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Chapter 17

It Takes Two

By juanafever

Hermione couldn't make her body move neither forth nor turn back and face Fleur. It was more than two years since she has seen the French girl last at the end of the Tournament, but the dislike was just the same. Hermione could feel it like a bad taste in her mouth. She clearly remembered Cedric. Let him rest in peace. He was still the perfect example of what a decent guy should be like. And the blond... she was the perfect example how you sometimes first impressions were completely correct. A trained smile appeared on her face.

She was not a little girl anymore. She might still be naive, but she wasn't stupid. And above all she knew this time around that she really did like Viktor. The smile turned cold as her eyes settled at the vision of utter perfection dressed in silver blue. Not a hair out of place. Just as expected. Still as annoyingly beautiful as she remembered.

And yes, she was jealous of that somewhere deep inside where her conscious mind never wondered in. She was a girl after all. And yes, she thought it was unfair that someone with such an ugly soul could charm the onlooker so easily. And it was not only the veela's blood. One thing was to charm and the other was to use it so calculating to achieve your own dirty goal.

That creature made Hermione feel sick.

"Vot are you looking at?" One of the things that Hermione couldn't blame Fleur for was that the woman wasn't stupid. She was vain. Yes. She was manipulating. Oh yes. Self cantered. Most definitely. But she was not stupid. She could clearly see a challenge when one appeared.

"I am looking at you, Fleur." The blond was taken aback that the girl knew her name. She blinked in confusion. The way the girl stood and the way she looked at her was familiar. Just look at that hair...

"Iz you." Fleur's voice went flat, but for a moment there was lightning behind her eyes and it did not go unnoticed by Hermione.

"Yes." Hermione was dying to know why the witch was there. But it was a little private game just for the two of them now. First points went to the one who kept her cool the longest. So she smiled wider.

Like on a cue that idiot security guy decided to come back to at least some of his senses and show that he still had a voice. Marvellous.

"Hello, my dear lady. How may I be of service to you?"

"I was on the way to ze Eastern stands, but I am afraid I took ze wrong turn." Fleur didn't look at Arnold as she spoke to him, but kept an eye contact with Hermione the whole time. "But I zee I am not zee only one lost. But atleazt I know vhere I am going. When zee other people have no buziness here."

Hermione nearly rose to the bait. Fleur knew what buttons to press to get wanted responds from people. She did that during the Tri-Wizard tournament all the time with the buys around her. It drove Hermione up the wall.

"It is good to see you two, Fleur. You are just the same as I can see. I was just on the way to the same stands as a matter of fact. Viktor just went to change for the practise." Fleur's eyes widened and then narrowed as her cheeks got a bit more pink than usual.

"I zee."

"Any particular reason why are you heading there?" she even managed to sound casual.

"Zee practice. I have zee permission to interview zee payers."

"You became a journalist? Since when?" Hermione didn't even try to hide the surprise. Suddenly she imagined Fleur in horrible green dress and sparkly glasses that Sceeter woman used to wear. It was a highly unflattering image and if anyone asked Hermione it suited Fleur very well.

'Journalism, huh? The only way you would be into it is if they have started paying in gold bricks. '

"I zink it is my coling."

"How... very nice. Travel a lot?"

The veela pushed her breast out at what Arnold nearly fainted and Hermione made a bored face at the girl.

"Of courze."

"What Bill thinks about it?"

Hermione was pleased as the question caught her opponent unprepared.


"Bill. Bill Weasley. Tall guy with red hair and long ponytail. Curse breaker. You were dating him for more than a year and going to marry..."

"Ah. Him. He was nothing."

"It is a bit funny to call a man you were going to marry that, but if you say so."

Hermione would have sworn an hour ago that Fluer and Bill were going strong. Did Mrs Weasley know that? The woman was getting ready for their wedding sometime around Christmas. Bill was a wonderful guy... and smart if it was he who broke it off.

"I haff a better taste then some." A meaningful look at Hermione.

"I never argue about the taste, but anyhow. I must be going Viktor might miss me if I am not there."

3:1 Hermione was in the lead and decided to leave before she did something stupid like giving Fleur one finger salute or a bold head. She irritated Hermione by simply looking at her. It was a new record. Hermione would have never thought that anyone was going to top Malfoy in that. Amazing.

With as much grace as she could muster Hermione turned towards the stairs and started to ascend. She was pleased with herself. Having in mind that she didn't expect to see Fleur here and was morally unprepared Hermione thought that she have done quite well. Now she was going to watch Viktor practise and relax. The view had to be good from there and since the weather was excellent...

Hermione's thoughts were suddenly interrupted.

"It eez custom to let zee elder past zee first."

'What the...!' with a swirl of her summer robe Hermione turned around her mouth half open. Three steps behind her stood the veela.

'Is that going up to the same stand with me?' the eastern stands were divided into several boxes and Hermione sincerely thought that Fleur would get the hint and choose one as far away from her as possible. But since the blond was standing barely a few steps behind her and they were half way up made it clear. The hint was purposely ignored.

'She is not serious.'

While Hermione was gaping at the elder girl the Security Guard offered Fleur his hand.

"By all means, Ms Fleur. You are right." Hermione went red with the burning desire to say just what she thought on the situation and Arnold. The man should wipe the drool of his chin before speaking! There were even few drops on his chest.

Hermione's nails dug into her palm so hard it hurt. She forgot that the veela did not give up so easily.

2:3 Fleur was catching up. Not to make the score even Hermione stepped aside to give way to a bitter disappointment of the blond. She hoped that hot headed Gryffindor would jump into the argument while that security boy would be a witness. It was not a fair play, but she did not expect that the Bird Nest For Hair Peasant would be here. She heard that Krum got all mushy with someone during a recent game, but that couldn't possibly...

Hermione watched the retreating backs of the two as Fleur seemed to lose her footing for a sec. Her mouth twitched as she waited for them to go first before following. She was not going to go back to get into another box.

The day was not going as Hermione hoped it would couple of hours ago. Sure the weather was excellent. Air was fresh and full of summer sunshine and light wind. Viktor was made to play Beater to exercise his reflexes and that was fun to watch...

"Zee is wondeeful!"

'Uh! Does she have to speak?!' Hermione cringed at the sound of overly high pitched laughter. The woman was not related to a veela she was related to a mandrake! The sound of her voice could kill if the person was exposed to it long enough.

Arnold on the other enjoyed it and now they made a duo.

'Are they trying to kill me?!' her ears were starting to hurt and hands were slightly shaking. She did not feel this way since the final battle. Briefly she wondered if anyone would notice if she were to shove the pair off the box. Should she cast Silencio so no one could hear the scream... or maybe just petrify them?

Viktor barely dodge a bludger and showed a rude gesture to a laughing teammate.

'If I scream and jump would he fly over fast enough to catch me?' the level of desperation was rising with every new wave of laughter from the top of the box. It was slowly strangling her.

Hermione gritted her teeth and simply stuck fingers into her ears before they started to bleed from that unholy sound. But there was one more thing that started to bother Hermione more and more. She did not have to look back to know whom the blonde's eyes were following.

The last time she checked looking was not a crime. But did she have to fix on Viktor? She could at least pretend to be interested in other players. It was ... unprofessional.

"Does zee Mr Krum train ofteen here?"

Fleur seemingly started her interview from Arnold. Hermione removed fingers from her ears trying to look uninterested.

"Yes, their stadium is under construction I heard."

"Does ze train alone... sometimes?"

Could it be classified as stalking? Hermione heard that it happened all the time in professional sports.

"Not lately. He sure used to. He is a magnificent Seeker..."

"When weel they finish for zee day?"

"They should get a break soon to get a drink and give the coach a chance to yell at them properly."

"Manific! I veel speak to him zen."

"If you wish I can take you there, my lady."

Hermione did not move from the bench. Not that she did not want to, because she did. Her butt was on fire from the desire to spun around and throw a little temper tantrum. She did not feel that since she was in her fourth year when Ron did not ask her to the Ball first.

From Across the stadium Viktor waved to her. Hermione's heart jumped up and froze somewhere half way up her throat.. Somehow from the way he moved she just knew that he was still smiling when he stopped waving. She waved back.

A feeling welled up inside her. A strange crawling feeling that she did not want Viktor smile like that at anyone else. And especially not to Fleur Delacour.

Hermione Granger was jealous.

It was really one of those rare discoveries and you make about yourself that shocks you to the very core. The wind picked up and hair fell onto Hermione's face. She stopped breathing as she heard an echo of Fleur walking down the creaking staircase.

It was an ugly feeling. She has managed to forget about it once the fourth year finished. She bit her bottom lip. She did not like to feel that way. To feel so... irrational. She knew full well that if Viktor did not fall for Fleur the first time he was not going to do so now. He was immune to the veela charms. It was a fact. Hermione was the one that he liked. It was also a fact. But despite all the facts the thought of Fleur coming near to Viktor made Hermione want to pull out her wand and give Fleur a big hairy verruca on the tip of her nose and make her breath stink.

Hermione could see the players gather around the coach and starting to fly towards the changing rooms. Without even thinking she started waving at Viktor to get his attention. She knew that at one point he was going to look in her direction again to make sure she was coming to see him during break. After a few minutes of her flapping her hands like a retarded chicken that was trying to fly he noticed and flew over.

"Hermione? Is everything ok?"

"Yes. I'm fine. I just... You played great." She had to bit the inside of her cheek not to say something like 'I just don't want you to talk to any blond veelas today.' It would sound desperate without any good reason. "I..." She watched as Viktor slowly landed in the box beside her.

"Do you want me to walk with you, Hermione? Yes?"

"Could you? I mean yes, please. If you don't have to get back right away that is."

"We got half an hour to rest." He leaned closer and gently pinched the tip of her nose and brushed away some hair that have fallen over her face. "Just do not breath too deep I must smell of sweat."

"I don't mind." She didn't expect him to smell like roses right after two hours of intense training.

Viktor frowned watching her as he could clearly see that something was wrong.

"If you are bored Hermione I do not mind if you go home. I dragged you here today..."

Go home? Leave him alone? With that thing around?

"It's ok. Viktor. Really. I don't mind. Besides some fresh air will do me good. It is getting really hot." As if to emphasise it Hermione flapped her hands in front of her face that was turning a nice shade of red.

Ok. What should she do? She could not just sit and do nothing. It was not her style so to speak. She should say something that would sound intelligent and warn Viktor to stay away from any attention seeking blond vultures in tight robes.

"Viktor, the security in this place is not worth a broken knutt."

The Bulgarian blinked slowly at her. it must have not expected to hear something of the sort.

"Did something happen, Hermione?" he was worried now. Maybe he should have not let her wonder around, but they were guaranteed that the security was top class...

Damn. She did not mean to upset him.

"No! Nothing bad. It just that I am under impression that ..." how should she say it? That the guard was plain stupid? Criminally irresponsible? Got on her nerves real bad? Or maybe...

"Veektor Krum! Just zee man I wanted to zee!"

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