Everything Was Perfect…


NC-17 (with censored R-rated version to be posted on restricted sites)


H/D slash, post-Hogwarts, established relationship, living-without-magic/living-as-muggles, sexual content, hurt/comfort, angst, fluff, traumatic situations


With the horrors of their past firmly behind them, Harry and Draco have established themselves with a new life in Australia. Just when they thought they had their 'happily ever after', something happens to Draco that will test the strength of their relationship and push their love to the boundaries.


… Later that evening, Draco was curled up in bed, snuggled under the quilt after the couple had just finished watching a movie on their widescreen television mounted on the wall facing their bed. Harry emerged from the bathroom and padded across the room. "You look so cute lying like that," Harry cooed as he sat on the side of the bed and pulled his glasses off.

"Cute? I'm not cute, I'm sexy," Draco retorted haughtily but stuck his head out from under the covers and grinned at Harry. Harry slid into bed and snuggled up close to Draco. "Argh! Harry! Don't put your bloody cold feet on me! You know I hate it!"

"But if you let me do it, they'll get warm and then I won't have to do it anymore," Harry explained and tried to put his toes between Draco's calves. Draco pulled away again.

"Fucking…stop it! I know that reasoning sounded good in your head, but it doesn't change the fact that I don't want your blocks of ice all over my legs! What did you do before you came to bed? Stick them under the cold tap just to irritate me?" Draco complained. "Haven't you heard of socks?"

"I don't need socks, my sexy partner has warm legs. You're better than a hot water bottle," Harry murmured and nuzzled Draco's neck.

"Gee thanks. That's a flattering compliment if I ever heard one," Draco scoffed.

"Shush, you're talking too much," Harry said before descending on Draco's lips.

Draco shifted the tub of popcorn they had beside them over onto the bedside table and then crawled over to straddle Harry's lap. He leant in and nipped softly on Harry's ear, before trailing his tongue along Harry's cheek and then running it over Harry's lower lip before slipping it further into Harry's mouth.

Their tongues gently caressed each other in a sweet, erotic kiss; both half-heartedly battling for dominance. Harry closed his eyes when Draco pulled back. "Mmmmm, you taste wonderful, gorgeous," Harry murmured and gently kneaded the cheeks of Draco's bum. Draco wriggled in his lap. "Are you trying to get me hard?"

"Would I do that?" Draco asked sweetly, and pushed his hips very slowly but firmly against Harry, who felt his dick start to respond eagerly.

"You do realise that I have dinner waiting to be heated and served in the kitchen?" Harry teased, sliding his hands down the back of Draco's pants and tickling the cleft of his bum; he leant in and captured the Draco's mouth with his own again. After a few more minutes of wonderful snogging, Draco nuzzled into Harry's neck.

"As much as I love your cooking, baby, nothing could possible taste as good as you," Draco purred. "Dinner will keep won't it?" Harry merely nodded and gasped as he felt Draco's tepid hand reach into his pants and the long fingers close around his hardness. He smirked up at Draco, then gripped him tightly around the waist and flipped them over so he was now the one now on top.

"How about we have dessert first, then?" Harry grinned cheekily…

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I anticipate starting to post 'Everything Was Perfect…' around the end of September/beginning of October, though it may very well be sooner.

As of today (27/08/2005), I have written about two thirds of this fic, but I am currently in the middle of doing a mass-edit of it and have a few things work/university related that are going to take up my time in the near future, and therefore my writing may need to be put on the sideline temporarily.

Before you ask – no, I can't reveal the 'something' that happens to Draco, or even the nature of it at this point in time. My idea for the storyline of this sequel was actually thought of long before 'Summer Rain', so in reality, 'Summer Rain' is more like a prequel to 'Everything Was Perfect...'.

One of the issues I include in this sequel is very much drawn from personal experience and, as such, this fic is important to me and I'm glad I've been able to portray it through Harry and Draco.

As I have mentioned in a few of my author's notes during 'Summer Rain', the sequel may not appeal to some people, though I am sure you will be able to judge for yourself by the first sector of the fic if you will like it or not.

Also, if you are put off by Harry's panic attacks – sorry, but he isn't going to suddenly grow out of them and they may (emphasis on may) occur in the sequel. For someone who has been through so much in his life, panic attacks would not be uncommon for Harry to experience. Even being a brave Gryffindor, whose emotions wouldn't be a bit frayed later in life after coming up against Voldemort, a three-headed dog, a basilisk, a dragon, a sphinx, merpeople, Sirius Black, Severus Snape, a werewolf, Dementors, Lucius Malfoy, centaurs, acromantulas (which would be enough to scare me into a lifelong panic attack!) etc. etc. etc.?

Anyway, enough of my rambling:) I hope you all enjoyed 'Summer Rain' and I'm looking forward to hearing from some of you again when I start posting 'Everything Was Perfect…'

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