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Okay here is a longer summary of this story: During an accidental midnight rendezvous, Ginny comes up with a wonderful (so insane, dangerous, and quite humorous) idea to challenge Harry to a game of Truth. Ginny will explain in the first chappy what Truth, but basically you keep asking each other questions until one person cannot answer, thus letting the other person win and know you are hiding something that they will continue to nag about until you are too old and feeble to nag, so they poke you instead. How long will this game go on? And what secrets exactly will they find out from each other?

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Hp characters, or any of it. Also, I'm unsure if she owns it, but I sort of took the Truth game thing for Sarah Dessen's book The Truth about Forever.

Chapter 1- Hot Pink Boxers and Cooties

A gentle breeze coming through a partly open window in the boys dorm woke Harry Potter in the middle of the night.

Not only did it awaken him during a dreamless sleep (which was a rare blessing) but now Harry found that he could not fall back asleep.

He sighed and glanced over at his best mate Ron, who was mumbling something about how no, he did not own a pair of hot pink boxers, and no, even if Hermione snogged him senseless, he would not show them. Then there was a pause…and a giggle…then, "Oh, okay. Well maybe…"

Even though Harry was still annoyed, he laughed nonetheless. He had sworn he had seen something pink peak out from Ron's trunk a few days ago…

Finally, after weighing the pros and cons, Harry stumbled out of bed, grabbed his invisibility cloak, and exited the dormitory.

The common room was empty, except for the usual brown-bushy haired friends of his fast asleep on a mountain of books, no doubt dreamy of the numerous ways a certain flushed redhead would ask her out.

It was only when Harry was half way to the Great Hall that he realized he had forgotten the Marauders Map, his only way of knowing who could bump into him and scream bloody murder at any moment. Cursing himself but not wanting to go all the way back, Harry continued cautiously.

Then he heard a pair of footsteps getting closer and closer, and without his map, Harry was forced to hide behind a corner and wait for whomever it was to pass.

A girl appeared a second later; her whole body and head covered by her cloak, and tiptoed past him. Harry, intrigued by who was wandering around the castle so late, decided to follow.

At the entrance to the castle, the girl looked around, seeing if any one was around, and Harry was faced with those familiar chocolate brown eyes and a wisp of red hair.

"Ginny!" Harry whispered

Ginny's eyes grew wide and she whirled around in all directions, and for a moment Harry wondered if he was really as repulsive as Snape that was making her not make eye connect. Then, he remembered the invisibility cloak, and pulled it off right as Ginny whispered suspiciously, "Whose there?"

Harry clasped a hand over her mouth before she could scream (which was exactly what she was about to do).

"Bloody hell Ginny, no need to scream. It's just me- Harry."

"Don't you bloody hell me!" Ginny snapped when she smacked his hand away. 'You scared the buggers out of me! You're lucky I didn't bat-boogey-hex you like I did yesterday to Pansy. She had it coming though."

At the reference to someone they both loathed, the anger was dropped between them.

"What did she do to deserve the wrath of you?" Harry asked with a smirk.

"Oh, she said that you-" Ginny stopped suddenly and flushed. "You know, I don't really remember…"

Harry raised an eyebrow, as to show his confusion. "Um…okay."

There was a long silence, and then Ginny grabbed his hand.

"Come on, let's go outside. Fred and George left a few gifts behind, placed secretly throughout the castle, and I think I'm beginning to smell one."

Harry was unsure why, but a warm, pleasant tingling shot through him when Ginny grabbed his hand. And she didn't let go until they reached the lake, and when she did, Harry found himself silently cursing again (this time by the fact that the lake was not farther away).

"Here." Ginny said, grinning up at Harry from a spot on the grass. She laughed when Harry did not immediately do so. "Ah, come on. I don't have cooties."

"You know about cooties?" Harry asked, finally taking a seat next to the youngest Weasley. The word brought up a rare pleasant memory of his childhood at Privet Drive. Dudley had come home one day from daycare, screaming his head off that a girl he touched him and he was going to die. Unfortunately for Harry, that did not come to pass.

"Yeah," Ginny laughed once again, which brought Harry out of his own memory, and caused him so grin broader. "Hermione said it once when she was going on and on sadly that Ron never pays attention to her –you know, in that way- and acts like she has cooties."

A though popped into Harry's head, and the longer he stared at Ginny, the stronger the urge was to tell her what he was thinking.

'I don't mind sharing cooties with you Ginny…'

Luckily though, before the thought came out, Ginny was shinning bright, as though she had just had gotten a brilliant idea.

"I've got a bloody brilliant idea!"

"Um-hum?" Harry mumbled, hoping that if he spoke less, the less likely it was he would say something utterly embarrassing.

"Well," Ginny began. "Hermione also told me about this game. It's called Truth, and how you play is you have a partner and you start asking each other questions. They can be easy like, 'What's your favorite color?' to 'What's the farthest you've ever gotten with someone?'! Obviously, you have to answer truthfully and the only way you can win is if the other person refuses to answer the question."

Harry blinked at her wild expression.

"So, Harry, wanna play with me?" She asked

His brain was shouting and waving signs. 'Have you gone bloody mad? You can't play this with her!'

But his mouth was acting as though it had a mind of its own, because two seconds later, he had said yes, and instantly regretted it.

"Haha!" Ginny grinned madly again, and Harry was starting to think that maybe this wasn't so bad. "I get to ask the first question!"

"Hey!" Harry exclaimed, finally finding his own voice again. "Why do you get to start first?"

"Because," Ginny said, shooting him a glare, "if you went first, I would have to test some new products of Fred and George's that they sent me just in case…" And like an evil, twisted bunny, her glare disappeared and Ginny smiled sweetly. "Okay, so first question…"

AN: Hehe, find out in the next chapter what Ginny's first question in. And also keep in mind that this game can last quite a while, so what will happen when they continue these questions during school?