Disclaimer: I don't own Fruits Baskets! I wish but then again if I were in charge of this anime would be turned into a romantic smut thing… Or something with love and lovemaking.

Okay so it's two weeks until school begins to I've been sitting at home watching anime! So I decided I wanted to write a Fruits Basket fic!

Time and place: Yuki, Kyo, Tohru, Saki Hanajima, Arisa Uotani, are all graduated from college and around the age of 22 and 23.

Shigure, Hatori, Ayame, Mie, and Mine are about 32.

Kisa is 17, and Hatsuharu is 21.

Now the pairings go on like this…

Tohru and Yuki

Kisa and Hatsuharu

Saki Hanajima and Hatori

Arisa and Kyo

Shigure and Mie (Editor)

Ayame and Mine (the store clerk.)

It was a relatively ordinary day in the Sohma household. Well it was still quite crazed but since everyone was getting along, to a certain extent, it could be considered a good day.

Now this household, or rather you can call it a Dojo, was owned by Yuki, Kyo, and Haru Sohma. They had shared custody. These three taught martial arts to eager learning kids.

Tohru, Arisa, Saki, and Kisa lived along with them. Kisa still attended high school and Tohru taught young children at a nearby elementary school. Saki and Arisa were in charge of keeping the house clean. Well the Dojo and Shigure's house. Yes Shigure's house, the one that Kyo, Yuki, and Tohru lived in during high school. The Dojo was built a mile away from Shigure's house. Quite convenient for them.

Now Shigure lived along with his wife… Yes someone actually wanted to marry this childish dolt! Well he ended up marrying Mie, yes Mie, his editor, whom he still enjoys torturing.

Ayame lived with them too. He too got married. Strange how these things happen, right? Well he got married to his helper at the shop, yes Mine! They now ran the shop together and were expecting a nice little bundle of, erm… joy?

Now Hatori lived along with them, and since moving in, they added onto the house. He had opened a small clinic and ran it in his own quiet manner. Sadly Hatori hadn't found love, or at least acted on it. Well in the way of marriage. He was currently 'courting' Saki, but wasn't sure how to go about the whole situation.

But the biggest news in this family was this thing… well you know Tohru… she's the key to the zodiac curse. Well the cure to it. So near the end of high school, before Akito's death, Tohru was somehow able to break the curse, forever. She had gotten Akito to open up his heart and soul and somehow got him to accept this and the burden he bore on his shoulders.

So now, these guys were living together in a Dojo and trying to figure out all these mixed feelings.

Okay so Tohru and Kyo had tried going together, but after awhile it ended up that they were more suited to being friends. Which ended up being a good thing because Arisa and Kyo have been together for two years.

Now Yuki and Tohru were the perfect definition of love. They were simple and sweet. They'd only begun to date almost two years previous, but it seemed like they had been together for ages.

Sweet huh? You think that's where it all ends… Well you're wrong. I'll stop with the summary and get to the real good stuff!

"Yankee! Where are you?" Kyo yelled as he searched the house for Arisa.

"What do you want orange top?" Arisa asked as she stuck her head out from the laundry room.

"Where the hell is my uniform? We're getting inspected today!"

"How the hell should I know? I'm not you're maid!" she said as she chucked clothes into the washer.

"But you're my girlfriend… you should know this shit woman!"

"Excuse me! What did you just say?" Arisa asked, her amber eyes turning dark. It almost seemed as if her hair had come to life around her head. "Since when did I become your bitch? What ya wanna fight? Bring it on you stupid carrot top!"

"Fine, take a swipe at me Yankee!" Kyo said as he took his battle stance.

"Will you please not fight so early in the morning?" Yuki said as he passed the laundry room.

"Yeah, it's too damned early!" Haru said as he passed in tow of Yuki.

Turning at the sound of the kitchen door sliding open, Tohru turned around and smiled at Yuki and Haru. "Good morning guys!" She said with a sweet smile. She looked around and frowned a bit. "Where is Kyo and Arisa?"

"Fighting in the laundry room." Yuki said as he poured himself a mug of tea. "As usual they're probably making a mess."

"Oh, but you know it's how they show each other how much they love each other!" Tohru said with an optimistic smile.

"Wish they'd just make out like normal folks do." Haru said as he began to eat his miso soup.

"Oh, yeah like you and Kisa do on the couch when you think that everyone else is asleep?" Yuki asked with a grin behind his mug.

Silence. The room was filling with tension. Haru rarely went black but with this kinda behavior from Yuki, it was bound to go bad.

"G-g-guys? H-how about w-we s-s-sit down to s-s-some food?" Tohru asked cautiously. She was unsure if she should butt in.

"Good idea." Saki said as she came in from the back door, her hair a bit mussed. "My aren't these electric signals just marvelous?" she asked with a satisfied grin on her face.

"Damn it where is breakfast?" Arisa demanded as she barged into the kitchen.

"Come back here Yankee! I'm not done with you yet!" Kyo shouted as he entered the kitchen. He swung her around and kissed her hard on the mouth. Apparently the heat from that was enough to soften her up, since she was molded to him like soft wax!

"Eh-hem… If you don't mind, some of us are trying to eat." Yuki said.

"Oh no! I'm going to be late for work!" Tohru said as she began to fluster around the kitchen, trying to figure out what she needed for the day. Right before she ran out of the door, Yuki grabbed her by the elbow. "Hey don't forget tonight. It's our special night. And don't forget to stop by Shigure's and pick up that thing that Mine's been dying for you to wear." Then before she could object, he kissed her firmly, but swiftly on the lips. "Have a nice day." He said with one of those innocent smiles, leaving her beat red.

So the day went on as usual. The inspection of the Dojo went quite well to all of their surprises. Classes went smoothly. Not even one bloody nose. The only thing that was lightly off was Saki's behavior. She seemed a bit off and a wee bit flustered. Noticing this, being her best friend and all, Arisa decided to approach the matter up front.

"So what's gotten you up in this strange mood?"

"What do you mean?" Saki asked as she folded the clean laundry, butting them in the designated basket for the owners to come claim.

"C'mon, you don't have to hide anything from me. I saw you come in this morning. You were quite mussed up. What did Hatori end it or something?"

"Quite the opposite my dear Arisa. He's asked me to marry him." Saki said matter of factly.

"What did you say?" Arisa asked, her face all up in her best friend's face.

"Well I did what was right. I said yes. I do love Hatori." Saki said, seeming kind of surprised at Arisa.

"Where's the ring?" Arisa demanded. She waited until Saki put her hand out. Sitting there on her left ring finger was a beautiful Sapphire on a silver band. "It's stunning!"

"I know. I don't know how to tell Tohru though."

"Well do it when she and Yuki get back from their romantic weekend anniversary getaway." Arisa said with a smile.

"Good idea." Saki said, her eyes filling up with tears. "Our little Tohru and the prince." She said sniffling. "So beautiful."

"C'mon Hana don't be ablubber face!"

Mean while, at the Sohma hot spring resort, Yuki and Tohru were…

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