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Chapter Nine

Sousuke stood at the edge of the clearing waiting for Kaname to run from the safe place he had left her. He was weary from the battles he had had in order to get to her and could sense the Arbalest was somewhat damaged as well. But more than anything he was worried about Kaname. He feared that she would be intercepted, that she would not reach him, that she would be…


No, he would not think on such things, not when both of them were in such a dangerous situation…he could not let his emotions get the best of him…her life depended on it.

Just as his worry was about to become panic he sensed something run into the leg of the Arbalest. Looking down he found Kaname clinging to the Arbalest out of breath but looking perfectly fine otherwise. 'Thank God.'

He reached down, picking her up to bring her closer to him and cupping her gently in the Arbalest's strong hands.

"You're alright." Sousuke stated over the two-way, not hiding the relief in his voice.

"…Sousuke…" He heard her whispered softly over the radio. She was safe and she was with him.

Everything would be fine

He saw her open her mouth to say something to him before he felt that Arbalest shake in response to an attack from behind him. He quickly placed her on the ground before turning and moving towards the Arm Slave that had attacked him, placing himself between it and Kaname.

"Sergeant Sagara….what a pleasure it is to finally meet you." A masculine voice spoke to him in heavy Russian accent.

"Who are you?" Sousuke demanded. He quickly sized up the Arm Slave noting that it was a model similar to his but one that he did not recognize as Mithril's.

"Who I am does not matter. I'm sure you've noticed that the Silverlight I'm using is quite similar to the Arbalest. And I'm sure you wonder how it is that Silent Death was able to develop such technology. I will indulge you. Silent Death is endorsed by Amalgam and it is through them that we are able to have such sophisticated technology. But the Silverlight was given to us by one of them in return for a favor; your execution and the capture of the Whispered girl unharmed."

"Who commanded this of you? Why did they specifically want Kaname?" Sousuke inquired, hoping to keep the man distracted and he continued to analyze the Silverlight for its weak points.

"She was requested by Leonard Testarossa." Sousuke found himself freeze at the mention of Tessa's older brother, one of the leaders of Amalgam. Sousuke had found out of Leonard's interest in Kaname sometime ago and the thought of him cause rage to boil within him.

"I will not let you have her." Sousuke growled deeply, unswervingly.

"Oh, I have no intention of handing her over." He paused. "In fact…I have no intention of letting her live."

Sousuke watched as the Silverlight moved faster than he had expected raising it's arm and aiming directly behind Sousuke…aiming directly at Kaname. Sousuke moved to block the attack but he knew he was not quick enough. Dread filled within him as he reached out towards Kaname trying to protect her. His need to protect her was desperate and it consumed him. His only thought was to protect her, the only thing he knew how to do.

He realized too late that his actions were futile. He had moved too slowly. He hadn't blocked the attack at all. Instead, because of his intense desire to protect her having consumed all of him, the Arbalest had reacted using the lambda driver, reaching out towards her and releasing a sort of force field towards her. Typically this would have caused Sousuke to worry that he had attacked Kaname, but this felt different because it was powered by a need to protect another, not harm.

He watched helplessly as Kaname raised her arms to shield herself from the attack sent by the Silverlight before she was consumed by its attack and Sousuke's force field. An explosion occurred, lighting up the area with a piercing light so bright it was blinding. The light dimmed and Sousuke looked desperately for Kaname through the smoke that lingered in the area. What he saw caused his breath to catch in his throat and his heart to jump.

Kaname laid lifelessly on the ground, her eyes closed and her clothes singed from the blast. Surrounding her was a brilliant blue force field, the one that had come from him, protecting her.

"Kaname! KANAME!" He yelled to her through the radio that lay at her feet, hoping, praying that she would respond in someway to his words. She remained perfectly still.

Sousuke felt dread fall upon him. The heaviness in his chest that would not allow him to breathe easily, making everything feel heavy within him.

Kaname…was she…did she die? Was she dead? Did he fail to protect her once again? Did he lose her? These thoughts ran through his head as he stayed still, almost catatonic, in shock of the scene that lay before him. Relief flooded through him as he saw her move suddenly, rolling to her side, moaning in either pain or distortion before becoming still once more. He noticed that she had scratches and burns on her body and feared that although his shield did protect her from being killed immediately her injuries indicated that she did receive some portion of the arm slave's attack. Depending on how much she was hit with could mean the difference between minor cuts and bruises to massive internal injuries.

A wicked laughter pulled him from the darkness within his mind, the laughter from the man in the other arm slave. "So she lives, for now. It matters not. She will not leave this island alive, whether it's by my hand or, if we tarry too long, her own obvious injuries will soon consume her so that she if beyond help's reach." Sousuke turned quickly towards the man, no longer frozen by the events that had previously occurred.

He was right. Kaname was still alive, but he feared her injuries may be serious enough to claim her life if she did not receive medical attention quickly. He had to get rid of him. He had to protect Kaname if she was still alive, if his protective force had gotten to her before the other's attack. He had to still be alive to continue to protect her. He pushed all other emotions from him, his mind protecting him from the mental breakdown he was so close to having. The only thing he allowed himself to feel at that moment was rage. He could lose it after he killed the bastard.

He turned on the man in the other arm slave, running at him full force and tackling the other arm slave to the ground with fierce force. This would have been a good move had the other man not immediately flipped him over and throw him a hundred feet in the opposite direction, through a small building, and having him land inches away from Kaname's still form. Before a he had a chance to move the arm slave was on top of him and stabbed a piece of steel from the rubble into the shoulder of the Arbalast. He felt the power surge through his arm slave and alert notices ringing in his ears. "Critical damage done to sector 8.'

"Did you think it would be so easy to beat me with your Arbalast?" The man's irritating voice rang in his ears as he struggled against the weight of the arm slave on top of him. He then found himself flying through the air again before being slammed down on the ground. 'Critical damage done to sector 2.' "Mithril is no match for Amalgam, none of you have any idea what we are capable of, what we have already set into motion." Sousuke struggled against the man, trying to connect with the Arbalast and activate the Lambda driver. He fired at him before being once again launched into the air and smacked against the side of the main building. He saw stars as his head smacked against the wall of the cockpit, the sound of it sickening even to him, knowing that he probably had a concussion. 'Critical damage done to sector 10.'

He rushed to stand and face his opponent but felt a sharp pain in his side as this time the Arbalast was stabbed with the steel through the main cockpit. He glanced to see that a deep, approximately nine inch gash had been cut into his side and was bleeding profusely. The situation was bad. The Arbalast was struggling with the massive damage having been done to it, he wasn't able to activated the Lambda driver, he was mentally and physically drained after everything that had happened that day, and he was bleeding fast and far too much for him to be comfortable with. He had to accept the possibility that either he or the Arbalast may not be able make it through in time to save Kaname, or at all. If he was defeated she would die, or perhaps even be taken away…back to Leonard.

He couldn't let that happen…he couldn't let him have her, he had to get to her, he had to defeat this asshole, because she needed to be safe, because he wanted to spend every day of his life with her, protecting her…because he loved her. Sudden adrenaline and power ran through him, he could feel his connection with the Lambda driver and knew what he had to do.

The Silverlight was flying through the air before slamming to the ground with an extreme force so great that it was buried deep beneath the paved ground. Everything was still for a moment, completely and death still, like the calm before the storm. Then the Silverlight was up, crawling out of the twenty-foot deep hole it had made when Sousuke threw him there. The man chuckled a weary laugh, obviously injured from his attack, before standing upright, preparing to fight one again.

"Very good, little boy. I didn't think you had it in you. Now the battle can really begin." He spoke with an obvious smirk in his voice.

"Negative." Sousuke returned. "Now it can end."

The other arm slave moved to send a power blast at him as Sousuke reached inside him and poured all of himself into the attack, wanting only for his opponent to just disappear. They both attacked each other simultaneously with a blast of power but Sousuke's attack quickly overpowered the other arm slave, completely consuming it. He watched in slight surprise as the Silverlight completely disinagrate in front of him from his attack, leaving nothing but dust and rubble behind. It was over.

Sousuke felt the adrenaline that had come with the battle start to leave him and in it's place he felt extreme pain, dizziness and exhaustion. He knew he needed to stop and attend to his injuries, but the only thought in his mind was Kaname so he paid no attention to his body screaming at him to stop and climbed shakily out of the battered Arbalast. He looked to see the shield that the Arbalast had placed on Kaname had disappeared leaving her unprotected. She was still quiet, still lifeless and fear knotted in his chest at the sight.

He started to make his way towards her when his legs gave out suddenly from underneath him, bringing him to his knees and causing him to keel over. Intense pain ripped through his body, causing him to cry out, feeling the result of the serious injury he had been ignoring up until now for the first time. He glanced to his side to see the ghastly slash across the right side of his abdomen and the large amount of blood that had come from his wound, staining his shirt a dark crimson. He knew he had lost too much blood and that the blood loss was affecting him. His head was spinning as his vision became tunneled and blurry, feeling himself standing at the brink of consciousness.

It felt like dying.

"No…not now…" No matter how injured he was he had to get to Kaname, he needed to know that she was safe. As he desperately crawled towards her, panting because of the effort it took, he felt his body starting to shut down; his arms shaking underneath his weight, his lungs burning at the overexertion of his body. She was just in reach, mere feet away from her when his arms gave out on him and he collapsed down onto the rough ground, smacking his face on the pavement. His body begged him to stop, just to stay still and rest here; he had done enough, there was no need for more. But he couldn't stop here, he had to be near her, even if for a few moments, even if it was for the last time. He lifted his head with effort as he looked towards her, the darkness closing in on his vision as reached his hand towards hers, reaching with all the strength he had left within him.

"Kana…me…" he whispered hoarsely before the darkness finally consumed him and forced his broken body and weary mind into unconsciousness. The last thing he felt was the soft warmth of her hand in his.

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