Chapter One : Wedding

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Jack entered a bar, looking for more crew members to have abord the Pearl. The Black Pearl.

He sat down asking the bartender for a drink. Beside him sat Anamaria. Anamaria looked at Jack drink from the corner of her eyes. She knew he was the one looking for more crew members from his discription.

She had been searching for him since she had heard about his arival. She was in the bar after a long day searching. She took a deep breath.

"Jack, I heard ye' be looking for more crew members, aye?" She asked.

Jack looked at her and nodded. He then got up and stood on the chair he had been sitting on. He then took out his pistol and shot at the ceilling to catch everyone's attention.

Everyone stopped talking and doing what they were doing to look at Jack.

"After three long years, this fine young woman named Cora just acepted my proposal. We need money for our wedding. Anyone care to donate?" Shouted Jack.

People started lining up, while Jack came down. He looked at Anamaria and whisperred.

"Please play along, love, and I'll give ye' 25 of me plunder, savvy?"

As people came to donate and congratulate them, Anamaria grew more and more furious.

After everyone forgot about Jack, Anamaria grabbed Jack's arm and pulled him out of the bar, she then brought him behind the bar to talk to him.

"First off, my name isn't Cora, it's Anamaria. Second, where's my profit? Thirdly, what was that about?" Asked Anamaria, yelling.

Jack rolled his eyes and started dividing the profit they've earned.

"Look. I did that so I can buy some stuff with me crew. Now, what was it you wanted to know, that you were about to ask me about in the bar?"

"I wanted to be part of ye' crew, but I've changed me mind."

"I'd of let ye' 'come part of me crew. Oh well." Said Jack with a grin.

Jack gave Anamaria her profit, and anamaria started walking away.

"HEY! Do you know of any cheap appartments or INNs around this place? I want a break of sleeping on me lovely Black Pearl." Shouted Jack.

"there's not really even INNs around here. But I can let ye' come to my place for a few days." Offered Anamaria.

"Look, love, I'm not a charity case, savvy?" Replied Jack.

"Then what was the 'give us stuff for out wedding' thing about?"

Jack dropped his head, looking down at the ground.

"Fine. But I'm not giving ye' anything in return, savvy?"

"I don't want anything in return, mate." Answerred Anamaria with a smirk on her face.

She lead him to her house. There was only three rooms. A bedroom, kitchen and a bathroom. She led him in the kitchen and took out a drink and gave it to jack. She sat down at her table, and Jack sat down infront of her, taking little sips of his drink at a time.

"Actually, Jack-" Started Anamaria before Jack cut her off.

"Captain Jack Sparrow, if ye' please, love."

"Right... Ummm... I didn't really want to be part of ye' crew. I wanted to know if ye' and your crew would drop me off at Tortuga."

"You're wanting to go to Tortuga, why?" Asked Jack, curiously.

"Because I'm a pirate, why else would I want to go?" Replied Anamaria, grinning.

"Aye. Fine. But what's the profit in it for me?" Asked Jack, seriously.

"Staying here for free, and your stupid wed-" There was a knocking on the door.