Destined To Fall

by Lady Kelina

Rated: T

Summary: The Last of the Jedi faces a terrible trial and fails, but a greater challenge awaits him.

(Luke Skywalker AU)

AN: All Characters are the property of George Lucas (of course). Please review with any constructive criticism.



Among the Clouds

A piercing scream fills the air. I don't even realize that it is my voice crying out. My cry is caught up in the whipping wind, before dying out into the oblivion that surrounds me. Pain shoots through me, and all I see is the empty air that once held my saber hand. The dark figure presses closer, and in this moment I realize I am going to die.

I fold my injured limb against my chest, willing the pain to subside. How could I have failed? I promised I wouldn't fail. Time freezes, and my mind strays, revealing what has happened. Memory comes to the forefront, and in an instant, I am reliving all that has happened.

"The Force is with you, but you are not a Jedi, yet." Vader had warned me, but I had struck out against his warning. I was proud and arrogant, like Yoda feared, and for that I would die.

"Release your anger, only your hatred can destroy me." No, my anger, my hatred could only destroy myself. I tried to remember what Obi-Wan and Yoda had taught me, but controlling my anger was growing difficult. We fought within the Carbon freeze chamber, and when he fell, I thought, despite all the odds, I might defeat him.

Then I found the shadowed room, where Vader was waiting for me. Against the silhouette of a large window, we fought. In the midst of the battle, debris was sent flying about the room. I knew it was Vader, but I couldn't concentrate to deflect the attack. The debris collided against me before crashing through the window. A strong gust occurred as air poured from the room. I was pulled through window and into the wind tunnel of the inner spiral.

I caught myself on a ledge some ways down, and pulling myself back on to the walkway, I realized that I couldn't win. Despite that, I knew I had to try. Obi-Wan was counting on me. Yoda was counting on me. Even Leia and Han were depending on me. I had to defeat Vader.

Creeping along the walkway, I found my way to another control room, and the sith was again waiting for me. Our blades clash against one another, and while he seemed to gain strength, my own waned. Moving out of the control room, he pressed forward, driving me back toward the walkway's edge. I felt my feet fall from underneath me, as I collapsed to the ground. "You are beaten," Vader announced, pressing his saber toward my face. "It is useless to resist. Don't let yourself be destroyed, as Obi-Wan did."

I lashed back at him, knocking his blade aside. Getting to my feet, I continued to fight. I managed to strike my enemy's shoulder, yet Vader still advanced. I was running out of ground. Stepping out on to the ledge, I knew I was completely cornered. My saber in one hand, I tried to strike back.

That was when it happened. In one swift move, it was over. I cried out, but it was too late. I knew that I had been defeated. I crumpled back, holding my wounded arm against my chest. Moving further away from the platform's edge, I knew my attempt was useless.

That memory brings me abruptly back to the present. The wind is still whipping around me. The pain is still there, yet what I noticed most is the constant shadow of my enemy. Though his blade rests passively at his side, my instinct takes over. I move along the thin ledge, knowing that I'll never survive this.

"There is no escape," the dark voice taunts me, saying what I have already realized. I move back, as far as I can, knowing the fatal blow will strike me at any moment. I reach the edge of the post, I can go no further without falling into an endless abyss.

"Luke," Vader says my name, making my blood boil. "You don't realize your importance. Join me, I'll complete your training."

"I'll never join you!" I roar, rage filling my words. I could never join the sith. I will never become what killed my father.

"If you only knew the power of the dark side," Vader continues. "Obi-wan never told you what happened to your father."

"He told me enough," I counter, clinging to the post with my only hand. "You killed him," I growl, as if the very words would drop Vader where he stands.

Vader's hand is outstretched, reaching for me. "No, Luke, . . . I am your father."

At that moment, I don't feel anything. I'm numb. No, it can't be. Obi-Wan would have told me. "No," I defiantly swear. "I don't believe you."

Vader is unmoved by my doubt, "Search your feelings, you know it to be true."

Unwillingly, I obey, and I find nothing but the damning truth. In that moment, the naïve farm boy is gone, leaving only a memory in his place. If this monster is my father, what am I? Anger swells within me. I know it's true. Somewhere in my very soul, I know, but I will never accept it. I won't give into this. "No," I shout over the whipping wind, "My father was a Jedi, and you're a monster. You are nothing like my father."

Vader says nothing, he doesn't have to. The silence eats away at me, as what I have been told sinks deeper into my mind. I want to reject it, but truth is sound and can never be denied. I can't doubt the fact, I can only run from it. I look below me, conceding that I would rather die than face this bitter reality for another moment. "I'll never join you." My hatred rises. Vader makes one last offer, but I don't even hear. I release the post and plunge into the gaping wind tunnel beneath me.

A flash of thought fills my mind, some ill boding premonition that I can't quite identify. I don't feel anything as I fall. The light drains from my world, leaving me in darkness. What I know is consuming my soul, and I realize how I am eagerly awaiting the end. Death would be a refuge. Everything I believed is a lie, and there is no hope now. I've failed. All that is left for me now is the bitter truth, the truth of my destiny.