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I was dreaming again of the past, of the first time I had come to the Lost Ground.

It's funny, I know I'm dreaming, but, every time, it all feels so real. We sneak off from the military ball, having no interest in it, only there because our families had brought us. We watched the stars, and I told him how close they looked.

"The Lost Ground has a high elevation," he told me, "It's natural that the sky looks closer."

The Lost Ground... I had thought to myself. Out loud, I lamented how incredible it must be to be and Alter user, someone that can only be found in the Lost Ground.

It was only then that I discovered that he was an Alter himself. He told me how it was more a curse than anything. And all I wanted to do was make him smile again. Picking up the crystal that his Alter ability had produced, I promised myself that I would dedicate my life to studying the phenomenon called Alter, and that I would use that knowledge to help all Alter users. After all, I had always believed my father's favorite saying: It's natural for human beings to want to help each other.

Then I would always wake up.

I learned years after leaving the Lost Ground that my beleif was incredibly naive, but I never let go of it. If I lost that belief, it made the world a place to horrible and ugly to bear. Childish as it may be, I like having that small hope for all of mankind, the hope that, no matter what tragedy happens; we can all help each other overcome it.

Something else that I now know is that human beings will always fight. War and battle will always follow people, it is something more sure than time it's self.

I paralleled these two sayings, these two beliefs, to that boy. Years ago, he embodied the first, and now... Now I see that he has embraced the second.

I am currently working against a military organization on the Lost Ground, joining the native Alters that reside outside the city. This organization within the military is known as HOLY. Led by Martin Jigmar, they are responsible for keeping Alter "crime" in check so as to bring order to society.

Only Jigmar has another plan, one I will reveal to the world. The Alters that HOLY captures are sent to the mainland for expirimentation, forced into trials through exploitation and pain. No one has the right to do that to another person, no matter what theory of war and peace you follow. No one.

Because of this, I decided to fight

I sought out an old friend of my father's. Yes, my father, a minister, was once close to this woman, a guru of battle. They would have had to be, after all, she is my aunt.

At first, she told me no. Over and over again, she turned me away. But after coming back day after day, she finally agreed to teach me what she knew. The unfortunate part is that I can never let go of who I was, helping others will always be my first instinct, but I will overcome it...somehow.

I am hoping that when I am strong enough, I can convince him to turn away from HOLY, to see the evil that is Jigmar's real adgenda. I hope that the friendship we once shared will give him cause to believe me. Hope is all I have left.

Hope for myself.

Hope for the Lost Ground.

Hope for the native Alters.

And hope for you, Ryuhou.

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