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It Takes Two



She could feel her eyes filling with tears. She wouldn't cry, but their words... they cut like knives deep bleeding gashes in her heart. Sticks and stones... not when the words come from people you trust with your life, soul and sanity. Sticks and stones... she would pick that any day.

It hurt so much. It was like something inside her was breaking, slowly painfully tearing her apart. The girl took a shaky breath and rubbed her eyes. Tears were clinging to eyelashes and everything seemed melting together. She was stronger than that. She knew she was. After all the nightmares and the chases and fear and encounters with death so close that were still too frightening to remember. After all that...

Stick and stones... her mother's voice echoed inside her head. Her mother's voice gently telling her: Remember, Hermione, sticks and stones... A word is just an empty breath it cannot hurt you. She had to be stronger. She knew she could do it. Because just sticks and stones could break her bones... even if the words hurt so much.

"Hermione, what is wrong?"

"Nothing, Myrtle."... Everything everything everything! How could it hurt to so much?

"Yeah, and I am alive." A translucent ghost was floating in front of her. Those dead, yet at the same time peculiarly alive eyes were focused on the girl, which was sitting in one of the stalls of the empty lavatory. Strange place for strange friends to meet under strange circumstances.

'So, business like usual.' Hermione thought. Today she looked at the floor like the thick layer of dust on it was highly interesting.

"I haven't seen you this upset since the fourth year. You know I can keep a secret." Weirdly enough, that was true. The ghost could keep secrets forever if she chose so. "What's up?" The ghost persisted. Smiling in a way that gave you thoughts about a homicide waiting to happen. "If it's Malfoy, I can go and haunt his room. Oh, I still remember his face! It drove him almost mad last time! It was so much fun!" A delighted smirk spread on her pale face and the giggles were bordering on manic. "It was so much fun to be everywhere he turned! Like the lavatory or the shower or his bed when he thought he was alone. He was such a good sport about it too. Always gave that startled girly squeal." The ghost was sweet and caring in creepy scary stalker kind of way.

Hermione laughed out loud, the sad expression disappearing from her face now replaced by sheer glee for a split sec. She was not beyond a little petty revenge now and again. She was not a saint. No one was going to give her a medal for being the person that little ferret always picked on. She was seen as the shining example of martyrdom for higher values. Hermione always thought what the professors didn't know wasn't going to hurt them... or her.

"Yeah, he said he was so very sorry at the end of the week, that one could almost think he was sincere in his apology. But it was the final result that counted. I wish it was so easy this time."

'I guess now I understand how people die from a broken heart...'

"Whatever it is, I can make them sorry they hurt you! I could haunt them everywhere all the time and make their toilets explode! And showers turn freezing!" more manic giggling. Hermione wanted to point out the ghost's obsession with stalking people in baths and showers, but thought better of it. It must have been tough dying when you are teenager and be stuck forever with your unresolved sexual tension. Myrtle was flying straight in that regard and that was the only thing Hermione cared about on the particular question. The male population was on the other hand was less then happy... oh well. It sucked to be them.

"That will not be necessary."

"You are the only person who bothered to befriend my in this school, ever." Makes one wonder, doesn't it? "I can still remember you coming here." So did Hermione. Desperation was quite a funny thing. "So shy and brave and cute, and lying for all you were worth."

Hermione's mouth fell open in indignation.

"I did no such thing!"

"What were you brewing here again?"

"Pumpkin Pomade and it is used..." Hermione was sticking to her version stubbornly.

"Polyjuice, right? Asking if you could brew your potion here. You actually asked. Asked! That was so nice of you! No one ever asked me anything..." Myrtle let out a veil, she was famous for, that made the water in the lavatory rise and Hermione jumped up quickly. Everyone had faults.

"You know you can always count on me."

"So why are you crying?"

"I am not as smart as I have fancied myself to be all this time. Ron... Ron is cheating on me and Harry knew it. He knew. I can't believe they could do this to me." The Gryffindor was crying openly. Eyes looking into the distance as if seeing events long passed that were tearing her heart apart.

"I… They… Aaarggggggg! Bastards!" Moaning Myrtle was furious. "What did they say to you?!"

"They don't know that I know. I just heard them talking and I ran up here. I am so stupid. I don't know what to do...Oh Sweet Godric! In two days we are leaving for the Burrow for the summer holiday. I really can't go now. I can't! I will go mad just looking at his sly face and knowing that... I will do something I will regret... I just know it!" It was not a summer she looked forward to anymore. The Burrow filled with light, warmth and people buzzing about the laughter and smiles and... him. The bastard that cheated on her!

"So don't go! They can't make you go."

"I know. I was so looking forward to rooming with Ginny... Oh god. Ginny. Myrtle, can you do me a favour, I know you never do such a thing, but I really need to see Ginny Weasley. You remember her right? The red head girl? You know her, don't you?"

"The one that was dragged to the Chamber of Secrets? Yes, I remember." The memories of that year still gave Hermione shivers and she had to remind herself at the even tone of the ghost, that Myrtle wasn't thinking like her. The girl wasn't alive anymore and her view of the world was twisted and stretched just a little in the wrong direction. Fears of the dead differ greatly from the ones of the living. Sometimes it was hard to remember. "Where do you think she is now?"

Hermione frowned and thought for a minute. "Try the Common Room, I am nearly positive she should be there at this time and if not try her room; it's in front of mine."

"Then I'm on my way, and you hold on, okay?" With that the late girl left thru the wall. Hermione sat there hoping that the ghost wouldn't lose the track of time or get sidetracked by something. The Dead did not have the tendency to do things according to any time limit.


Thinking too much isn't healthy, Hermione decided as she waited for Ginny to come. Thinking in general was good, but over thinking things was bad for mental health. It had to be. It got her in the state that she was in right now. Pathetic bundle of nerves, tears and shards that her heart used to be made of. Disgraceful. Where was the girl that turned back time? The girl that fought against Voldemort and his Death Eaters and made it out victorious? She had the same face and the same hair and eyes and lips and yet she wasn't here? Why?

Hermione studied herself angrily in the mirror. The person that looked back at her was a stranger. It was an eerie feeling to not know oneself. Or maybe it was the thoughts again. Clawing her from inside with all the memories and the pain and the betrayal.

'I want it to stop!' But the most awful thing was that you cannot hide from your own thoughts. Not when you are with just the reflection in a mirror for company. All the nasty little things came crawling out. The little bits of rumours and half heard conversations that suddenly make sense. In the end it doesn't really matter. Things had been done and said and she knew now for a fact.

What was annoying her right now more then the whole situation was that she was still hoping.

'Merlin... how pathetic am I? ' For long years it kept her going, even in the deepest darkest hour she never gave up hope and now, like a bad habit that she couldn't shake off, she hoped in the face of all the facts and their own words and her own eyes. Hope clinging like slime to her skin.

'Maybe... just maybe... it wasn't like that? What if?' all those years thinking that you knew someone was not something that you could throw away like a used hanky. All the memories of good times were sprouting like weeds feeding of the hope that had no real ground to cling to.

She needed someone to tell her to be strong, because Hermione felt like she was going mad with all those thoughts and feeling and memories and what if doubts.

When finally Hermione decided that being sane was highly overrated came some good news. Myrtle was back.

"She is on the way."

Shortly somebody ran to the lavatory.

"Hermione!" That someone was a blur of red and went straight at her like a steam train nearly knocking Hermione over.

"Oh sweet Merlin! What happened?" Ginevra Weasley said giving her friend a hug that her mother would be proud of. "You look horrible!"

"Geez, thanks Ginny, you always know how to brighten someone's day." But Hermione smiled knowing full well that her friend was right. She was a mess. Hair dishevelled, eyes puffy and red, face tear streaked. Wasn't she a sight for the sore eyes?

Hermione was going to break it down to her gently. She really did. It was Ron's sister after all. The speech was ready it was informative and devoid of any emotion.

"Ron is cheating on me." It was all that the older girl could say, and even that had to be pushed out.

"What! How? When? Who? You're sure?"

Hermione gave her a small sad smile as she sat on the windowsill. The legs were getting wobbly. How silly that those simple words could get her in a state of complete disarray.

"So I take you didn't know." The answer was a hug that for a person unprepared could easily cause asphyxiation.

"My brother is an arse, but are you really sure? Really really really sure?" Ginny whispered into Hermione's ear in shock.

Hermione tried her best to stop the sobbing. "Harry knew it all along."

"He what!? Are you positive?"

Hermione winced from the volume. It felt good that someone was taking the news as bad as her. An awful thing to think. It was terribly selfish, but Hermione couldn't help it. She needed someone to share the pain with.

"Yes. I heard them." Some part of her wished she hadn't."He and Lavender are going strong and steady, I heard."

"No... She wouldn't do that to you... would she?" Ginny gapped at her trying to process the information.

"Yes, sadly enough I wasn't enough for him. Ron... the ladies man... that he is. The twat..."

"I am so sorry, Hermione." Ginny's eyes were full of tears. At this point Hermione started feeling bad about telling the girl about her discovery.

"Please, don't cry... It's not your fault. You are my friend, Ginny. Nothing Ron can do will ever change it. Ever." Hermione sniffed, she didn't want to cry again, but the tears weren't asking for permission and just spilled from her eyes like rivers. Stupid Ron ruining bloody everything.

"This cannot be happening! It cannot! You.. are the only one that is taking me seriously. You are part of my family. And now… Stupid daft moronic Ron... " How could one person even mess up so much?

"Ahem. If you are done being pathetic. Aren't you forgetting something? What are we going to do about the cheater and the liar?" Myrtle was ready to plot. There were countless ways of making someone's life miserable without actually doing any physical damage.

"Nothing." was Hermione's answer.

"WHAT!" Ginevra and Myrtle said at the same time.

"What do you want me do? Run around screaming and crying? Shout from the rooftops? Point fingers and tell everyone? Can you even imagine how that will look? The only person that will get something out of it will be Malfoy! I cannot bring myself to even think what kind of shit eating grin that snot will have on. Besides they stabbed me in the back. I won't dirty my hands to deal with a pair of rats. After all we've been through together…The least they could do was to be honest with me. And Lavender…I don't want even think about it." She wiped her face with the back of her hand. She was so angry!

"So... you like ... not coming to the Burrow this year, I take it."

"Merlin... I can't, Ginny. I just can't. I am not strong enough."

"But what are you going to do? You told me yourself that your parents are leaving and you can't stay at home because of the renovations."

The ghost was floating around the girls half lost in its own otherworldly thoughts.

"I really don't know. I still have some time, Ginny. I am sure I will come up with something?"

"And if not?"

"Then I'll have the worst time ever, or I'm going do something very bad to those two. I need time to cool off. Time... what is the time? The train? When is the train? We will have to walk home if we miss it!"

"What are you going to do with them? Are you sure you don't want me to sick Peeves on them?" Hermione only shook her head at Myrtle's suggestion. Too easy and would result in others getting hurt in the process.

"Can I sit with you during the ride, Ginny, please? I don't think that I will be able to stand the sight of them right now. "

"Of course. But when are you going to tell them that you know?"

"I'll write them a letter. I will send them a howler. I will graffiti Harry's house with anti-Chudley Cannons slogans. I don't know. Merlin, Ginny, I don't want to see their faces this summer." There were a lot of things she could do, she had imagination for that kind of thing, but she won't because that would just bring her to their level.

"But are you still coming to the Ministry the day after tomorrow with me, right? Father will be very disappointed if you won't."

"Don't worry. I remember. I'll meet you two by the phone at nine. Sharp." Hermione smiled at the redhead.

"Ok you two! Get a move on. You will miss the train. Don't forget to visit me before the feast when you get back!"

Myrtle rushed them from the lavatory.

... ... ...

"Girls, why don't you go have some lunch at the cafeteria. You already helped me a lot."

Hermione smiled at Arthur Weasley. During the final battle in the Ministry of Magic his office was completely destroyed. The devastation was so extensive that an entire wing of the MoM had to be rebuilt. Arthur was still decorating his new one with muggle artefacts. Hermione wasn't sure that he knew uses of some of them. Like the little fish bowl full of little square packets... while balloons was one of the uses it was not the main one, but she kept her mouth tightly shut and smiled. If someone was going to enlighten the wizard about that particular thing, it won't be her. To be fair, she told Ginny what it was. That had to be good enough. Her duty in that regard was done.

Looking around the spacious windowless room Hermione suppressed a shudder remembering the previous office.

There was so much blood and debris littering the floor that it looked like a path to Hell, and in some way it was. At least, Hermione reasoned, they were finally free.

Yes. It was already 4 months since Voldemort was dead. Permanently. Harry took care of that while she and Ron were securing that no Death Eater would attack him from behind. They were cornered in every sense of the word, and the Dark Lord let his ego rule. Unfortunate for him they got lucky. As simple as that. They got a chance to end this bloody war and they took it. They got their happy ending...

What a load of rubbish. She saw Ron and Lavender holding hands on the train in a sickly sweet way that clearly implied what their relationship was. Couldn't they have at least waited till she got out of sight? It was disgusting.

"Sure, dad. Let's go, Hermione, I know the way." Ginny was more than happy to take a break especially that her friend was looking rather disturbed.


The cafeteria was small and creepy, Hermione noted. What with wizards and painting the walls black? And the ceiling looked like there should be bats and spiders breeding amongst the numerous exposed beams. It was holiday for many departments, she knew that, but letting nature run amok was a bit much.

"So how about a piece of pumpkin pie and butter beer each?" The redhead asked while looking at the menu.

"What?" Hermione's attention snapped back to her friend. Ah yes... The food. "Sounds good to me." Ginny ordered from the pleasant, but tired looking lunch lady. "Why didn't you tell me your father got such a huge office? I can barely feel my arms, Ginny."

"And do all the decorating by myself, because daddy dearest can't make up his mind? Yeah, right." Clever little thing was one Ginevra Weasley and no one could deny it.

"How very… Slytherin of you, Miss Weasley." Hermione said in her best Professor Snape voice. They both nearly burst laughing. It echoed in the nearly empty room. It was holiday time even for the ministry, so there were few who have stayed while the others enjoyed first well deserved holiday after the war was over.


Hermione Granger turned her head to see who had called her. She was famous to some degree after helping to defeat the Dark Lord. But the way her name was called implied acquaintance. She hasn't seen anyone she knew around.

It was a tall, muscular wizard with dark brown hair. He smiled at her nervously. She could feel her heart skip a beat as her eyes grew wide. There was surge of warmth inside her chest as their eyes locked. He hasn't changed.

"Viktor! I haven't seen you since, well... forever! How are you?" Hermione smiled her million watt smile. "Do you want to sit with us?" If there was a list of people Hermione was glad to see any given day, Viktor Krum was on it.

It did not escape the notice of Ginny Weasley the way Viktor gripped her friend in to a hug, like he was intending to never let go. Ginny eyed them while the hug lasted and lasted until Hermione made the attempt to put some distance between them. The eyes in the wizard's dark grey eyes that nearly made Ginny gasp. They were so intense and focused on her friend that it bordered on impropriety. Hermione on her part seemed intent to avoid looking directly at him. What was that all about? As soon as the look appeared it was gone leaving the younger girl wandering if she imagined it. Now all she could see was Viktor Krum looking genuine happy and Hermione finally making eye contact with him. 'And to think, she had me convinced how strictly platonic everything was between them. Hermione, it is not nice to lie, you selfish witch, saving juicy details all to yourself.' She cleared her throat.

"How rude of me! Viktor this is my best friend Ginevra Weasley. Ginny this is Viktor Krum; He was the champion from Durmstrang during the Tri-Wizard Tournament. You remember, right?" How one could forget, Ginny nearly asked. Quidditch was her passion and that fact alone had the name cemented in her memory besides all that Tri-Wizard Tournament sham.

Ginevra smiled. "Hello, Mr Krum. Yes, I remember you two at the Ball together. I am a year behind Hermione, but I was with a boy from Hermione's class."

"Miss Wesley. It's nice to meet you. I hope I am not interrupting anything." Ginny had to admit he was handsome in a wild way and his accent was cute. All that muscle and broad shoulders and strong arms had it going for him and no mistake. He towered over them like a wall. Not that it helped when one particular witch was involved, Ginny suspected. Viktor was looking at Hermione with adoration in his dark eyes. Wheels started turning in her head and she smiled devilishly.

"Don't be silly, Viktor. We just helped Ginny's father, he works here, to decorate his new office. What are you doing here?" Hermione was fidgeting, Ginny knew her too well. There was tension under that polite smile.

"Nothing special. We are between games. Ivanov needs a portkey to New York and asked me keep him company here. He is filling papers. I really do hope I'm not interrupting. You seemed to be haffing fun." Before Hermione could open her mouth.

"You are not interrupting anything, Viktor. I can call you Viktor, right? Wonderful. We were just discussing where Hermione is going to stay for the rest of the holidays. It is a bit of an unpleasant situation." Ginny lowered voice for a better effect ignoring her friend's horror-struck expression as Viktor's full attention shifted. "You see, I really shouldn't be saying this... but she dumped my brother..."

"Ginny, this is not a place... nor the time..." Hermione stammered out still horrified at the turn of the conversation. The resent development in her life was not something she was willing to discuss with anyone. Especially not in front of Viktor... She was ignored.

"And can't stay at my house, which is a shame really, I will miss her so much, but he is going to be there. You understand?" A slow nod from the Bulgarian. Good. "And her parents are leaving the country to go on a cruise, so she can't go home. We are in quite a fix. It is horrible, really. What with Hermione too proud to ask for help." There was a pause enough for her to put in a dramatic concern filled sigh. "And I really don't want her to stay at the Leaky Cauldron." Not that Hermione ever would, but it was hardly the point and Ginevra Weasley was ready to pat herself on the back at the end of that speech. If Hermione would have looked at Viktor instead of trying to choke out words of righteous indignation at Ginny, she would have noticed that looked of absolutely steely determination.

At her friend's words, Hermione went scarlet, words failed her. Bloody she-weasel...

"Is it true Hermy-o-ninny ?" Viktor was looking at her. What could she say? His heavy accent was back in a flash. He was worried. 'Thanks a lot, Ginny.' He was worried about her. He had a tendency to be protective. 'This is not good.' The brunette threw one more glare at her friend and sighed. Ginny was up to something. Hermione just knew it.

"It is not like that. Really not that bad. I will figure something out, Viktor, but there is no need to worry; I'll stay at the Leaky Cauldron, Ginny is exaggerating it. I will be just fine. Really. Honest." She avoided Viktor's eyes as she spoke. Hermione sounded firm and she was also lying. She knew that Viktor knew. He always did. Somehow. The muscle in his jaw moved as he didn't say anything at first.

'Damn you, Ginny, and your big mouth.'

"No, Hermy-o-ninny, it is not good for young voman on her own. Is still dark times. No." Did Hermione ever mention Ginny how old fashioned Viktor was on some questions? Yes, she did.

"Viktor, I stay home until it is time to leave, besides, it is not like I will be staying on my own in an empty house. There will be plenty of people around."

"You vill come to stay with me. In Bulgaria."

"I really don't want to be a burden. I know you are very busy, Viktor."

"You vill be safe. Most important Need to arrange portkey for you now. I vill owl you today. Vhere do your parents liff, you mention move? " No. How to explain to him that it was not necessary. The lunch ladies were congragting at the counter ogling the three of them. Having no doubt recognised the quidditch star. Hermione was blinking at him in disbelieve. It was not happening.

"Viktor, wait..."

"Her parents leave the day after tomorrow." Ginny was eager to help and ignored her friend's furious glare.

"You vill be ready to leave tomorrow, yes?"

"Wait…" There were more people at the entrance now.

"I vill send you the portkey today. Good. I am going. I vill see you tomorrow Hermy-o-ninny. Giny." And he left. Just like that. Left her open mouthed and sputtering in a middle of the room like a total idiot. Hermione really had forgotten how straight forward and decisive he was.

"Ow! What was that for?" Ginevra was rubbing her leg.

"Ginevra Molly Weasley! You explain yourself immediately. What the hell are you doing?" Hermione Granger was furious and hissed at her friend.

"Making sure that my best friend has somewhere to stay. Doing it all in your best interest, I must add and receiving no thanks. By the way, you'll have a chance to explore Bulgaria." Ginny had a sly smile on her face. Hermione eyed her suspiciously. She had such a big mouth for such a small body and ran it way too often and way too loud.

"Ginny, you threw me under the bus without even stopping to think."

"I have no idea what you are on about. After all I did. We better floo to your home, like now, and I will help you to pack."

"I am not going! I can't just up and go... to Bulgaria!" Those kinds of things should take planning and besides...

"Why ever not? Look at me and tell me you have a better option."

"Well... no, but... you don't understand..."

"But what?" Ginny pointed a spoon at her friend emphasising her point. "You don't have where to stay! Like nowhere. You want to see Ronnies face day in and day out for the whole of coming summer? Or maybe get yourself mummified in that bloody Grimmould place. They say it might take a year to get rid of the whole infestation of the rumbs. Bloody pests."

"No. I don't, but still..."

"What are you so against? It is not like I have arranged you to stay with Malfoy!" at Hermione alarmed expression she lowered her voice. "Viktor Krum is as dependable as they come! You said so yourself!"

"That is besides the point." she felt bad.

"Of course it is. If he had other plans, you clearly took priority over them! He offered! He volunteered! The deal is sealed. He will be waiting! You want to stand him up?"

"Don't be silly. I would never do that to him."

"Thank goodness. So this pointless discussion in over."

"Okay, fine. But I can't believe you told that Ron cheated on me." She sighed.

"Well, I had to explain that you're single, didn't I?"

... ... ...

The Granger home was a Victorian house surrounded by a huge garden. Dentists live well these days.

"Mum, I found a place to stay for the summer." Hermione and Ginny were sitting in the kitchen with Emma Granger.

"Thank goodness. I really don't want you to stay at a hotel on your own and that Ronald…" Emma glanced at Ginny, and cleared her throat. "So where are we going to send Iris?"

Hermione smiled at her mother. Her parents bought Iris, a grey little owl, before her first year so that they could keep in touch with her. Emma and Jacob Granger simply fell in love with the little creature. Now she lived in the attic and was like a pet for Emma. It always came to the kitchen for breakfast.

"Well, mum. You remember Viktor, right?"

"Your ex-boyfriend, dear?"

"He wasn't my boyfriend!" Hermione flushed deep red and glared at Ginny, who was trying her best not to laugh. Whole world thought the two had a thing going during the Tournament. "Anyway, we ran into him today at the Ministry, and the big mouth here let it slip, that I don't have anywhere to stay, before I could protest he was of arranging a portkey for me."

"So, you are staying with a handsome young man on your own in the middle of nowhere? Did I get that right?" Emma tried to look stern, but failed miserably.

"Merlin, mum! You and Ginny need your brains surgically removed from the gutter!" by now the young brunette's face was crimson. How could her mother be ok with that? Sending her only child to god only knows where to stay with a man she never met. Hermione started seriously regretting using Viktor's name as an example of a perfect gentleman for her mother. Maybe she should have mentioned times when wasn't being a gentleman... "So... I take it is okay for me to go?" shouldn't just for appearance sake her mother at least pretend to be strict? Have a question or two? The woman's trust in her was most flattering, but that was taking it too far.

"Yes, hon. I will talk with Jacob. You can go and pack. Oh and honey? Don't forget to take the pill!"

"MOTHER!" Hermione was seriously reflecting on the down side of having an open minded parental unit.

... ... . ...

An hour later Hermione was still having a tug a war with Ginny over what to take. There was a total division of opinion on the content of the suitcase that was still not packed.

"Hermione, there is an owl for you in the kitchen! Get your post!"

When Hermione and Ginny came downstairs, there was a little brown post owl on the kitchen table. Emma didn't look surprised and was calmly making lunch. What else can you expect from a woman that had a teenage witch for a daughter? Her house was connected to the floo network and she had been to Hogwarts twice. Magic was as natural to her as the rain. Really strange rain... that went upwards and was an odd colour... but never the less she got used to it somehow.

"Give the poor dear a treat from the counter and water, it looks tired. Is the letter from Viktor? Can I see?" Emma was curious what her future-son-in-law…ahem…her daughter's friend was writing. From all the things that her daughter told them about him Emma felt like she knew him personally, and she was a huge fan of cheesy romances. As if reading her thoughts Hermione scowled at her mother.

Dear Hermione,

This old ticket is your portkey. It will activate tomorrow at 10 in the morning. Take some warm clothes as it's a bit chilly in Bulgaria in the evening where we are going to stay. Tell your parents that I will take a good care of you and that there is no need for them to worry. See you tomorrow.



The silence hung in the air for an entire minute as she tried to come to terms that the trip to Bulgaria was actually happening.

"Don't even think about commenting on it, mum. Just don't. Please don't."

"Well… with Love!" Emma couldn't help but gush.

"Let's go finish packing, Ginny. I still need to prepare the howler for them." Ginny was still reading the letter and grinning.

"Ginny… lets go."

... ... ...

Ginny and Hermione were still packing her trunk. Still. The elder Gryffindor's room was big and painted in soft colours.

"So, when do you want me to give them the howler?" The redhead was inspecting Hermione's jumpers.

"I think it's better if Iris delivers it. I was thinking tomorrow. Ron is going to visit Harry and Sirius in the old headquarters, they are not starting the clearing of rumbs till what? Next month?"

"Pity he is not taking me there tomorrow. Such a sight to miss. " Ginny sighed in mock sadness. "By the way what pill your mum was talking about earlier? Are you sick?" Her friend looked worried. Hermione blushed.

"I'm fine Gin. It's…err… birth control pills. My mum took me to the doctor for them last summer. For the sake of her sanity I didn't argue."

Ginny looked interested. "So how do they work? Do they work I mean? You being a witch an all?"

"I don't see why they wouldn't. They got to work." Did it matter that she was a witch? The principal of getting pregnant was the same wasn't it? She never thought about it.

"How do you know?"

"It is all about hormones and besides it regulates my monthlies. So they work. I have to take a pill every day. I still can't believe she told me to take them." She was sure it worked. Not that there ever was a chance to try, but it was science. Surely that was enough.

"Rather pointless if they don't work. Nothing beats a potion, but you drink it after the fact. And why not? You will be staying with Viktor. He will sweep you of your feet!"

"Viktor doesn't have a crush on me!" Hermione's blush was getting unbelievably red.

"Who said anything about as crush? Does he?"

"No! No, he doesn't. Please can we not talk about it? It really isn't helping. Please, Ginny."

"Fine. But just this time and because you so red I am scared you will burst. You are so lucky to have me as your friend. So what else are you taking?" but her tone clearly stated 'I don't believe a word you say.'

Hermione felt like bundle of raw nerves. "Let me see…"


The next day at Number 12 Grimmauld Place .

"Ron, Harry! Post!" Sirius' voice rang through the house, while he was pouring himself some coffee and watching a little grey owl on the kitchen table holding a red envelope. It's definitely Isis, Hermione's mum's owl. Why would Emma send Ron and Harry a howler? His thoughts were in interrupted by the pair coming into the kitchen.

Isis took off and dropped the Howler in Ron's Hands. It opened…

Ronald Bilius Weasley and Harry James Potter I regret the day I met you two on the Hogwarts Express!

Ron you are a cheating bastard. Have your fun with Lavender! We are finished!

Harry, I thought you were my friend. When we get back to school, don't even breathe my way! I don't want your half ass excuses! We are not friends. If you'll make any attempt to talk to me, I will hex your dicks off so fast your heads will spin. As much as I care now you two can drop dead! I hope you two are happy! Have a fucktastic summer, Ron!