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Tohru continued to stutter as both Arisa and Saki were laughing uncontrollably at their former class president from high school... Mokoto Takei, complete nerd with a controlling personality and a strange fetish with Yuki was now dancing in his leather thing directly in front of Tohru, scaring her half to death.

"WHY ME?!" Tohru exclaimed as she covered her face with her hands. She couldn't quite believe it herself but she was able to believe enough to not want to watch anymore.

While Tohru was being scarred by the former class president, Yuki, Kyo, Haru, Momiji, Hatori, and Shigure were lounging back as they had their bachelor party. The sultry music was turned on as a very slim woman appeared, dressed in a very sexy pair of red underwear, her long chestnut hair flowing down her back, her hips swaying to the music, her obviously enhanced breasts flowing over the cups of the bra. When she got closer, Yuki, who was in the middle of sipping his tea began to choke. Hatori immediately began to smack his back, having Momiji hold his hands up to allow air to enter his lungs.

"Are you okay Yuki?" Haru asked when the coughing has stopped.

"Yeah, bu-but the stripper." Yuki said pointing... "Isn't that Matoko... the girl that was the president on the fan club?"

"I think you're right." Haru said, snorting at the girl standing in front of them. "What happened to you babe? Decided that stalking wasn't enough, so you decided to become a whore?"

"You bet, but you're no where near coming close to my criteria." She said as she flipped back her hair over her shoulder. She turned to Yuki, a sexy smile on her lips. "Now you Yuki, are still my type."

"I-I-I'm sorry Matoko... I don't think my fiancee would appreciate this at all." he said as he stood up, ready to leave and find Tohru. He needed some time with her to straighten himself out.

"Aww Yuki getting married. Who is the lucky woman?" Matoko asked.

"Who else do you think you bitch? Tohru is of course." Kyo said as he stood up, feeling quite unpleasant that he wanted to go find out who was dancing in front of his wife. "Let's go Yuki, I think this night has been quite ruined."

"Just go." Hatori said to the girl.

Once she had left, after having a huge tantrum about the engagement of Yuki and Tohru, they all decided to crash the girls fun. When the entered the room where they were to be, they were all shocked at seeing seeing Mokoto in that strange leather outfit, and Tohru in the corner trying to call Yuki to come pick her up.

"Tohru?" Yuki asked when he entered the room. "Are you okay?" he asked. She walked over to him and smiled. "I am now that you're here. I couldn't stand being around these fools much longer." She sighed. "I think I've been scarred too much tonight."

After the two shared their stories of the night, they decided to go home and head to bed.

Two days later, it was the day of Saki and Hatori's wedding. The church was adorned in purple and blue roses, with candles smelling of lavender and violets lighting the chapel. Friends and family were seated in the pews, with Hatori stading at the altar with the priest along with Shigure and Ayame as his best men. When the harps and violins began to play, everyone stood up and watched the back of the chapel. They watched as Kisa walked down the aisle in an amber corset with a golden ribbon lacing up the back. She had a chiffon skirt of amber and gold flowing around her, with golden strappy shoes. Haru was walking beside her, heading towards Hatori and the others. Once at the front they parted in opposite directions.

Then it was Arisa's turn to walk down with Kyo on her arm. She was wearing a ruby and garnet corset with ribbons of orange lacing it up. Her skirt was a combination of those two reds made of chiffon. The story behind her outfit was because of her anger issues. Her shoes were the same color gold as Kisa's.

It was now Tohru's turn to walk down the aisle on the arm of Yuki. She wore a corset of peach, laced up by a soft pink ribbon. Her skirt was a shimmery peach chiffon that made her skin glow. Her shoes were gold too, and her smile one in a million.

It was finally Saki's turn to walk down to face her lover. She wore a gown of royal purple and blue lace, quite lolita and a huge bouquet of blood red roses. She had a slight smile on her lips as she walked down, her eyes never leaving Hatori's. Once at the altar, she handed the bouquet over to Ayame of all people and began the service.

Once over, everyone headed to the courtyard to the reception, enjoying fine food, and asking the bridesmaids who made their dresses. Of course Mine was there to jump in and give everyone an exhausting amount of details, but it seemed to make the celebration even better. With her pregnancy, it made her glow even more, and having another wedding on the way made things even more exciting!

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