--------------A Snow Storms Hatred-------------

By Rhonda Johnson


This is for VERY MATURE readers only!

Do NOT read if you dislike yaoi, violence, pain, anguish, fear, intolerance, ignorance, morbidity, suffering, or extreme sexual content!


Storm brewed outside, dark swirling clouds that seemed to be from hell itself spat snow, rain, and hail down to the earth, thumping in tune to the roaring wind outside the Sohma's house- in the middle of July.

Tohru sighed, setting down a basket next to the door. She had hoped to do some shopping, but the way it was going now Tohru wasn't even sure if getting to a road was possible. The weather made her feel weary and old- which was absolutely ridiculous, as Tohru had only been staying with the Sohma's for two years. In fact, the only sign of maturity that had occurred was the growth of both height and fowl language from the rat and cat.

Tohru's reflection was both proven and cut short as Yuki walked through the door, smiling kindly to Tohru and removing his shoes calmly, taking only one step further when--- BAM.

"Oh dear, you two haven't ripped the door again have you?"

"You fucking rat! How could you-"The rest of Kyo's screaming was inaudible over the sound of numerous breaking objects. The crashing went on for a long time, nobody daring to even peer in for fear of some random object making contact with their skull. "You son of a-"and then there was a deafening silence. The storm had stopped outside as well, and Tohru mustered up her courage and slid open the paper-free door. There, lying on the floor atop unrecognizable rubbage lay Kyo, completely naked. His lithe frame caught a shining sun that had, just as Tohru opened the door, peeked out of retreating haze. Luckily for Kyo's unconscious form, there was a shred (quite literally) of frilly table cloth covering his thighs and abdomen, thanks to Yuki, who was sitting with his back against a wall, eyes glazed over, with a rather negative energy pulsating from him.

"Kyo! Yuki! What-"

"Ms. Honda, please allow me to take care of this. You can go shopping now."

"O- ok…" She turned around abruptly, too wierded out to even wonder why instead of instantly cleaning and asking if she wanted company, Yuki just had this empty look in his eyes and a tone that allowed no room for questioning- yes, her naivety allowed her to walk straight out without a single word.

As the sound of footsteps died out, so did Yuki's patience. He picked up Kyo and carried him into his room, setting his naked form on his bed. Yuki simply left him there, walking silently down the stairs and cleaning quickly, the last item to be removed a note from Shigure reading: Taking well needed vacation with Ayame. Please refrain from breaking anything important while I am away.

Yuki let something similar to a sneer cross his face as he set the note on a stand and returned to his room. His clothes had been scratched so much that they had scarcely even been on his gracious body, and now the tattered shirt slid to the floor, and the pans came down dangerously low. Sliding the door closed gently, amethyst eyes watched a certain unconscious form stir itself awake.

"Now," said Yuki slyly. "I will show you your proper place."


End chappy one! Or Prologue rather. . . whatever the case, I have already finished this story, but I must have at least one review before I post it!