Title: Because I Love Him

Author: Olivia Sutton

Parts: 6

Fandom: Randall and Hopkirk, Deceased, 2000 version

Universe: "Snapshots of a Love Afr Universe"

Rating: R

Warning: This story includes m/m sexual activity, do not read if under 17. Thanks!

Story type: AU, Slash, Angst, Romance

Disclaimer: This fanfic is written for fun, for the enjoyment of other fans, and for reviews, but never for profit, so please don't sue! Based on the new (2000-2001) version of Randall and Hopkirk (deceased) starring Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, copyright to the BBC 2000-2001. (previous version copyrighted 1969 by ITC). This fanfic is NOT meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the actors who played the roles - that's their own business.

background: This story is set in my "Snapshots" universe and takes place between "Age 26" and "Age 38", AND Jeff and Marty are thirty-two years old. Because there are references to other events from "Snapshots of a Love Affair", I would like to suggest reading that first; however, if you do not-- the least you need to know is that Jeff and Marty are telepaths (with each other only), and that they have been committed partners for a very long time. Those are the basics for understanding the "Snapshots" universe.

Author Note: Thanks and hugs to Jackie Cox, my faithful beta reader and friend, who edits wonderfully, makes terrific suggestions, smoothes over my rough patches, and provides incredible support for my writing and just in life, really. She also makes suggestions and corrects my medical stuff, brilliantly. Thanks Jackie, you are absolutely fantastic. Comments and reviews are always welcome!

Summary: Set in the Snapshots Universe, when Jeff and Marty are 32. When the victim of a hate crime and gay bashing is Jeff Randall, Marty Hopkirk is willing to do anything to put his partner back together, physically, and mentally. To what lengths will Marty ultimately go for his partner?

Because I Love Him

Olivia Sutton

Jeff and Marty are 32 - "Because I love him."

Marty sat in the waiting area of London General Hospital, twisting a piece of newspaper to shreds, absent-mindedly, as he waited.

A female doctor approached him, "Mr. Hopkirk?"

Marty rose, "Yes? How's Jeff?"

The doctor looked at him, nervously, "We need to discuss that in private, sir."

Marty paled, "Is he all right?"

"He's... he will be, but we need to discuss his condition in private."

Marty looked at her, puzzled by her insistence, but nodded.

The doctor pointed down the hall and Marty followed her, obediently.

The doctor held open a door, and waited for Marty to enter the office, then shut the door.

"What is going on? What's happened to Jeff?"

The doctor moved behind her desk and sat down, "I suppose I should start by telling you, I'm Dr. Lillian Beckwith, I'm a psychologist."

"A shrink? Why did Jeff need... what happened? No one has told me, anything. God, he's not... is he gone? Have I lost him? He's my partner, what is going on? Everyone's been so weird."

"He's alive, and physically, the injuries weren't... well, he will survive them."

Marty's eyes widened, "For god's sake, tell me what happened to my partner. NOW!"

"First, I need to know EXACTLY what the nature of your relationship to Mr. Randall is - exactly. Business partners, friends, what? You have different last names, so you're not related, I assume."

Marty glared at her - "They've never asked either of us that at any other hospital, ever. And we've both had our scrapes. But to answer your question we're lovers, Doctor. We have been for sixteen years," Marty held up is hand, then pointed to his ring, "We've been committed partners for six years, now." Marty glared at the doctor then added, "We have sex regularly, you have some sort of problem with that?"

The doctor looked at Marty and nodded, "No, I don't have a problem with it. I needed to ask because, we... the hospital and the police, we suspect that Jeff Randall was the victim of a hate crime. So I needed to know."

"A... a hate crime? What the hell happened to him?"

"It's important for you to understand that the physical injuries will heal... I was brought in because his mind; well, that takes a bit longer."

Marty shivered, "Just tell me what happened."

The doctor took a deep breath, then said, "He was severely beaten. And raped."

"Oh, god. Not Jeff." Marty covered his eyes with his hand, then lowered his hand and said, "Give me the details... all of it."

The doctor nodded her head, briefly, then continued, "He was attacked by at least three men. One forced him into oral sex by holding his nose shut until he opened his mouth. And there was forced anal sex. He was victimised more than once. He remembers three assaults. There might have been more. He was severely beaten, as well."

"Oh, god... How severe are the injures?"

"Tears to his anus, and bruises. One of the bruises on the back of his hip bore a boot print - we've taken photographs. We have DNA samples from the attackers as well. Physically, he should recover in a few weeks, there's no broken bones, and no internal injuries. We did a through exam and checked everything. Physically, he will be all right."

Tears came to Marty's eyes, then he mumbled, "You keep saying, 'physically'?"

"His mind... sir, I'm sorry, but - he... he did talk when he was first brought in. One of the paramedics said he even described one of his attackers, and he described what happened to him, both to the first responders and to the emergency physician who first treated him."

"When he first came in? And now?"

"I couldn't get a word out of him, except your name - he kept calling for you."

Marty nodded again, "Let me see him. Please."

"Procedure in a case like this..."

"To HELL with your bloody PROCEDURE! You've kept me from Jeff for HOURS! I love him, and he needs me right now. You WILL LET ME SEE HIM!" Marty roared, then he added, "And for your information, Doctor, I do know what he's going through right now. I've known since I was fourteen, so take your prissy attitude and..." Marty began to shake with anger.

Dr. Beckwith stared at him, "What do you mean you've known since you were fourteen?"

Marty stared at her, "I don't believe this. I don't believe YOU. You've got to be the worst counsellor on the face of the planet, no wonder Jeff won't talk to you! Let me spell it out for you - I was raped when I was fourteen by me mum's boyfriend. And it does NOT matter right now. What matters is Jeff! Now, where the hell in this BLOODY hospital is he? Or do I search the place from top to bottom!"

Dr. Beckwith shook, frightened by Marty's anger and his speech, "I'll take you to him. Right now."

"THANK YOU!" Marty yelled back at her, then followed the doctor as she left the office.

Marty stood outside Jeff's hospital room, and took a deep breath, and then another. He closed his eyes a moment, steadying himself, then opened the door and entered Jeff's hospital room.

Jeff lay on the bed, facing away from the door, the blanket pulled up over his shoulders and to his chin.

Marty swallowed, then walked around the bed to Jeff's front. He saw Jeff's face and gasped, reaching for a chair he sat down quickly at Jeff's bedside. Jeff's eyes were closed, and he seemed almost asleep, his face was covered with bruises, both eyes, blackened, and his lips swollen and bruised. A cut marred one of Jeff's cheeks.

"Jesus, what did they do to you?" muttered Marty, then he instinctively put a hand towards Jeff, before forcing himself not to touch his lover, not yet. "Jeff? Jeff, wake-up, I'm here."

Jeff woke with a start - "Marty?" he murmured, quietly.

"I'm here, Jeff, I'm here."

Jeff began to cry.

Marty's heart broke at the sound and he uttered, "Can I... Jeff, can I touch you or not yet? It's okay to say no, Jeff. I will understand."

Jeff swallowed his tears, and then murmured, "You can touch me, Marty. If you want to, that is."

Marty moved his chair closer to the bed, and lightly touched his hand to Jeff's head, then stroked his hair, "Jeff, of course I want to touch you. But I... I remember... I could understand if you said no. But since you said, yes, this is all right, inn'it?"

"Marty, I'm hideous, right now. I'm dirty, and... ugly, hideous," Jeff stopped talking.

"No, you're not," Marty said gently, stroking Jeff's hair, then he moved his hand to Jeff's face, touching it lightly, before moving his hand to gently cup Jeff's jaw, "You're beautiful, Jeff. You are very beautiful. And I love you."

Jeff shuddered under Marty's touch, "Marty they... oh god," Jeff began to cry.

Marty nodded, his heart breaking a second time in as many minutes, "I know... a Doctor Beckwith told me what happened, about the attack, the assaults. Jeff, it's all right." Marty continued to stroke his lover's face, as he spoke softly and gently.

"It's...it's not. God, Marty how did you survive this?"

"I had help, Jeff. You remember - I had you and your mum, and..." Marty stopped, then continued, "And Beth and even Winters from geography. I was never alone, and you won't be... I'll get you all the help you need."

Jeff moved on the bed, rolling onto his back, then sitting up, using the headboard of the bed to support himself. He covered Marty's hand with his own. "I remember, Marty. I do. I remember helping you through it, but... I... They hurt me... they hurt me so much. I can still feel... god, Marty, do you understand? I can still feel THEM, in me. If I close my eyes, it's like I can see myself, lying there, being held down, and one of them slamming into me. Using me. HURTING me. And saying the dirtiest, nastiest, most horrible things." Jeff looked at Marty, his face white with shock.

Marty nodded, "Go on, Jeff. TALK to me... it does help."

Jeff nodded, then gripped Marty's hand tightly in his own. He reached out with his other hand, and Marty grasped it, then Jeff uttered, quietly, "I wanted to die, Marty. I... I wanted them to kill me. It hurt so much, and... I remember yelling out, "Do it... just kill me and be done with it," Jeff shuddered, gripping Marty's hands, "Marty..."

Marty slowly nodded his head, "I remember feeling like that, Jeff. I mean, I know we've never really talked about it, but I took me Dad's gun with the intention of using it to end the pain. I'm so sorry you went through this, Jeff. I would... I'd do anything for it to NOT have happened to you. But since it did - Jeff, I will be with you through everything. Every examination, every counseling session, court if that happens, the nightmares, flashbacks, and feeling like you want to die. I will be there through everything Jeff, I swear it! And I love you, Jeff - what they did to you doesn't matter, it does NOT change how I feel about you. I love you." Marty held Jeff's hands, tightly.

Jeff leaned towards Marty, then said, "Hold me. Please."

Marty got up and immediately took Jeff in his arms, Jeff moved over on the bed, and Marty sat on the edge of the bed, supporting Jeff's upper body on his own chest. Marty held him close, then lightly kissed the top of Jeff's head, his own tears fell into Jeff's hair, "I'm so sorry, Jeff. I'm so sorry, it happened to you."

Jeff nodded, leaning into Marty's chest. "Marty, I love you. I want you to know that."

"I know, Jeff."

"But I don't know how I'm going to live with this," Jeff added.

Marty held Jeff close to his own chest, then lightly kissed his hair again. "You will, Jeff. I know you feel like hell right now, but you will survive it," Marty held Jeff's shoulders, and looked him in the eyes, "You will!" then he pulled Jeff closer, stroking him, and holding him.

Jeff nodded, "I do feel safe in your arms, Marty."

"That's good, Jeff. I wish I could have protected you from this."

"Marty, can you... come closer to me, Marty. Here, in the bed, please."

Marty nodded, moving fully onto the bed, he held Jeff in his arms, soothing him. Then Marty asked quietly, "May I? Jeff, may I really kiss you, or not yet? You can say no."

Jeff nodded his head, turning to face Marty, "Yes."

Marty lightly put his hands to Jeff's face, trying not to put any pressure on the bruises, then gently kissed him. Jeff responded to the kiss, so Marty continued, deepening the kiss. Then Jeff suddenly pulled back.

Marty immediately stopped and pulled away, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's too much too soon, I'm so sorry, Jeff, I'd never hurt you, I'd never..."

"Shush, Marty, stop, stop it, stop..." Jeff urged as Marty continued to babble, "It's okay, it's okay... I... I had a feeling of... of claustrophobia, Marty... I'm sorry. I know you would not hurt me. I don't want to hurt you by saying no or stop."

Marty put his hands on Jeff's shoulders and looked deep in his eyes, "Jeff, you're going to have to tell me when to stop or to say no, or if you don't want me to touch you. You need to tell me, Jeff, and I will stop. And I understand, I do. I never, ever forgot what happened to me, I..." Marty stopped then said, "Jeff it doesn't hurt me if you say no; but don't EVER say 'yes' when you mean no. Do you understand me?"

Jeff nodded.

"Jeff, please. I want you to trust me. I need to trust you. I love you, ... if it scares you to be touched, or hurts you, or... or ANYTHING bothers you... you need to tell me."

Jeff nodded again, "I will, Marty. I will. It's just... I want you to... I wanted to be with you, but then I got... so scared. And I know you wouldn't hurt me."

"That's because of what happened, Jeff. The doctors will tell you... they will help you. Just KNOW that I love you, Jeff. What happened doesn't change that, it couldn't. I LOVE YOU."

Jeff nodded, pulling at the blanket. Marty grabbed the edge of the blanket and covered his lover. "Do you want me to move away, Jeff? Or may I still hold you?"

"Hold me," Jeff murmured, closing his eyes.

"Okay," answered Marty, and he held Jeff lightly, his own eyes closed, thinking quietly.

Jeff stirred in Marty's arms. Marty let go and started to move away.

"No, Marty. Stay. And hold me."

Marty nodded, then held Jeff again, leaning his chin on Jeff's shoulder. "Tell me if I'm making you in any way uncomfortable, Jeff."

Jeff nodded, "I will, Marty." Then he turned to look at his lover, "Marty, I knew them. Well, one of them, anyway."

"Who was it, Jeff?"

"Our... our neighbour. Across the street. Across from our new house. And the things they said... Marty, I told the paramedics, the doctor in casualty, and the police... they did this because we bought the house and they... god, Marty, they said they didn't want... they didn't want a pair of... oh, god," Jeff began to cry.

Marty nodded, "Dr. Beckwith told me that as well, Jeff. They said...Jeff, the hospital and the police are calling what happened to you a... a hate crime, Jeff. Didn't anyone tell you that?"

"No, no they didn't," Jeff cried harder. "All we did was buy a house... I don't understand."

"Shush, Jeff... Jeff , you weren't wrong. WE weren't wrong - THEY are the criminals, Jeff. They are the ones who... who hurt and hate and destroy others. NOT us." Marty kissed Jeff 's lips, "The hospital's informed the police. The ones who did this will be punished. But right now," Marty kissed Jeff, "right now, you need to think about yourself, and to get better, and to heal, Jeff."

"How do I heal from this?"

"I did, Jeff, you know that. You will. And I will be there through every step, Jeff. Every single step."

Jeff nodded, crying, "Hold me. Just hold me, please."

Marty nodded, holding Jeff, quietly. He closed his eyes, and simply held Jeff, as if he would never let him go.

Marty awoke to find a nurse looking down at him. He looked up at her, "Yes?"

"WHAT are you doing!"

Marty looked up at the nurse, "Jeff wanted me to hold him, he finally fell asleep and..."

Jeff stirred in Marty's arms, waking up.

"NOW look what you've done." Marty said to the nurse, then he lightly stroked Jeff's hair, "It's all right, Jeff, it's all right - go back to sleep."

Jeff looked at Marty, "Marty?"

Marty looked at Jeff, wanting very much to kiss him, but realising it would be a bad idea, he settled for holding Jeff instead, his chin on Jeff's shoulder, and said softly in Jeff's ear, "It's all right, Jeff, you're safe. You are safe, Jeff, please, go back to sleep, try at least." Marty, unable to resist some contact, very lightly kissed Jeff's hair.

The nurse looked from Marty to Jeff, "Sir, I'm sorry but you will have to leave." She looked at Marty, "I can see he wants you here, Mr. Hopkirk, but Mr. Randall needs his sleep, and visiting hours are long over."

Marty sat up further in the bed, soothing Jeff in his arms, "I have permission to be here."

The nurse nodded, "Yes, sir. You have permission to be here any time, visiting hours or no, Dr. Beckwith put the notation on Mr. Randall's chart, but you can not be in the bed with him. Mr. Randall is in a very vulnerable state, Mr. Hopkirk. He is susceptible to infection, and you are putting him in danger. It's in Mr. Randall's best interest. Please remove yourself from the bed."

Marty nodded, then attempted to slid out from under Jeff, who opened his eyes, moving on the bed so Marty could move away. Jeff reached for Marty as he left. Marty grasped his hand, and stood next to the bed.

Jeff looked up at Marty, "Don't leave me."

"Oh, god," mumbled Marty, looking at the nurse.

The nurse shook her head, "I'm sorry," she walked over to Jeff and addressed him, "Mr. Randall, you are in a delicate and vulnerable state. Even a small infection could be quite dangerous. Mr. Hopkirk may sit next to you if you wish, as long as he is not on or in your bed."

Jeff nodded, moving away so Marty could get up.

The nurse nodded, once Marty was out of the bed, then said, briskly, "Now, I will need to change your sheets, and Mr. Randall, you will need a new gown."

Jeff looked at her in surprise, then up at Marty, "Nurse, I don't know what you were told, but Marty and I are a couple. It's fine. I wanted to be close to him. I needed to be physically close to him after what happened."

The nurse shook her head, "It is nothing to do with your relationship. The policy is for your own good, Mr. Randall, to prevent you getting sick. Your body is very vulnerable to infection. Mr. Hopkirk needs to stay off your bed, and that is that. If he doesn't, he won't be allowed in the room at all."

Marty, standing next to Jeff's bed, looked at the nurse and said, "I didn't want to make him sick. I didn't. I was trying to comfort him," he held out a hand to Jeff, who grasped it, then said, "I'll sit here, quietly, next to Jeff. It's all right."

The nurse nodded, then Jeff nodded.

"Right," answered the nurse, clicking her tongue matter-of-factly, "Now, I'm going to get the new sheets and a new gown for you, Mr. Randall."

Jeff began to get out of the bed.

"You may as well wait until I return, Mr. Randall." She turned to Marty, "You don't need to leave the room, just yet, but it is my medical opinion that you should go home, Mr. Hopkirk."

Jeff looked at the nurse, "Nurse, I want Marty here. Don't make him leave, please. We ARE a couple, nurse, a committed couple, and..." Jeff shuddered, tightening his grip on Marty's hand, "I love him. I want him here, with me, comforting me."

Marty looked up, "I won't get on the bed again, nurse. I didn't realise..." he looked at Jeff again.

The nurse looked from one to the other, then said, "All right, all right, he can stay," then she continued, "I'm going to get the sheets, and to find Mr. Randall a new gown. Mr. Hopkirk, please, keep yourself on your chair." The nurse smiled at Marty, then said, "I can bring you a pillow and blanket if you like, the hospital can get a bit chilly at night."

Marty smiled, "That would be fine, nurse, thank you."

The nurse smiled back, "You're welcome. I'll leave you for now."

A few minutes later, the nurse returned, pushing a wheeled metal cart filled with linen. The cart had a frame towards the back with a white plastic bag stretched open within the frame. A shelf at the front of the cart held the linen and a fresh hospital gown. The nurse politely shooed Marty out of the room.

Jeff got out of the bed and made his way to one of the chairs in the room. Before he could sit down the nurse handed him a fresh gown and pointed towards a screen in the corner of the room. "Go ahead and change there, Mr. Randall."

Jeff nodded meekly, taking the gown from her and moving behind the screen. "You can call me Jeff, nurse, it's all right with me."

"And I'm Nurse Abigail Bennett, call me Abby," called back the nurse as she moved towards the bed, expertly pulling off the blankets, "All right, Jeff, Mr. Hopkirk seems like a nice bloke, have you been together long?"

Jeff nodded, then realised the nurse couldn't really see him, and answered back loudly, "Yah, a very long time. We've been together sixteen years. We had a formal commitment ceremony," he paused thinking, "God, it's been six years now."

The nurse had finished stripping off the old sheets, and began putting the new ones on the bed, "That's nice."

Jeff stepped out from behind the screen, clad in an identical gown, the old one in his hand, "Where should I?"

The nurse looked at him, "Just drop it in the skip bag," she said, pointing to the plastic bag on the cart, "I'll take care of it."

Jeff nodded, "So, have you been a nurse long?"

She finished with the bed, then gestured for Jeff to get back into it, "Yah, went straight to nursing school. I love it, honestly."

Jeff moved towards the bed, and nodded at her, "Could Marty come back in, please?"

The nurse nodded, and went to the door, opening it and calling Marty back in.

Marty quickly moved to the chair next to Jeff's bedside and sat, looking over at Jeff.

Jeff sat up in bed and smiled at him, "Marty, I'm all right now, really."

Marty shook his head, then stretched a bit in the hospital chair.

"I brought you some blankets and a pillow, if you wish to stay the rest of the night." said the nurse, offering the bedding to Marty.

Marty took the bedding, saying, "Thanks," then made himself comfortable in the chair.

The nurse bent down near him, "You should go home, get some rest."

Marty shook his head, settling down in the chair.

Jeff sighed and cuddled up under the blankets.

"All right, now, if you are quiet and you stay OFF the bed, you may stay the night, Mr. Hopkirk. Mr. Randall's chart has permission for you written on it.

Marty nodded, spreading the blanket over himself.

"Are you sure you want to stay, though? It's my medical opinion you should go home, get some rest, and come back in the morning. He might sleep better alone in the room," the nurse addressed Marty.

Marty shook his head, vehemently, "It has been a very long time since Jeff's been alone at night, nurse. WE are a COUPLE, and we work together, we almost never spend a night apart, there's no need."

The nurse nodded, "He told me how long you've been together. I must say, I was a bit surprised. It's all right for you to stay, Mr. Hopkirk, but it's still my opinion, that for your own health, you would be more comfortable at home, that's all."

Marty shook his head, and the nurse clucked her tongue, saying "All right, then," and left.

Jeff suddenly murmured in his sleep, "No, NO! For god's sake don't! Please!" then he screamed.

"Jeff?" Marty asked, moving towards his mate in the bed.

Jeff continued to toss and turn, in the bed, still asleep, and yelling.

Fear coursed through Marty as he looked at his partner, and he simultaneously pressed the call button near the bed, and lightly touched Jeff, trying to wake him up and bring him out of his panic.

Jeff struggled against Marty's touch on his arm. Marty pulled back.

Jeff awoke with a start, gasping for air, his eyes wide and terrified.

"Jeff? Jeff!" Marty yelled, noticing the expression of fear on Jeff's face. At that moment, a group of nurses and a doctor entered the room.

One of the nurses pulled Marty away from the bed, whilst the other medical personnel went to Jeff's bedside.

Marty struggled against the nurse who had pulled him away, trying to get back to Jeff.

The nurse held him firm. "Sir, sir, PLEASE -- We are trying to help him! WE will help him! Just calm down, sir!"

Marty started to relax and stopped struggling. "What's wrong? What's happened? He didn't recognise me!"

"We're trying to find out!"

At that, Marty calmed slightly, nodding quietly. The nurse let go of him, then returned to Jeff's bedside.

Meanwhile, Jeff had stopped gasping for air, and was breathing normally, but he was pale and shaky.

A male doctor approached him, and asked, "Are you all right, sir? Did you..." he reached forward, and Jeff screamed again, moving quickly to the far side of his small hospital bed.

"Don't hurt me!" Jeff yelled, then looked around, spotting Marty, he called out for him.

"I'm here, Jeff!" Marty answered, moving closer to the bed, but leaving space for the doctors and nurses.

Abby, Jeff's named nurse, moved to his side and addressed Jeff, "Jeff? Jeff, are you all right?"

Jeff started to nod, looking at her, "Yah... I... Marty? Marty!" he called out.

Marty went to Jeff's side then, but carefully avoided touching him. "Jeff?"

Abby looked at Jeff critically. He was still very pale, shaking slightly, and his eyes were wide open in fear.

Jeff reached out towards Marty, and Marty grabbed his hand, "I've got to get out of here, Marty! Please, get me out of here! They are HERE Marty! I saw them! They came after me again! Take me home!"

Marty looked at him, then at the doctor and nurses, very concerned for Jeff.

Meanwhile, the doctor had finished his conference with the nurses, and gestured towards Marty.

"I'm going to talk to your doctor, Jeff," Marty said to Jeff.

Jeff nodded, "Where are you going?"

Marty pointed towards the corner of the room, where the doctor stood, flanked by a pair of nurses.

Abby moved forward towards Jeff, "I'll be right here, and Marty will only be over there, Jeff, you are going to be all right."

Jeff nodded.

Marty made his way towards the doctor.

The doctor looked at Marty and said, "I believe we should give him some sedation, sir. He's very agitated. His screams woke up half the ward."

Marty nodded, "I agree but... Doctor, please, tell me he'll be all right? Why is he in such a panic?"

The doctor shook his head, "I can't tell you WHY he's so agitated, other than because he's been through traumatic events. I can tell you that such symptoms are both common, and they DO go away with time. The trauma is causing panic attacks. Sedation will help the panic to go away more quickly."

Marty nodded, "You have my permission. You have permission to do whatever is best for Jeff. But will he..." Marty glanced back at Jeff, who lay against the bed, his eyes open wide in fear, "Will he have more of these 'panic attacks' you called them? Is this just tonight, or..."

The doctor lightly touched Marty's arm in a comforting gesture, then pulled his hand back. "In all probability it is just tonight -- it's a one-time thing. His attack was less than 24 hours ago, and this is the most critical stage for his recovery."

Marty nodded, glancing back at Jeff again.

The doctor took a deep breath, then said, "IF the agitation continues for several days or weeks, we may need to consider additional psychological counseling or mild drugs. If it continues. But it is much, much too early to be concerned about that, sir."

Marty nodded, "Just take care of him. Do whatever is best for him."

The doctor picked up Jeff's medical chart, and scanned through it. There was an bright orange sticker on the chart noting that Jeff was allergic to Codeine. The doctor acknowledged this, then wrote down his own notes on the chart. He spoke to the nurses for a few minutes, then he left the room.

"Jeff, I'm going to get you something to help you relax, all right?" Abby said, then walked over to the nurses who stood by the chart the doctor had signed.

Jeff nodded, then looked around the room, until he saw Marty.

Marty moved to Jeff's bedside, sat next to him, and gripped his hand in support and comfort, and stayed with Jeff whilst the nurses, took care of the medication.

Nurse Burton had returned with a vial of medication. She read off the name of the medication, then handed it to Nurse Abby. Nurse Abby also read off the name of the medication to Nurse Burton, then opened a syringe packet, filled the syringe and walked over to Jeff.

Marty sat at Jeff's side. Jeff briefly glanced at Marty, then closed his eyes, trying to relax.

Nurse Abby moved towards the bed to speak to Jeff, "Jeff, listen. I'm going to give you a mild sedative injection. It will calm you down and help you sleep."

Jeff turned his head and looked at Marty, then looked at Abby again, and nodded.

Abby moved forward and injected the sedative into Jeff's thigh.

Marty held Jeff's hand, tightly, comforting him. He looked up at the nurse, his blue eyes filled with concern, "How long will it take to work?"

"Not very long, half an hour, maybe. He should sleep for four to six hours once it does start working."

Marty nodded, quietly, and sat next to Jeff's side, lightly holding his hand.

The nurse left Jeff's bedside. The doctor and other nurses had already left the room. Marty sat with Jeff, quietly, until he fell asleep.