I don't own Batista. I only own Mel and Bri. If there really is a Grand Madison Hotel somewhere, I never heard of it before...

Summary: What happens when Mel has a confrontation with Batista in an elevator?

"Batista is more than good-looking. He's freakin' hot!" Melanie Williams said. She was an employee at the Grand Madison Hotel in (where else?) Madison. At the moment, she was off-duty and talking to her friend Bri on her cell phone.

She stepped into the elevator and turned her back to the doors, looking at the wall as she talked. She decided to put her buddy on the speaker phone. She leaned into the corner and closed her tired eyes.

"Mel, what would you do to Batista if you were face to face with him right now?" Bri asked.

"I can't give you all the details," Mel teased. "But I'd totally do him right now!"

"Is that so?" came a voice from right next to Mel's ear. Mel opened her eyes and gasped.

It was the man himself, wearing a classy and sexy suit, some shades, and a smirk on his face.

"Mel? You there?" Bri asked when Mel didn't reply.

"Mel here can't talk right now," Batista said into the phone, and flipped it closed. He smiled at Mel. "Take your phone."

She numbly took the phone, unable to form a word. She put the phone in her purse and stared up at him.

"Well?" He looked at her expectantly.

"Well what?" she asked, finally finding her voice.

"You told your friend just now that if we were face to face, you'd do me," he said. "So what are you waiting for?"

"We aren't face to face," Mel said nervously.

He smiled and walked over to her, pressing his body against hers and leaning down.

"We're face to face now. What's your excuse?" he asked, carefully licking his lips.

"I'm not that kind of girl," she said simply.

And that's when he lost his temper.

"Little girl, I don't like it when chicks play games with me!" he exclaimed as the doors to the elevator closed. "Games are for children."

"Who said I-" she began, but he interrupted her with a maniacal laugh.

"Let me show you what I do to little girls like you who play games with me," he said.

"Are you gonna rape me?" she asked fearfully, looking up into his stormy eyes.

"Hell no!" he replied. He leaned down until his lips almost touched hers. "But," he said, his lips brushing hers lightly as he spoke, "I will make you want me."

And then no words were spoken. They had a conversation that was purely physical. He pressed his lips against hers and coaxed her mouth open. When her lips parted, he attacked her mouth with his tongue, skillfully conquering it. She put her arms around his neck instinctively and melted against his rock-solid body.

He grinded his hips against her, and she started moving against him.

"Yeah, that's it," he whispered to her. "Give in. You know you want me."

She gave a low moan as he let his rough hands run wherever they desired on her body.

He ravaged her neck with his mouth in a totally animalistic way, and she loved every minute of it. She ran her fingers through his short hair, enjoying the feel of his body against hers. And when he gently bit her earlobe, that did it.

"Take me," she whispered into his ear as he kissed her neck again.

And just then, the elevator opened with a ding. Batista let her go and stood up straight, fixing his suit. "Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna take you," he said.

Her mouth dropped. "Why not?"

He laughed. "Just giving you a taste of your own medicine." He touched her cheek. "Next time don't be such a little cock tease," he said, and stepped out of the elevator, leaving Mel with her fingers pressed against her lips. Halfway down the hall, he turned back to look at her, just before the doors started to close. "But my room's right here, in case you wanna stop by." He laughed at the look on her face and entered his hotel room, knowing she'd be at his door in the very near future...

I don't plan to do a part 2, but if you guys want one, I'm sure I could think of one someday!