Author's Notes & GS Aftermath Trilogy III Previews

I can't believe I've actually made it this far! Yeah! For those of you who don't know, I doubt that any one of you actually know, 'GSEED Aftermath Trilogy Series' actually started off with Rusty's story, if Rusty hadn't entered my mind, there would be no story of Dearka and Miriallia. Thank you all for reading this long and intensive story and I know Rusty and original characters created by me aren't everyone's cup of tea.

Since 80 of this story is made up of original characters, I'd like to comment on some of them, as well as the other Seed characters since there has been a lot of characterization through the two installments.

Rusty MacKenzie
The story's hero, my hero. I love him. He's the character I've been dying to write for a long time and I finally had the chance to incorporate this character into Rusty MacKenzie. I first took notice of him in one of the screenshots of the Specials, the one where the Klueze Team graduated from the academy and he was hot! I fell in love with him immediately and the idea of writing him starting forming in my head. Of course I knew he was dead, that was not to be mistaken, but when I reviewed the first episode, I thought, hmm, there's something that I might be able to change... I hope it the explanation I provided was a believable one. I'm really flattered that people think that my version of Rusty is better than the original, but really I based my version of him on the impressions I got of Rusty in the movie.

Lain van Ness
Our heroine, she's more or less a reflection yours truly. That point aside, yes, she's a fragile character that tends to hurt herself. I mean, how many girls out there can actually tolerate their husbands sleeping with another girl? Lain is definitely one of a kind, the kind who likes to hurt herself in order to hide her feelings from Rusty. If you haven't noticed, yes, she loves him, that's why she wanted to protect him and drive him away in the first place. The thing I really like about her is her tranquility and it's so fun to depict the contrast between her and Novita.

Marni Peragrine
I remember people asking me who Marni was in 'Rebound', now you know. He doesn't have much part in the whole story compared to Madge, but I'm thinking of a side story about him, Lain and Rusty, so stay tuned if you're interested.

Novita van Ness
The typical psycho that gets completely out of control. I don't think I did that of a good job in portraying her, but all in all, she's a bitch and with that said, I'm glad Lain shot her, that made me feel so good. If you have to know, I wasn't happy writing the parts of her having sex with Rusty, but I made it through! Yeah, she's a bitch.

Yzak, Dearka and Miriallia
The people who liven up the scenes, Yzak was still short tempered as ever. I really enjoyed writing bits and pieces of Dearka and Miriallia, a continuation of their relationship throughout the series so that fans of the couple still have something to look forward to from them. Did you guys enjoy their moments? More to come in GSA III.

Shiho Hahnenfuss
A twist, I bet a lot of you didn't expect this, but there were hints here and there, yet those hints were barely hints, I admit. With the introduction of Shiho in the very last part of the story, you people have more or less guessed that she will be the female lead of GSA III: Resonance. With that said, Lain and Rusty will continue to influence the flow of the third installment of this series.

What to be expected in Gseed Aftermath Trilogy III: Resonance?

1. Everything you've seen in GSA I and GSA II will be expanded in GSA III, including length, time span and of course events.
2. The last phase of the battle in GSEED will be portrayed.
3. Dearka and Miriallia
4. Rusty and Lain
5. Adult Scenes (A lot more than GSAII, if you have to know)
6. Violence, rape and major angst

That being said, it's a highly dramatic and emotional story and what I think, really intense. So prepare yourselves.


Title: Gseed Aftermath Trilogy III - Resonance
Type: Anime Fanfiction
Original Series: Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed
Time: C.E. 71-75
Genre: Drama/Angst/Tragedy/Suspense/Romance
Characters: Yzak Jule / Shiho Hahnenfuss
Rating: R (For strong language, violence, cruelty, explicit adult content, rape and nudity)
Intro: She was an abandoned soul, holding a dark past. ZAFT gave her a chance to start a new life and she thought she succeeded in doing so, but that fateful meeting with him in the end turned everything upside down, including their lives and future, forcing her to revisit the appalling past which had been hidden by a smile for so many years.

Date of Launch: 28th October, 2005

Hosting Site: gseedaftermath.hermitjunction. net


'The trial was bad.' Yzak said out of the blue, startling Shiho. He looked out at the city that was far away from where they were.

'How bad?' Shiho asked quietly, looking down at her lap with her breath inhaled.

'It never occurred to me that I shot down a civilian shuttle.' Yzak said, sighing. 'It was during the early stages of the war when we were still ordered to shoot down Strike. I got this scar from Strike in one of the early battles and vowed revenge.'

Shiho heard Yzak exhale loudly after brief pause.

'I remember I still had one eye covered in that battle. I was going after Strike near the atmosphere, determined to shoot him down. My wound was hurting badly, my pride was hurt and I wasn't going to let him get away with it, I swore to myself I'd kill him.

'I didn't kill him but instead shot down a shuttle with an Earth Alliance signal.' Yzak looked up, griping the bun in his hand. 'I thought I just shot down an OMNI filled military shuttle, never did it occur to me that I killed thirty-seven civilians that escaped from Heliopolis after our raid.'

'You were put on trial because of this?' Shiho asked softly.

Yzak nodded. 'How many civilians have I killed in this war? How many people have a killed in this war alone? I've been so preoccupied with the events that changed so fast and I lost count… no, I never counted.'

'You kill to survive in war.' Shiho said quietly. 'That's the inevitable fact, a brutal yet inevitable fact. If you let sympathy and emotion control you at gunpoint, your going to lose not only your pride, but also your life.'

'I still shiver when I think about the last phase of this war Hahnenfuss.' Yzak said, turning his head towards her. 'It's just killing, Naturals versus Coordinators. It was a massacre, a bloody massacre.'

'No one wanted it to happen this way Captain.' Shiho murmured. 'Yet no one could control the situation.'

'To tell you the truth, I met up with my former comrade Dearka Elthman during that recoinnase mission in L4 after the escape of Eternal.' Yzak ran one hand through his hair. 'I didn't know if I was mad or just plain annoyed after that brief meeting. I was glad he didn't die yet I resented his betrayal towards PLANT, uniting with Archangel, our former enemy, the battleship we've been trying to destroy, in the process loosing three team members.'

'What did he say that made you so confused?' Shiho asked.

'I was confused.' Yzak bowed his head. 'I hadn't been more confused in my entire life. There I was, pointing my gun at my former comrade being bombed with the news that he was against ZAFT, he and Athrun Zala. He even told me that Athrun was best friends with the pilot of Strike. Imagine the shock.'

Shiho didn't say anything as she looked at him. She could see the moonlit river water reflect in his cobalt blue eyes.

'I always acted by the book, always followed strict orders.' Yzak whispered. 'Never in my life did imagine myself doubting this principle of mine. That brief meeting made me rethink the orders I received.'

'Yet you continued to follow them.' Shiho said.

'Yes, I did, but I no longer had that spirit in me, the spirit of being an absolutely loyal ZAFT soldier.' Yzak said softly.

'Are you saying you've betrayed ZAFT too?' Shiho asked.

'I don't know, maybe.' Yzak swung his legs over the side of the bridge, landing his feet on the concrete road. He paused with his back to her, the nocturnal breeze lifting his silky hair.

'You didn't Captain.' Shiho said firmly.

Yzak turned around and looked at her in the eye. 'I was sentenced to death in the trial.'

Shiho's eyes widened and she almost fell off the side of the bridge. 'What?'

'I was sentenced to death.' Yzak repeated, giving her a small smile. 'But if I took my Mother's place in the council and continued to serve ZAFT, I'd escape this penalty.'

Shiho felt herself sigh in relief as she hopped onto her feet again. 'Are you hesitating Captain?'

Yzak nodded. 'I don't know if I'm the negotiation type of person. I'm a military man, I fight in the battle field, not argue at a round table. Besides, I don't know if I really still want to be in ZAFT.'

'I understand.' Shiho said softly. 'But just think do you really want to disappoint the people who believe in you? Who trust you?'

Yzak looked at her in silence.

'You can still do great things Captain Jule!' Shiho insisted. 'If the court gives you this bargain, you should take it because it's a win-win situation. They're giving you this task because they think you're suitable and trust you with it.' She looked away, her strands of hair blowing across her face. 'At least you've showed us how great a leader you can be in war.'

Yzak stared at her for a while before smiling, much to Shiho's surprise. 'I've been smiling more than I could remember ever since I met you Major.'

'Really…' Shiho bit her bottom lip.

Yzak reached for his blueberry juice and took a sip, wincing at the taste. 'I should have chose melon.'

'Too late.' Shiho smirked.

'Give me a sip?' Yzak asked.

'No.' Shiho made a face.

'Please? This blueberry deal sucks!' Yzak protested.

Seeing him reach out, Shiho took a step back and stuck her tongue out. 'No, you should have made your choice when I asked you. Not that I don't like blueberry.'

'Then let's trade.' Yzak suggested.

'You drank from that!' Shiho argued.

Yzak rolled his eyes. 'It's not like I have a disease or something. Come on, just one sip, do me a favor…'

Shiho shook her head.

'Major!' Yzak said sharply. Shiho stood straight and saluted, dropping the box of melon juice. Her mouth dropped open when Yzak caught it and stuck the straw into his mouth without hesitation, raising his eyebrows at her.

'You cheater!' Shiho cried. 'Give that back!'

The anticipated installment, their worlds are going to be rocked. Stay tuned!

Yours truly,

Pisces Miles