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Chapter 2: The Zebra House


"Is this really the place?" Stephanie asked the driver when he pulled up in front of a huge white and black striped building on the top of a hill.

"This is it," the driver said. He gave them their luggage and, after being paid, sped away.

"Wow. We get to stay in The Zebra House, the most famous place around here," Jericho said, winning a smile from Stephanie. "Let's just hope the interior isn't as hideous as the exterior."

"I hope not," Stephanie agreed. "Let's go inside." She tried to grab her luggage, but Jericho wouldn't allow it.

"Hey, I'm the man. I'll grab the heavy stuff," he said. "You just lead the way and keep looking hot, 'kay?"

They shared a knowing look, and then Stephanie led the way into the house.

"Wow," Stephanie said. "Fit for a princess!"

"And the king of the world," Jericho said, pulling their luggage over by a wall and closing the door behind them.

"Let's explore," she suggested, grabbing his hand. "We get first dibs on the bedrooms!"

"Bedrooms... Yeah, let's check those out first," he agreed, and they raced up the stairs to find the bedrooms...


"Shawnie, Shawnie, that was fun back in the park," Torrie Wilson said happily. "I never did it there before."

"I find that very hard to believe," Shawn said, exasperated. "Now could you quit calling me Shawnie?"

"Then what do you want me to call you, Shawnie?" she asked as the cab pulled up in front of The Zebra House.

"Call me the Icon, the Showstopper, the Heartbreak Kid, the sexiest man alive," he said. "Anything but Shawnie. That's a total girl name."

"Hey, you two. The meter's running," the driver said. "And it's already a lot because of all that time you two spent in the park."

"Here's the money. Since you were so nice, keep the change." Shawn gave the driver the money, then got out of the cab. Torrie followed him and the driver unloaded their luggage and took it up to the door.

"This house is really ugly," Torrie commented, wrinkling her nose. "With all these stripes it's just...ew."

"It's The Zebra House, didn't you know?" he asked, looking at her, surprised. Didn't everybody know what The Zebra House was? The history of it?

"I don't see any zebras around here. Are they inside?" she asked, looking at him with hopeful eyes.

"Awww!" he exclaimed, frustrated. Could she get any dumber?

"Good luck with that," the cab driver called. He threw back his head and laughed as he sped away.

"Let's go inside," Shawn said finally.

"Yes, let's go find the zebras," Torrie said, nodding her head.

He shook his head and followed her up the stairs. At the door, he grabbed their luggage and followed her into the house. He spotted other luggage over by the wall.

"Hey, it looks like some of our roomies are here already!" Shawn said, dropping their luggage. "I wonder who they are?"

"The zebras are here! The zebras are here!" Torrie said excitedly. "But why did they leave their luggage over by the wall?"

He gave her a look and wondered how she got so stupid. Instead of saying this, however, he looked around the room. "Why don't we explore?"

"Yes, let's explore. Then we'll meet the zebras," she agreed.

He grabbed her hand and led her out of the room, deciding that he would find a quiet place and then put something in her mouth to make her shut up...


"Up ahead, I think this is it," The Undertaker called. He was pedaling his big bicycle with ease.

"Really? Up there on that big hill?" Lita asked. She was also pedaling her bike with ease.

"Yeah, up there on that hill. The Zebra House," Taker answered. "That's one of the most famous houses in the area. Have you heard the history of The Zebra House, Batista?"

"No, but could you...tell...me...later?" Batista replied, biting his lip in concentration as he struggled to pedal the little pink bike on the road.

"Sure thing," Taker said, looking over at Lita and smiling. He had forgiven her for kissing him right after it happened. They blamed it on the sun and tried not to think of it.

"Isn't that supposed to be a haunted house?" Lita asked, pedaling with her hands off the handlebars. She was enjoying this nice-sized bike.

"That's what they say. You know, there have been many deaths in that house," Taker said. "Countless. They renovated it a while back. I wonder how it looks now?"

"Let's...see..." Batista grunted, getting off the little pink bike as they reached the bottom of the hill. He had to stretch his legs. "I bet it's all nice and sweet inside," he said, rubbing his burning legs. His suit was sticking to him like crazy. He knew he could probably peel it away like a layer of skin.

"Ready to head up the hill, Mr. Undertaker?" Lita asked jokingly, getting off her bike and looking up at Taker.

"After you, Ms. Lita," Taker replied, smiling at her as he got off his bike.

They both looked at Batista. "What?" Batista asked, wiping sweat from his brows. "What are you guys looking at?"

"You!" Lita said to Batista. She looked at Taker and they both started laughing.

"What's so funny?" Batista wondered.

"Inside joke," Taker said. "You know how those are."

"Yeah, seeing how close you two are, I know you guys share a lot of inside jokes," Batista said. "What with the kissing and all..."

"You said you'd never mention that," Lita said, turning pale.

"Relax," Batista said, smiling. "I'm not gonna tell anyone...unless you get on my nerves." He grinned like a Cheshire cat as the three of them started to walk their bikes up the hill...

They made it to the doors of The Zebra House in ten minutes. They parked their bikes on the side of the house and dragged their luggage up to the doors.

"After you," Taker said, grinning at Lita as he opened the door and held it for her.

"Thank you," Lita said, pushing her hair back and smiling at him. She walked into the house and Taker and Batista followed.

"Looks like our roomies are already here," Batista said, leaning against the door and wiping sweat from his brow.

"They must be exploring... Why don't we join them?" Taker asked.

"Right. Let's go exploring!"