We should have a little conversation to post at the beginning in the author note.

Oooh, I'm good at conversations:puts on glasses:

Hi, this is Kaci, aka ChocoTaco.

Do I talk now?

Yes, genius.

Hi, this is Rachel, aka the real RAB.

Very good, you get a cookie.

:eats your cookie:gags to death:

Oops. Peanut butter. Forgot. Sorry.

Nice job, stupid.

I love you too. Anyway, this is beside the point. The point is... the top of Rachel's head, haha.


Don't hurt me!

My head's not pointy!

Or is it? Besides, how would you know? You can't see the top of your head!

Okay, well that's true but... ITS NOT POINTY!

Fine then. Anyway, the real point is, we're writing a series of vignettes together.

Because we rock like that.

Oh yeah! Look at us and our baaad selves! WORD!

To your mother!

Vanilla Ice!



Now back to the baaad comment...MERRY HAD A LITTLE LAMB!

Please pardon Rachel. She has suffered severe trauma to the head, thanks to yours truly.

It's really all your fault I'm this way, dear old Crackerface.

You know, I've forgotten where that nickname came from.

I forced you to get me crackers...countless times. Like you and your pasta.

Oh yeah! Pasta eating freak... anyway…

There really is a point to this, I swear.

We're way off subject here... We have short attention spans. Forgive us.

Donkey:dances to Shrek soundtrack:

Anyway... about these vignettes... they have no continuity. None whatsoever.

Kinda like our lives… or Kaci's face.


Hahaha! I would continue but something tells me somewhere someone's about to throw a shoe at me.

Okay, anyway, we'll be taking turns writing chapters.

Yes, taking turns.

This first chapter is by our lovely Rachel. :gestures emphatically at Rachel:

:grins: I don't normally write...

And it's her first fic of any kind ever, so be kind to her or I shall not hesitate to strangle you with the queer ID lanyards we are forced to wear to school every day...

Haha...this is why I love Kaci.

Any and all flames will be used in the chapter about s'mores. So there.


(flames are meanspirited reviews, Rachel)

I know that!

Okay! Just checking!

I'm not completely stupid!

That's debatable.

If you say that's debatable – man, too late.


:Schmacks you with flaming chia pet:

You know, we should probably wrap this up.

Oh yeah…

Anything else you'd like to say Rachel?

Um...if your going down a dark alleyway...

Don't go there. Just don't.

Cry little beh-beh!

There shall be no frisking today.

:falls off chair: Back to you, Kaci.

On that note, I would like to state that, for all intents and purposes, these vignettes are set in the present, even though the marauders were this age in like... the late 70's.

Ooh, good one Kaci.

Thank you – Hey look! A butterfly!

Follow the butterflies!

Ohh, Rachel, I think you can handle it from here. I'm off to follow the butterfly.

Gee thanks, Kaci. Well I guess that's just about it...anything else I'm sure we'll just throw at you later on… Hey wait Kaci...don't these things usually need a disclaimer thingy?

Oh right.

Disclaimer: WE OWN NOTHING! except for our retarded selves...? I don't know, you do it.

Pfft, they know we don't own Harry Potter

How can they be sure? Huh? Huh?

:ahem: We do not own Harry Potter or any of his predecessors. They are owned by JK Rowling. She's a nice woman, I hear she enjoys buttered toast.

I heard she once bid on a piece of evil toast on e-bay for 300 dollars.

Although, I just made that up.

Yeah me too... :sad face:

So, JK, if you read this and you actually do not like buttered toast, please don't repot us to the authorities.

Though I'm sure if you ask Dom he'll tell you she's full of fish. And she meant "report" not "repot." And sorry if you don't like fish either.

Hahawe need no repotting, we're potted enough already.

Hahahahaha. Snorts Crud, that didn't work right… the laughter kind, not the drug kind.

What kind of sick twisted individual doesn't like buttered toast?

It's so light and fluffy.


Like a little slice of heaven…

Actually, I just remembered I don't like buttered toast.

Hahahaha weren't we like finishing this – wait WHAT?

I'm a disgrace.


I hate it. It's like chewing carpet, as it was so accurately describe in OotP. Icky.

Kaci, you are such a weirdo.

I'm not the one who... wait no, that was me. Anyway, I guess we should be going now, this is probably longer than the chapter.

There's no doubt about that

In fact, I think it should be a chapter of it's own. It could be the prologue!

We should do this periodically… because everyone knows how fascinating we are...:coughsputtersputtercough:

Ahhhhh, I have to go be productive, mom says so.


Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Nooooooo! Not the school supplies!

:points and laughs:

Anything but the school supplies! It's a fate worse than death!

Get some cool evil notebooks.

I HAVE NO EVIL NOTEBOOKS! I feel so unloved...

GET SOME! I have one that says "I'm my evil twin" for my Annamae days and for writing Marauder ideas in.

I'm going to go now.

Right. Toodles!

:gets up:starts to walk away:trips over ottoman:goes sprawling on floor:


:gets back up:sighs resignedly:leaves:

Tata now:runs screaming into room:whacks you:says BOTHER:runs back home and puts up an away message: