The Hatred of Snow

For Now


Ze ending! Angsty or nay? Well, you'll just have to read it wontcha?

Kyou flew out of bed before he realized he was awake, feeling Yuki's absence and sprinting down the stairs five at a time, and was in the kitchen hallway before realizing that he was out of bed.

"NO!" Kyou flung himself wildly at Yuki, whose blade had only just begun piercing flesh. Kyou snatched the knife and flung it away it one swift movement, grasping Yuki's shoulder and giving it a violent shake. "What the fuck are you thinking! You… you…" But the words wouldn't come out and he found himself sobbing helplessly against Yuki's would-have-been-pierced chest, soaking his robe and letting his shaking, naked body press against Yuki's.

"Why?" Yuki's still surprised face gazed down on Kyou, but no shock came from his voice. It sounded, instead, weary, and tear-choked.

"Because I… I…" But the sentence was broken with a wail of unbroken despair, and he only pressed harder into the still form that was Yuki.

He...? Even after all of this? Yuki suddenly found his arms wrapped around a shaking Kyou. "We can't do this."

Kyou looked up, anguish becoming his features, agony twisting in his eyes.

"We need to… I mean… start over." Yuki stood up; leaving Kyou's shivering body naked on the kitchen floor. Kyou nodded meekly, looking up a last time into eyes that seemed to have changed instantaneously, amethyst flooded with peaceful understanding. But what was truly there, the real words that went unspoken were the loudest in the room. I'm sorry.

Yuki left Kyou to his thoughts in the kitchen, sliding outside and climbing on the roof. He looked to where Kyou usually laid and stopped, resting carefully against the cold snow and staring up into the half clouded sky, which was now letting down gentle flakes of crystalline beauty. Sighing, he shoved off an area of snow just large enough for him to lie on and stretched out, drifting off into a world where his emotions were always below the breaking point.

Kyou smiled absently to himself and went back to his room. He curled up on his filthy bed and covered himself with a sheet that had been discarded on the floor. It didn't matter anymore. The pain would never be erased. The fragile emotions were still hanging on by a mere thread and his broken mind would mend only with in time made up. But Kyou and Yuki would start over from what should have been long ago. And if it wasn't gone, he could push it aside for something else. For now.

OOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh! What'd you guys think? Originally I was just going to kill them both, but since I'm already working on two other angst-fests I had to give in to the fans. So here's your moderately happy ending. XD And if Yuki was too evil for you, I apologize. Remember, this came from the depths of my sadistic, sick, angst-obsessed mind. Now, review before I you!