Tomb Raider: Forgotten Savior

By: The Odd Little Turtle Named Froggie

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BTW - I've thrown in bits and pieces from the books Tomb Raider: The Lost Cult, Tomb Raider: The Man of Bronze, and Tomb Raider: The Amulet of Power. I want VADS for myself complete with explosive rounds! Yay! I would have so much fun at the gun range!!


Last Time: Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness: Just as Lara made to strike the final blow to the Black Alchemist, Joachim Karel did the job for her. Karel revealed himself to be a Nephilim and seeking to continue the Great Work of reviving the Sleeper and the Nephilim race. Lara managed to destroy the Black Alchemist's lab with Karel and the Sleeper inside.

It wasn't supposed to end up like this, Kurtis Trent thought ruefully as he watched his blood pool around him. Talk about "out of body experience," he thought. He coughed, pain jetting through his limbs from his abdomen. Lights exploded in front of his already hazy vision. The metallic taste of blood hit his tongue and realized he was internally bleeding.

Well, duh, he thought disdainfully. One tends to bleed if they're impaled.

He couldn't believe he was thinking thoughts of death. Where was his fighting spirit?

Draining out of my body with my blood?

He could feel his ego reel with that remark, and he would have given a smug laugh, but he was a bit down and out as it were.

"It seems I have to get you out of another mess, Trent," a familiar baritone voice said from his right. Craning his neck he saw Marten Gunderson walking up, pistol aimed at Kurtis' head. Kurtis didn't have enough strength to use Telekinesis on him.


Kurtis worked his lips briefly before asking, "Did Croft get Eckhart?"

"I do not know," Gunderson said, holstering his weapon, and kneeling down beside Kurtis, "Come, we must leave."

"I'm not leaving until I know Eckhart is dead, Gunderson," Kurtis told him angrily, his breath coming in heaving gasps, blood trickling from his mouth, stinging his parched lips. Had he been standing, he would have spoken with his hands and walked away, away towards Eckhart's lab. He had to see for himself. Unfortunately, he could do nothing but lay there helplessly, his strength ebbing as his very life drained from his body with his blood. Gunderson turned the impaled man over wondering how he could still be conscious after receiving such a wound. Perhaps because of his telekinesis, Gunderson thought as he inspected the wound.

"You are losing a lot of blood, Trent," Gunderson told him, "You will die if you lie here waiting for the Tomb Raider. We must get you to a hospital."

Trent's mouth set in annoyance. "Why are you helping me?"

"I owe you one for Japan," was all Gunderson said, dug in his pockets for something to staunch the flow of blood.

"You hit me in the back of the head earlier," Kurtis grumbled. He wasn't going to let his ex-boss forget that little indiscretion. Gunderson did owe him for Japan. And Beijing. And Peru. And Zaire.

"Would you prefer I shot you?" Gunderson wadded up gauze and pressed it into both wounds, Kurtis letting out a hiss of pain. The larger man wrapped Kurtis' middle as best he could.

Kurtis surprised him by being silent while Gunderson worked on his bandage. When he spoke again, his voice was distant. "You used me against Lara."

"No," Gunderson said, "Master Eckhart used you against the Tomb Raider. Stop arguing with me, Trent, and let us get moving."

Gunderson picked Kurtis' deadweight up, draping an arm over his shoulder, his big hand gripping Kurtis' belt for leverage. Kurtis protested weakly, but did not say much else as they proceeded to leave the Strahov. Only a few minutes later, Eckhart's lab blew up.

Lara Croft entered the room soon after that, holding her middle, taking in the blood spilt on the floor. She saw Kurtis' flying disc near the edge of the stain and picked it up. He'd tried to use it against her once. It flew to life in her hand, pointing in the direction she was certain Kurtis had gone. With a triumphant smile she set off towards the late Boaz's chambers.

Nearly half an hour after that, another Lara Croft entered the same room holding a bleeding wound on her arm, burn marks apparent on her muscular arms and legs. Her brown eyes gazed at the large creature's oozing remains, the beheaded harpy-like Boaz lying away from it. She took in the dried blood on the floor, eyed the bloody footprints around the stain with much trepidation. Was that Kurtis' blood? She wondered. She looked around the room. There was no way to get back up to that platform without Kurtis' help. She would not be able to get out the same way she came in.

She stared at the foreboding darkness of the room the mutated form of Boaz had come out of. Taking a deep breath, she walked through the door.


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