, and writing, etc IS MINE! So MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahem.

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Dance, Dance, Koishii

Part One


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Are you from the club? Cause if you're not, life sucks.

And if you are, life sucks anyway.

I suppose I should go back to the beginning. WAY back to the beginning. When I sucked, the world sucked, and most importantly, my DANCING sucked. Like hell. This… is going to be embarrassing.


"Come on Kagome! You KNOW it'll be fun!" My best friend in the whole, wide world, Sango, was literally hanging on my back. Along with the other killer shopping bags we'd piled there too. She knows I'm an anti-dancer girl. And yet she STILL is breaking down, fake of course, in the middle of the mall, choking me so I couldn't answer yes or no anyway.

Somehow she always managed to drag me to those social events. And I'd make a total and complete fool of myself. Like the time my life-long nemesis decided it would be fun to pour the entire tub of punch down the back of my dress during a prom. I still don't forgive him for that, even if we're pretty tight friends these days.

It was real mean of him, to do that to me. I sorta forgive him, though, because he admits that doing that was being a total jerk. After all, it was my first prom.

Or you could exhibit the next lovely example: Kikyo. She hates me for no apparent reason. (Unlike Bankotsu, who had a reason. I'd slimed him in chemistry for being a jerk and giving me the finger. Then he went and tattled on us to his older brother, Suikotsu. Argh, I still can feel the pain. We've been rivals ever since, until recently. We're cool now.)

So PRESTO! Instant dorko-matic moment as she sticks out her foot when I walk by to get to the microphone for my speech. How dignified. Score one for Kagome.

Or the time I got pushed into the gym pool (along with Sango) at a party in the gym…

I'll leave it at this: I don't do parties.

I may be pretty, with my obsidian hair down to mid-back, with cerulean (natural) tints, and a tanned (naturally, once again) body like a model… But I still wasn't popular, rich, or that type of thing. Frankly I didn't care. But I was still glad I had sapphire eyes instead of dull black ones like the popular girls.

Despite ALL of that, Sango says she really wants to go clubbing, and she can't go by herself. So, I, being extremely stupid, agree and say, "Sure, I guess it would be fun. As long as Bankotsu doesn't dump something down my shirt." Hah, did I just make a sarcastic joke?

"Sorry, Kagome. I'm totally going to mob you now that I've gotten you to agree! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"


"Don't tell me. Did I do a creepy, evil, plotting laugh again?"

"Yep. You got it."

"Well then… Since I'm evil anyway, I suppose I should tell you…"

A major weird thing happened. Bankotsu's head popped out of my shopping bag (one of the many crammed onto my poor back) and it glared at Sango.

"So that's why my bags weigh a million tons. Thanks a lot, Bankotsu." I grumble and drop the offending bag.

"Hey! It's not my fault I got abducted and shoved into a shopping bag!"

"Sango…" I note the evil-guilty look on her face. "WHO ELSE DID YOU MAKE ME CARRY AROUND!"

"Um…" She looks innocent enough. Must be a lot of people. "Only about… Oh, just Bankotsu and Miroku." Or not. I see. Our two best, and only, friends. Hey, what can I say? I'm not popular.

"You might as well TELL us why you want to drag me clubbing. You KNOW my dancing sucks."

"Kagome, technically we haven't seen you dance, because… accidents happened first…" Miroku began, his violet eyes gleaming pervertedly as his hand traveled down from his bag, but was cut off with a cold glare on my part. And a huge slap on Sango's part.


Yep, just another normal day in the gang. That is until Sango drops the bomb. "We're going to take dance classes starting today!" She points to a large studio across the tinted glass bridge. "Then we're going clubbing each and every night until you meet someone!"

I spit out a sip of my soda at this, then manage to sputter, "WHAT?" Practically everyone in the vicinity of the bra store turns and looks at me, then spots Bankotsu and Miroku and coos.

"What a lovely boyfriend you've got, ma'am!" The store clerk tells me.

"That's just wrong." I mutter. Bankotsu is so not a boyfriend type guy. He's a power player. How this landed him with us I don't know, and I don't wanna know.

"Anyway, what are WE here for? In a lingerie store?" Bankotsu asks, beet red and totally not enjoying the leering old ladies.

"Thought you like ALL women, 'Kotsu." I smirk, teasing him.

He coughs and twitches. "Not dirty old women, Kagome." He slides over to me, slinging his arm over my shoulder and leans down and gives me a peck on the cheek. I know he's trying to avoid deprived women. I play along, giving him a small peck on the cheek in return.

"OOOOOOOHHHHH!" Sango shouts.

I'll never hear the end of this. "Oh shut up. He's just afraid of old women."

"HELLO? Boy, I thought Miroku had attention span issues." Sango tries to get us back on track..

"So that's why we're here." I state, disgusted by Miroku's sense of perversion.

"OHMYGOD! We're going to be late! We've only got… oh, oops, never mind. We're got to get our gear in under forty-five minutes! Can we do it? Yes we can!"

Silence. I think I hear crickets.

"No comment." Bankotsu says, wandering off to look at the skateboard gear.

"NEED I REMIND YOU? YOU ARE TAKING THIS CLASS TOO!" Sango roars. Boy, she's scary when she's PMS-ing. "Okies? I've got the only cash, so you can't wander off now! And don't bother looking in your pockets, I've got your wallets too."

"Ouch." I say, noticing the heartbroken-bankrupt look they've adopted. "Don't look at me, she's pick-pocketed me too." I turn my pockets inside out, then fix them.

"Come on, there's a in-studio store inside!" She grabs the mourning boys by their shirts, and begins dragging us over.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I cannot be degraded in such a unseemly manner, woman!" Bankotsu cries. Wow, I never knew he had a brain, OR could speak elegantly. "I don't wanna wear a tutu!"

"Relax! Do you actually think I'd let us take BALLET?" Sango snaps, then goes happy-go-lucky, "We're taking the sexy, club-dancing class!"

"Oh… no…" I say, putting on my I'm-dying face.

"What's wrong, baby? With that bod of yours you should shake it like a glass of chocolate milk!"

I shudder as the random man passes us by. "Who WAS that? Why is he just waiting there? Ohmygod, isitastalker?" I hyperventilate.

"Chill Kagome, that was the store manager."

"Oh. He creeps me out. Oh, Miroku fell asleep by the w-" Miroku gets beating number two of the day and finally wakes up.


"Come on, guys! Unless you want to dance in your underwear, we have to buy SOMETHING!" Sango doesn't know what she's doing, and I sigh and walk into the store.

"Oh look, a napkin." I say, looking at something labeled 'Miniskirt: 40 dollars.' Everyone shudders.

"Sango, give me my wallet. I'm going somewhere else. That store guy gave me a bad feeling." I mutter, and make a swipe for my wallet. Missing totally.

"Kagome, you'll meet creepy people. Oh look, there's the decent outfits!"

"Help." I plead Miroku as Sango starts chucking clothes at me. Soon I'm lost under napkins. "THAT'S IT!" I shout. "I'M GOING ELSEWHERE, OR I'M OUT!"

Bankotsu blinks and Miroku falls over. Sango's frozen in shock. I take advantage and grab my wallet. "See you in… twenty-five minutes."

"Get something sexy!" Sango shouts, suddenly recovered.

"No way!"

"You better, or else I'm sending along Bankotsu!"

"Send him along, I don't care!" I storm off, and Sango sicks Bankotsu on me. "Hey, I'll give you a buck if you go back and bother Sango…"

"Nah, I wanna bother you."

I glare daggers. "Fine." Suddenly I see a bright store with unique clothes. "Ooh." I start off for it. 'J Style.' "Hmm."

"You're going to J Style? I'm gone." Bankotsu zooms away. I wonder why.

"Good riddance!" I chirp anyway, going into the store.

"I'm in heaven!" It's the style clothing I admire: bold, cool, a little sexy, yet not slutty. "Yea! I'm totally shopping here!"

Some fellow in the back zooms out. "You're actually shopping here!"

"But of course!"

"You can call me Jak. How may I help you, madam?" He begins in a nice voice. I laugh, then smile.

"My friend Sango is dragging me to dance classes in half an hour… Is there anything here that's good for that sort of thing, Jak?"

He smiled. "Which class?"

I blush. "I'm not sure, but we're also going clubbing later this evening…"

"Oh, hold on a second, I'll be right back…?"


"One moment." He zooms away, then a few minutes later, is back.

"Wow, what is that?"

"I'm not sure myself, but it'll look good."

"O-Okay. I'll try it on." I sweep into the changing rooms, forgetting the clothes.

"Here you go, Kagome!" He hollers and hands it over the door. "I got you some shoes, too!" He puts them on the ground and slides them in with his foot.

"Thanks! Is there anything for the dance class, though?"

"One moment!" I can hear him scuttling off, and I can't help but smile as I strip and pull on the top. I gasp a little.

It's black silk, with a crimson dragon crawling up one side, and silver Sakura blossoms floating down the other. The silk is so smooth and cool, it reminds me of a black ocean, rippling and melding against my curves. There's a slit in the top, coming from one shoulder to the other, sliding down farther on one side to reveal a small sloping, elegant triangle of my tanned skin, then snapping back up to my shoulder.

Loose three quarter sleeves with slits in them. Gorgeous and flowing, which is great! I won't spill punch on this one!

I eagerly slip out of my skirt, pulling on the jeans. Again to be surprised at how good they looked. The usual blue jean, with faded lines all over, like scratches of monotone areas. It reminded me melted silver. They hugged my legs, making me look good, yet not like it was ten sizes too small. Plus the shirt covered most of my bottom and was in the same style as the sleeves, billowing out then tightening with a crimson sash around my hips. The shirt continued under the sash. One end sloped down my leg, the other higher by my hips. I loved it.

I burst out of the stall, flew over to Jak, and choked him like there was no tomorrow. "Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! You're the best! I'm always shopping here! Thank you sooo much, Jak! Oh, I'm so sorry!" I let go of him and the color began returning to his blue face.

"Glad you liked it." He grins. "You forgot the shoes, though."

I dash back to the stall, hopping around to find the shoes. Silver and black combat boots, the kind I love. With little crimson spikes on the bottom. Glad I wore socks, I lace 'em up, then run back and hug Jak again. "You rock! You must be the best salesperson in the entire history of salespeople!"

"Why thank you. Will that be a good clubbing outfit?"

"Hai, hai. I just need a dance class outfit now."

"One moment." He zooms away and I go back to the dressing room and take off the amazing outfit, folding it neatly as I slip into my school clothes. "Here you are, Kagome." He knocks, which I love. Privacy respecting men always do better in the girl world. I open the door and grin at him, taking the clothes. "The combat boots are great for dancing. You can reuse them several times. Would you like me to get you the three color shoe polish for them?"

"Yes please! Can you keep these at the counter?"

"Sure." I hand him my prized outfit, smiling happily, nearly blinding the poor guy with my million watt smile. "By the way, which club are you clubbing at?"

"Why do you ask?"

"No reason."

"Oh... I'm not sure." I chuckle. "I sound mighty stupid saying that."

"I do it all the time, too. No worries there."

I smiled again.

"I think I should put on my sunglasses, don't you?"

"Probably," I say. "Do you happen to have blue tinted sunglasses? The kin-" He zooms away, coming back with a few perched on his head, a few stacked on each arm, and a few put on.

"Do you like any of these?"

"Ooohh!" I pluck the one he's wearing off, and try it on. "This one!" A nice tinted blue one, with a thin silver frame along just the top.

"Sure, Kagome." I put it back where I found it, and he walks around the corner with them, putting the rejects away and taking it to the counter.

I pop back into the stall to try on the dancing clothes. As I pull on the top, I smile. Jak is a great salesman. It's like he knows exactly what I like.

The same loose billowing style as the other one, tightening around my hips with a white sash. But this one is bloodred suede with white and turquoise beading. Makes me feel like a Native American queen. The sash is different though, instead of just wrapping around my hips, it goes around twice, then tucks under and hangs over. Wow.

"Wow." I say it out loud. The sleeves have slits from the shoulders down to my elbows, where they join and go loose. This one travels over to one side, drooping for a little cleavage, but not too much, due to the other side sweeping down horizontal over it. "Cool…"

I pull on the pants, in for a surprise. Jeans, yet I can practically do the splits in them. The problem is, I can't do the splits. They're black, tight at my hips, then loose and stretchy going down, with plenty of pockets. They tighten slightly at my ankles, and have a zipper going around my thighs, knees, and calves.

"Are these like cargo pants, Jak?" I ask through the door.

"Certainly. Would you like chains?"

"I'll try them on…"

He passes them over the door, and I have to reach on my toes to grasp them. "Thanks."

"No problem." I can hear him wandering off, so I talk to him.

"Do you get many customers here?"

"No, actually, you are the first and only."

"But it's such great clothes and service?"

"Still, I-er the designer gave it a weird name, so nobody checks it out…"

"Well, Jak, you now have a number one customer!"

"You looked really good in the clubbing clothes."

I blushed. Was he complimenting me? Well, obviously he was. But still… "Thank you."

Silence reigned for a few moments, and I could tell he was debating on asking me something. My cheeks turned bright red, and I started hooking on chains furiously. Hey, I actually looked… hot.

"Would you like to represent J Style or whatever we should call these clothes? Of course, not right away. You can decide on what you like, dislike, etcetera."

I didn't know what to say. It was… amazing! "Sure!" My mouth sure knew what it wanted to say. "Seriously?" I asked, popping out of the stall to eyeball him.

"Yes, you might even do a little modeling?"

The stunned look on my face became apparent from the large full-length mirror behind Jak. "Why not?" I declared happily. "I could use a job anyway, my friends say. Besides this place needs more publicity!" I'm grinning again, and Jak pulls out dark black shades.

"I gotcha covered this time, 'Gome."

"WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'mgonnamodeltheseawesomeclothesandwowowowowowowowowthis'llbesocool!"

"Yep, that's women for ya."

() () ()

"Your total is thirty-three dollars and seventy-two cents."

"That's all?"


"For all this?"


"WHOA." I hand him my money and walk out with a dazed look on my face and a few more shopping bags on my back. "Cool." I manage to wander my way back across the bridge to the dance studio. Sango is waiting, and she looks not-too happy.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? OUR CLASS IS STARTING IN… eighteen minutes!" She looks at her watch and sighs.

"Did you find anything in that shop of yours?"

"Yeah, but how come Bankotsu came running back?"

"I dunno, I was just shopping. But guess what?"


"I might have a job now!"

"That's great, but we'd better hurry up and change. I made the guys change already, before they could protest."


So we're off into the small, claustrophobic locker rooms. Lucky they had a shower area that was sparkly clean, or else I'd be GONE. I pull off my shirt, and Sango starts laughing maniacally. Offended, and thinking she was laughing at my chest, I snort grumpily.

"Do you ever eat?" She asks between giggles.

"Of course! Why, is my stomach too fat?"

"No, it's invisible! I can't see how you do it AND eat at WacDonalds!"

I laugh suddenly, nearly knocking my bags over. I right myself, and them, then pull out the shirt and start to pull it over my head. Before I see darkness, I see Sango's chocolate brown eyes bug out.


"No! Only thirty-three dollars and seventy-two cents!" I say, finally getting it over my head. I begin fixing the white sash as I fiddle idly with the bloodred suede. "Why would you say that?"

"Well, no reason. Other than you look so damn sexy and it looks like if people who are broke, like me, touch it it'll disintegrate?" I blink, and remove my skirt.

"There's a cute black happy cat on your butt." Sango states the obvious, and I turn bright red and pull on the stretchy jeans-cargo pants at top speed. I take off my loafers, those hideous brown shoes; I loath them, and pull out my combat boots, grinning a million watt grin at my feet. I thread the silver laces, then yank and pull, yank and pull them tight.

"Wow, still flexible. That store rocks!"

I start on the chains, hooking furiously, hoping for the same look as before. I'm not disappointed.

"What store?" Sango asks, bewildered.

"The salesman was so helpful, he actually got the outfits for me. How nice." I reach into the white paper shopping bag and pull out my shades, popping them on. "Hey baby doll, let's go kick some butt." I say in a funny voice.

Sango laughs, and soon we're both cracking up on the forest green benches.

"Hey you two! Hurry UP!" I hear Bankotsu yell. "Or else the pervert comes in!"

In record time, Sango is out of her clothes and into a midriff purple cashmere sweater, with a low neck. She's pulled on a pair of black leather jeans.

"Wow." Is all I can say. My BFF looks good. "Miroku'll like it." I say slyly as I pull my hair up into a high ponytail with a black ribbon. Also bought at J Style, found courtesy of Jak.

It works like a charm, she's bright red and I can see a vein throbbing. "Let's go and rock the dance floor, 'Gome."

I cross my arms loosely past each other and make the rock star sign as we put on the 'you messing with me' face. I think we looked pretty good, cause we scared the hell out of the boys.

Miroku was in a loose black tee shirt that said, 'Kiss me now, marry me later' in dripping pink letters on the front and 'dysfunctional' on the back. Black floppy jeans completed the look along with white tennis shoes.

Bankotsu was a little more styled, with an open striped blue and pink polo and a moderately loose black tee shirt that said 'I'm with stupid' in red and an arrow pointing to Miroku. "How fitting." I heard Sango mutter.

He had bloodred jeans, gangster style, with silver chains everywhere. "Hey girls. Ready to be awed by my dancing?"

"He made me let him shop somewhere else, too."

I nod. Smart move, Bankotsu.

"Novel dancers for the clubbing class please report to Room 143." I felt my stomach flip. I hate dancing.

"Sango... I don't feel well…"

"You look great, Kagome. I don't feel too good either. We're just nervous." Miroku says, patting my shoulder. NON PERVERTED! OH MY GOD!

"Thanks Miro." I grin, and he blinks several times.

"Sunny. Shall we go?"

"Yes." I step forward, trip on a nonexistent concrete line, and take a dive. Not hitting the ground, due to some instinct kicking in, I do a one hand flip in what seems like really slow motion, landing on my feet. "I dunno what that was, but I'm not complaining!"

I continue walking, glad I was last in line.

() () () () ()

"Room 143!" Sango chimes, and I step up and turn the brass knob, hoping it's locked and I won't have to dance…

It opens perfectly, with no squeaks, just to spite me. Sango ignores my 'I'm dead' face and pops in with the guys squashed behind her. "Cool."

It's a nice studio. Air conditioned, with hardwood floors, strobe lights, fog machines, booming music, and a group of about six lounging about on a small elevated area I guess is the 'rest' area. I start walking over, glad that their outfits are remotely similar to ours; Sango was right for once.

I pop on in and sit, sighing at my fate as I see the others plop down around me.

The door swings open softly, and a man slides in. "Welcome, students. I am your teacher, Yourouzoku, Kouga." All females, the exception Sango and I, sigh happily and make goo-goo eyes. I can see why they like him, but he's just not my type.

Long ebony hair pulled back into a high ponytail, a tan headband around his head, rough bangs falling over it in waves. An emerald green muscle shirt that shows off his muscles, black gangster jeans. And gorgeous ice blue eyes. Yep, we've got ourselves a player.

"Well, well. If it isn't Kouga the mutt." I hear Bankotsu whisper under his breath, and Kouga's head snaps in our direction.

"Look what the cat dragged in. Bankotsu, long time no see. Forgot how to dance?"

"Nope. My friends dragged me here to put some shame on your name."

"Friends… Huh. Didn't know you had any." He looks us over, not in a perverted way, and snorts as he turns back to his fangirls.

"Alright ladies and… others. We're here to learn the sexy art of club dancing. Whether it's tango or else. Our first dance is the waltz, to measure your skill level."

"Do they even waltz in clubs?" I ask Sango heatedly.

"No idea…"

"You! Miss, come on up to help me with a demonstration!" He swirls over to me, putting his hand out. I see Bankotsu getting angry, and I smile hesitantly.

"I… can't dance."

"Nonsense. Surely one with such a beautiful face can do anything."

"Except dance." Bankotsu growls. My lip quivers, and I stand abruptly and walk over to the center with Kouga, and my nemesis turns purple.

"Grab a partner!" He calls as we make our way to an empty spot on the dancefloor. He has a charming smile, with those pointy canines… Ah, a demon. That accounts for some of his good looks. All the fangirls pair up, and Miroku offers his hand to Sango. Her eye twitches, but she accepts. And the cheese stands alone with air woman. Fuming, with a murderous expression, of course.

"See here." He takes one of my hands and clasps it in his own. "Take the lady's hand and clasp it in your right. While her left…" He arranges me so. I feel like an evil Barbie doll. "Goes upon the gentlemen's shoulder or arm. Whichever you prefer."

When everyone manages that, he continues. "The gentlemen's other hand rests upon the lady's waist or hip, like so." I blush faintly as his hand goes to my waist.

"And there you have your basic waltz position!" I glance over at my friends, and see Sango craning her neck to see what to do, and Miroku looking deeply at her. Bankotsu simply looks ridiculous, standing with a broom in a valiantly attempted position for a dance. His mouth twitches, and he drops the broom, picks it up and sticks it against the wall, before sulking and burning holes into Kouga's head.

"Now everyone watch us for a moment." Oh great. I can screw up. "The first step goes like so…" He leads me, and I follow. Flawlessly? "Then the second…" He leads again, and I follow, and barely avoid stumbling. "And the last!" The last! YAY! Then I'll be free! Right? It goes off smoothly, but suddenly, I'm kissing the ground, and everyone is laughing. Except for my friends, Sango looking worried, Miroku straining his neck to see if I'm okay and Bankotsu…

Looking cruelly at me. And laughing.

Tears fill my eyes up, and I lurch to my feet and walk as fast as possible out of the room, hoping to never return. I don't even glance back once.

A/N: Seemed like a good place to stop… Hiten won't come in for a bit, sorry.

Well, here's a few to help you people out.


Koishii- beloved

Hai- yes


a. Kagome is clearly unpopular, AND can't dance. Not to mention is a total klutz at social events.

b. Bankotsu and Kagome were arch rivals until recently, when they decided to combine forces against the greater evil, the POPULAR PEOPLE. (WHY they're nemeses is in the story. Bankotsu was being a jerk, basically.)

c. I'd tell you more about the confusingly hyper Jak, but I can't. I'll describe him and give info in a later chappie.

d. Kouga is being his usual cocky womanizer that we love him for, and is trying to expand and hit on Kagome by inviting her to dance.

e. Bankotsu is obviously either JEALOUS…

Bankotsu: NO WAY! (strangles author)

or angry that Kagome is dancing with his other rival. (I think it's the first on-) (dies by choking due to Bankotsu)

f. As for dancing with a broom… You don't wanna know. It's a pretty sad substitute for making her jealous though, if I do say so myself.

g. Kagome (once again!) ruins her time at the dance class by kissing the floor. Wonder where she'll go? Yep.

That's all! Have fun and remember.



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