Carrying a Demon

Part 1

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They call me Arella. But I am no angel.

Would an angel leave her home because of a pointless fight with her sister? Would an angel join a cult just to show off to Him? Would an angel abandon her daughter with the weight of the world?

Only one other has ever had the nerve to do that, and I am no god. And Raven is no Messiah. She's only a little girl. My little girl. My little abandoned girl.

Of course I knew I'd have to watch this. Death couldn't keep me from what I was due- being forced to watch my daughter living the horror of her life. I know this isn't hell though. If it was hell…well He would be here to torment me.

My heart is aching as I watch her sitting in bed. Sunlight is streaming into her window; she looks beautiful even with those red symbols covering her body. Even with the tears she's crying.


When Garfield's parents join me, she is cooking breakfast. Their son has a startled and apprehensive look in his eye. On that I chuckle, if Raven's cooking was like mine, then he should be wary.

"Uh…thanks?" he stutters out.

"She's expecting him to eat those pancakes?" I hear Marie mutter. Mark just smiles at me and shrugs his shoulders. They don't know what today is.

I watch as my daughter is insulted for her beautiful breakfast. As the leader tries to force everyone to compliment her, and how the alien actually seems to enjoy burnt pancakes. But then she stuns them again as she forces a smile and grunts,

"So, I was thinking. After breakfast, you guys wanna, maybe, you know, hang out or something?"

They were not expecting that. And I could see the relief in their faces when the alarm goes off, and the horror in my daughter's face. It…it just couldn't be him…not yet… not without the darkness.


I share my daughter's relief…it's just Plasmus. That of course doesn't make him any more irritating.

Marie looks alarmed at the fighting and Mark looks alarmed at Marie's reaction to the fighting.

"What…why are they fighting this thing?"

"Honey, it's…"

"It's Plasmus," I answer, "He's a monster they fight. He's not dangerous."

"NOT DANGEROUS?" She rounds on me. "HE…He…he sneezed on my son!"

"Yes and Gar's complaining about it too Marie," Mark replies, "he's okay. And look. Raven just finished him off."

"Who?" Marie asks turning around towards the battle scene.

"Raven. My daughter. The one covered in goo."

"They're all covered in goo Angela," Mark replies with a smile.

It's a point of interest that Marie was too upset by the fighting to notice that Mark knew my name. Instead she closely followed behind Gar as we followed the teens to get pizza. She sits and studies him, looking for signs of injury, maybe some mental anguish at being sneezed on. It there's any there the boy's doing a good job of hiding it. He's arguing and laughing along with the rest of the Titans.

Well, sans my daughter. But that was nothing new.


Oh Raven, they'll know something is up now. You brought them to a park to hang out? And you're agreeing to stankball? And toes? No daughter of mine DOES toe painting.

"I agree with Garfield," Mark says too me, "I think someone did replace your daughter with a robot."

"No, she's not a robot," I answer with a sigh. "She just knows something no one else knows."

"And what's that?" Marie asks finally deciding that my daughter isn't evil reincarnate for speaking to her son. Ah, if she only knew how wrong she was.

"It's the end of the world."

Time seems to slow as the words leave my mouth. For a moment time seems to stop-the sun is partially in eclipse, and my daughter has just realized what this means. The others can't tell a thing. And Mark and Marie are looking to me for answers.

"It''s…it's my fault," I whisper into the stillness of time, "He…He was everything to me."


"Raven's…her…her father."

"Where is he now?"

"Too close of comfort."

"He's not dead?"

"He's not human."


"He's a... demon."

"Demon?" Marie breaks my question and answer with her husband, "You can't tell me you had a child with a demon, those things don't exist."

"Hon, look at these kids." Mark gestured around at the frozen teens. "One is half a robot. Another's an alien. Our own son is a…is a…he's green and can turn into animals. These kids are a lot of things that shouldn't exist. But they do exist." Mark turns back to me. "What does that mean Angela?"

"Angela?" Marie asks sharply.

"It's my name. Angela Roth. I'm Raven-the one you don't like-I'm her mother."

"It's not that I don't like her-" Marie begins after a pause.

"It's just that your son seems taken with her." I answer. "I understand."

Marie for once seems silenced. Mark looks between us and then repeats his question.

"What does that mean Angela?"

I try to breath. I can't. I'm dead.

"It means the end of the world." I could let the words hang in the air, but time seems to be gaining momentum again and I feel my time for explanations is almost up.

"He's Trigon the Terrible." By the looks of their faces I can tell they know who he is.

"He was a villain of lore in villages in Africa," Marie said breathlessly, "I always thought he was fictional but…" She trails off as she notices the sun being extinguished and red eyes piercing through the sky.

"He needed…an heir," I continue, anxious to be done with the story now that I had started it. I was still ashamed. "And he didn't care how he got one. He needed…an heir on earth. I ran away from home when I was young, young and stupid. I joined the cult to impress Him. He looked like any other human. But he wasn't. It wasn't until I…I…until I was with him that I began to realize the mistake I was…"

I don't finish. I can't, and when I open my eyes I can see that Mark and Marie understand why I can't finish. It's just too much.


Time had begun again. My daughter had fainted and the robot had carried her. We followed in silence.

The leader explains the room they had built. I knew from my time on Azarath and from the cult that what they had built would not hold Him out. But this room did give my daughter something she had never seemed to have before- hope.

"You did all this for me?" She sounds exhausted. And exhilarated. No one had ever done something for her. Something like this. Something to help.

"We're ready to take on Trigon," the leader says foolishly.

"No." She insists, "You can't be. Just go. Save yourselves."

"We're not giving up. And neither are you. Our plan is simple. Raven, you are the portal. Trigon needs you to take over the Earth."

My daughter's look begins to turn into one of despair. It'd be easier if they just left her alone.

"But if Trigon can't get to the portal," the big man says, "then he can't take over."

"So all we must do is keep the Trigon from getting to Raven."

The alien makes it all sound so simple. I shake my head and look over to Mark. He's staring at his son who I now see has gone over to the walls and is running his hand over the ruins they had carved in. From what I could tell they had simply picked out ruins at random and invoked them. I did allow my self a chuckle when I saw that they had invoked a ruin to ward off chickens.

"You can't." She argues wearily.

"We will." Robin has too much hope. Cheering my daughter up and making her feel loved was one thing- lying to her is something else entirely.

"Well Ms. Roth, it seems as if you're over reacting," Marie said, "Obviously this boy has everything under control."

"He's mortal Mrs. Logan. He doesn't understand."

"You'll be safe in here. Everything's ready. I've installed all the latest state-of-the-art technology. Nothing alive is getting in here."

But Trigon isn't alive.

"And these symbols should keep out everything else. We took them out of your books."

Even chickens won't save her now.

"Just in case you need some extra mojo."

He cares. He cares about my daughter and it doesn't matter because she's never going to see him again. And she knows it.

"This is all great, but it's not going make a difference. Today the prophecy will be fulfilled. Trigon is coming. There's no stopping him."

No stopping the prophecy. No stopping my daughter.

"There's never been a villain we couldn't stop before."

"Trigon isn't a villain. He is the incarnation of evil, the source of all darkness. The—"

"Okay. Bad dude. We get it."

The look on Garfield's face matches the one on his parents. Confusion and a lack of understanding. Few would understand.

"No. You don't. You don't know Trigon."

"And Trigon doesn't know the Titans. Stay in here"

But Trigon knows everything.

"We'll be watching from up there if you need us."

Robin points to a booth in the air where they'll be watching her like a caged animal. I shake my head, trying to chase the negative thoughts away. These are her friends. They want to help her.

I look back up when I hear footsteps running. We three look on as Garfield places something in Raven's hand. A penny.

"For luck." He explains with a smile.

My heart breaks.

"All the luck in the world won't save us now."


Time is passing too slowly. I can feel ourselves hanging on the edge of disaster and not being able to do a damn thing about it.

I watch.

Trigon torments her mind. Her friends speak of it as if it isn't important. As if it isn't hurting her.

And I watch.

Slade is back with the demonic army. I haven't seen the forces of hell in quite a long time. As her friends begin to fight, it's obvious they've never seen demons like this.

So I watch.


"WHAT IS THAT THING?" Marie is screeching and pointing at her son.

"It's…the beast he becomes," her husband explains carefully, "When Raven's in danger."

"When…when Raven's in danger?" Marie asks breathlessly, "Why when no one else is in danger, why when only she is in danger does he become that thing? Is it some sort of spell she put him…"

"Marie he cares about her. It's okay. He's allowed to care for a girl,"

"Not MY son, not against those demons of hers, not against…"

I watch.


She appears.


They don't understand.

"I will go with you."

"We won't let them take you."

"You need to get back in the safety room. Please!"

"I can't hide from my destiny any longer."

Her eyes close.


She doesn't hear him.

"Good bye, be safe."

They're unconscious.

And she becomes her father's daughter.

"Let's go."


If I were alive my eyes would have been clawed out of my head by now. Being in the state I was though-I let Marie swipe at me.


Mark was holding onto his wife, trying to pull her away from me.

"I'm sure she…took care of him for a reason Marie." He grunted, pulling his wife away.

"He's not dead."

All the fight goes out of her.

"It's a spell, he's okay…they're all going to be okay. Unless they try to fight Trigon. They'll be okay."

Garfield groans as he turns over.

"See? They're all going be okay."


We don't follow Raven as she leaves. I try but find my spirit can't move. There's something else I'm meant to do now. Something else I have to watch.

Mark and his wife are talking behind me. Possibly asking questions, I can't hear them. I can't hear anything but the silence of the darkness.


The leader is awaking. So are the others.

"She really packs a wallop."

"Dude, we were only trying to help her."

"I fear it is too late to assist her."

Yes. Listen to the alien. She's beginning to understand.

"It's never too late."


She's allowing it to be fulfilled. She's willingly stepping into the ring and facing her destiny. What else could she do?

But that foolish child comes to stop her.


She stops. Don't make her stop. She can't stop.

"It has already begun." My daughter lowers her hood before she continues, "and there's no stopping what is meant to be."

"You're willing to give up on everything, all because of some prophecy you heard as a child?"

Why does he not understand. What is it about the word prophecy that he cannot comprehend. This is the end. There can be not stopping it.

And he doesn't stop.

"What if it's wrong?"

"Robin, I know what I know."

She turns to begin her ascent to hell.

"I don't accept that. You can take control. You can make it not happen."

Can't he see he's hurting her with this? My daughter has no power. She's never had power.

"I've known my whole life that this day was going to come. I tried to control the dark side of me. I tried to do good things, to fight evil, and hoped that would somehow make up for the horrible thing I'm destined to do."

Oh daughter. What I have done to you?

"But no one knows their destiny. There are things you can't possibly know."

There are some things that cannot be rewritten.

"There are some things I didn't know—like how I would make such wonderful friends. All I wanted was to make your last day perfect. Instead, you spent it worrying about me."

Her friends are stunned. I am stunned.

Who knew this demon was capable of love?


She's climbing.

They're fighting.

"The gem was born of evil's fire."

All rise to worship our Lord Scath!

"The gem shall be his portal."

My name is Azar. You are here because of what you are carrying.

"He comes to claim. He comes to sire."

Let me touch you Angela…and this will be the best night of your life.

"The end of all things mortal."

Child…you are carrying a demon.