So…it's been a couple years. I'm really sorry guys, I sort of lost my writing drive during the drama of high school. But after re-reading the 6th and 7th Harry Potter books this summer and seeing the 6th movie, I decided I better finish this story. Especially because the on-screen romance of Ginny and Harry was so uncomfortable. Thank God there's fan fiction.

I want to also thank anyone who has waited this long to read this final chapter. Enjoy.

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Chapter 11- Shakespeare Genius and Scribbled Truth

"It's been a hell of a fortnight don't you think, Harry?"

Harry looked up from his studies. "What the— oh god, you've been reading Hermione's Muggle Literature books haven't you?"

He and Ron were stretched out in front of the Gryffindor fireplace. Harry had surrounded himself with textbooks, reference books, and dozens of loose-leaf papers with scribbled notes. Any free time was consumed digging for information concerning Harry's mission for Horcruxes. Occasionally Ron got bored and…let his mind wander.

"I'm pretty sure Shakespeare was a genius." Ron confirmed "Or seriously mental." He paused to think about this. "But I like the word 'fortnight'. Why don't we use 'fortnight' anymore?"

"Because we all got lazy and realized we could just say two weeks?" Harry offered. He held his breath and thought 'Please just drop the subject Ron'.

However Ron was always better at hitting sore spots than telepathy.

"I mean, sweet Archimedes, I would not want to be you right now. Hunting Horcruxes, studying for exams, being the Chosen One, evil eyeing Snape, bad-mouthing Malfoy, and…wait there was one more."

Harry glowered at him. "Forgetting Ginny is still snogging Dean?"

"Yes!" Ron cried, pointing a finger in a mock "Aha" moment. "Thank you, yes, that's it. But forgetting is not the word I would use…"

Harry gripped his quill tightly and bore his eyes into the words in front of him, hoping to ignore Ron's comments. Unfortunately Ron was correct. Hermione must have been sharing her own perceptions with him, because Harry had always enjoyed Ron's previous lack of observation.

Once again Harry tried to focus on the textbook before him. 'Horcuxes. Voldemort. Death. Snogging Ginny. Shit.'

Things were not going any better for Ms. Ginny Weasley.

"Look, Ginny. I think this needs to stop."

Ginny pulled herself back from Dean's embrace. This meant hitting her head on the rack of books behind her.

"Arg!" She winced. 'Stupid cramped Restricted Section. How is any hormonal witch suppose to make-out in here?'

As she went to rub the back of her head, she saw Dean's eye flit to her exposed wrist. She yanked her arm down, and glared at Dean.

"What are you talking about?" She snapped angrily, hoping this would distract Dean from her arm. But he had grabbed the arm, and pulled it out in front of her so both could see the scribbled writing.

Dean pointed to the messy writing. "This is what I mean Gin. What is all this? Horncunkes? Poly juice? Wait, is that—" His eyes shot at Ginny, who was trying to wiggle free unsuccessfully. "Harry Potter? Come on, Ginny!"

Ginny wrenched her arm back and shoved Dean away. "What is your problem?"

"My problem? You've got your ex-whatever's name written on your arm! God, I knew you still had feelings for him!" Dean sighed, letting out all the anger. He didn't have the energy for a full-on fight with Ginny. "I'm sorry. We shouldn't have started this again. I'm not your re-bound."

Ginny watched him walk away but stayed frozen in her place. "I'm sorry," She whispered. "I just need to know what's going on."

Suddenly she looked down at her watch and swore. "Shit, I'm late." She hurried out of the cramped stacks and to the nearest stairwell. "Please Neville, don't set fire to anything before I get there."

Harry needed air. He needed peace from thoughts of Ginny, and he definitely needed to get away from Hermione and Ron. They were still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship, which meant constantly swooning at the sight of each other, glancing playfully back and forth and all together distracting Harry from his work.

While the grass by the lake, where he and Ginny had first started the game of Truth, was also a distraction it was at least peacefully. Here Harry could read and bounce around ideas of Horcuxes in peace.


A familiar voice was above him. Harry slowly looked up, not sure what he hoped would happen next. Ginny was awkwardly standing before him and smiling unsurely.

"How are you?" She asked tentatively. Seeing as how they hadn't spoken for two weeks it was a reasonable question.

Harry stared at her in shock but simultaneously gestured for her to sit down. He regained his knowledge of speech as she did so.

"I believe it's my turn actually" He said lightly, giving her a small smile. "How are you?"

"Oh you know, the usual. Making every boy question their sanity." Ginny grinned at Harry's wide eyes. "Dean dumped me, and Neville is close to joining You-Know-Who." She giggled humorously at her own wit. "Just joking, I lied. And this is still Truth, right?"

Harry's moment of joy burst. "So you and Dean are still together?" He asked bitterly.

"No, duh, I was lying about Neville. I was telling the truth about Dean; he dumped me. Puts a whole new meaning to the Restriction Section." She laughed sadly, and noticed she had Harry's full attention. So she showed Harry her arm. "I've been…trying to work it out on my own. What you're planning that is."

Harry peered closer at her arm. "Ginny, what are Horncunkes?"

Ginny blushed. "I've been trying to follow Hermione and Ron around for the past two weeks. Discretely, of course. Not that it make a difference. They're too grab-ass with each other to notice me lurking behind them. Anyway, I heard them say it once. Or something like it…."

This was an obviously bait, and Harry pretended not to notice. Ginny was staring intently at Harry, trying to get him to correct her or explain. Harry made a move to stand up, but Ginny was too fast. She grabbed his arm, and yanked him down closer to her. Her green eyes held a mixture of fear and anger.

"What," she said slowly, "are you planning? What is going on, Harry?"

As a last resort, Harry tried to laugh the whole thing off. "Geez, Ginny? A little stubborn? Come on, relax."

"Harry James Potter," Harry thought Ginny sounded eerily similar to Lily when she spoke to James. He didn't have a chance in hell of escaping now. " I know your most embarrassing moment, your first kiss, that you prefer boxers to briefs, and yet I still don't know why you are leaving me and if I can ever hope for a future with us?"

Her voice was shaky and broken, but she continued to stare directly into his eyes with unwavering resilience. Harry broke their gaze and gently took her hands.

"Before I answer," He said quietly, " will you do something for me?"

Ginny laughed as she said, "If there was a God of the Truth Game he would smite us for so many out of turn questions. But since you're the closest thing to a God in our world, I guess I'll just have to obey you."

But Harry didn't laugh. He held Ginny's hands but looked down at the grass. "I want you to remember back all those years ago to that night in the Chamber of Secrets. You were unconscious, I know, but I wasn't. I saw you there, barely breathing, bloody and frail."

"It's your fault it was the first time you really noticed me. A girl always has to be in trouble to get your attention." Ginny muttered bitterly. Memories of her first year brought up boiling anger. "You don't think I remember that night? I never want to be in that position again. All these lessons with Neville—"

Harry was caught off guard. "Neville?"

"Yes." Ginny said defiantly. "He and I have been practicing together. Hexes, jinxes, charms. He's quite brave you know. We both just want to prove ourselves. You have to give me a chance."

Harry rubbed his head and turned away from Ginny. He knew this whole conversation was going to be difficult, which is why he had been putting it off for so long.

"Ginny, I can never get that image out of my head. At the very least I have to make sure that a worse image won't take its place."

Ginny shifted unto her knees so she could match his eye line. She gently placed a hand on his cheek and smiled at him. "Why do you always have to be so dark and morbid?" She asked, but quickly added, "That was hypothetical. Don't you get why I wanted to play this game? Again, hypothetical question. You need a little fun in your life, Harry. Not everything has to be so serious. So here's a real Truth question. Can't this lasting image of me in your mind be something, uh, happier? Better?"

Harry eyed her suspiciously. "It would take a lot of 'somethings better'. You in for the long haul?"

Ginny grinned. "Yep. So the final question of the game of Truth is this, are you? For better or for worse?"

In one fluid motion, Harry stood up and swept Ginny up with him.

"Ginny Weasley, congratulations, you won the game. I don't want to answer." Instead, Harry leaned in and kissed her.