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Chapter : Correction, love.

Jack woke up in a big bed. He didn't reconise this bed at all. He sat up only to see Anamaria sitting at the corner of the room. She looked angry and tired out. Jack sighed. 'Where am I? How did I get here?' he asked himself over and over again. The last thing he remembered was saying sorry to Anamaria. A new thought came to his mind, 'Did she shoot me?'. At that thought, Jack looked at his arms and legs, then feeling his chest to make sure there weren't any wounds. Then he remembered, Anamaria was slapping the hell out of him. Jack's eyes opened wide as the sting from her slaps came back. He quickly raised his hand to his swollen up cheek.

"YOU BLOODY IDIOT! WHERE THE BLOODY 'ELL AM I!" Yelled Jack at the top of his lungs.

"Now I'M the idiot? Ye be the one who left me wit' a baby!" Hissed Anamaria.

"Correction, love" Began Jack, before Anamaria cut him off.

"DO NOT call me love you bloody bastard." Hissed Anamaria.

"You had jumped on me." FinishedJack.

"AND YOU LEFT ME!" Shouted Anamaria in rage.

"I left because I was late enouth as it was. I had told ye' that the night before, and I had left a note on the-" Said Jack before Anamaria cut him off, yet again.

"Table, I know. Why d'ye come back? I was searchin' for ye' bloody crew and I couldn't find 'em." Asked Anamaria in a low tone of voice. At this, Jack sighed loudly.

"I was marooned. I came back 'ere after I escaped so I could see ye'." Said Jack in a low voice.

"How'd ye' escape?" Asked Anamaria with great curiousity.

"I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, how'd ye think I escaped?" Answerred Jack with a large grin.

There was a long silent pause. Finally, after about 5 minutes, Jack broke the silence.

"The baby, ye'll keep it?" Asked Jack curiously, looking at Anamaria's belly.

"No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No. I won't. I can't. It deserves more then a life in Tortuga." Answerred Anamaria, losing the look of anger in her face, wich was replaced with a blanc face.

Jack sighed and got out of the bed and walked towards Anamaria to look down at her.

"I'm sure if ye'd keep it, it would turn out ta be a fine kid." Said Jack to cheer Anamaria up.

With this, Anamaria got up from the chair she had been sitting inand nodded, then she walked out of the room.