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Anywhere But Here

Ch.1: The Meeting

A woman in her early twenties walked briskly down a crowded sidewalk in downtown Domino. She seemed to be on a mission, judging her fast pace and expressionless face. Her eyes seemed locked straight ahead, but you couldn't tell, for a pair of expensive, stylish sunglasses covered her eyes. She had a perfect face, with flawless complexion, her soft brown, elbow-length hair gently billowing behind her. The woman wore all white, with a sleeveless turtleneck, white jeans, and a long, white coat that stopped just below her knees. Yet, in this flawless beauty, no one on that street knew that she was Anzu Mazaki. The Anzu Mazaki. The famous dancer. The gorgeous model. The celebrity. Why? Anzu grinned. Her mere disguise of thin metal, pink sunglasses always worked well.

She stopped before a crosswalk as the light turned red, taking this moment to gaze at the city. So many things had changed since she had left six years ago to study dance in New York... the shopping centers, everything. It was no wonder why downtown Domino was so crowded-simply put, it was just a great place to be. Great shopping places, too.

Anzu sighed. Unfortunately, she wasn't there today to shop. Today, Anzu had a meeting with KaibaCorp at 11:00 sharp. They wanted to make a contract with her so that she could model for the company. Anzu sighed again. The businessman who had called her just had to make the appointment at the most inconvenient time. She had only returned back to Domino last night, only to have time to move in to her new penthouse(her furniture and stuff had come before her) and make a couple calls. She could have sent one of her agents or something to the meeting, but something told her that she should go herself. After all, she hadn't seen Kaiba in six years.

"Not that I care, or anything," Anzu thought to herself hurriedly. "Just curious about some old, high-school friends." Ha! More like mortal enemies. "Ok, so maybe I did almost want to choke his guts out more than once, but still, we weren't that bad..."

This, unfortunately, was total BS. But Anzu, being the optimistic, bubbly little Anzu that she was and ever will be, refused to believe this. True, she did want to strangle him 24/7 back in high school, but she never thought of him as a... nemesis or something. And anyways, that was high school. They were adults now, and Anzu was sure that they would be more... civilized... now. (A/N: Ahem, so not true)

She brushed these thoughts aside, and looked down at her silver watch. 10:26. She had half an hour left before the meeting. Good. Anzu always tended to be more than punctual, and at least fifteen minutes early for appointments and the such. She gazed across the street(A/N: This stoplight is taking forever), at the huge, modern building of KaibaCorp. Diagonally across the street was a huge mall. On top of it was a huge billboard(one of those big-screen-TV-like ones) that showed Seto Kaiba in a blue, button-up shirt, with an expensive-looking duel disc. At the bottom, it said, "Coming soon on July 18."

"So that's what he looks like now," she thought. The billboard Kaiba looked pretty much the same, except a little older(duh), shoulders a bit broader... Anzu found herself staring at his intense, blue eyes. "Dang, he is hot," she thought before she could stop herself. "Oh my gosh, did I just think that? Snap out of it, Anzu, out!"She quickly looked away, and her eyes fell back to the road. Into the deep blue eyes. Of a cat. In the middle of the road.

Anzu blinked. What there. What? Sure enough, an adorable white cat sat in the middle of the road, looking completely content. She heard whispers around her. "What's that cat doing there?" "It's going to be roadkill. Poor thing." "Why won't the stupid thing move?" "What's a stray doing here?" "It's not a stray, Yumi, it has a collar, see?" "Aw, it's such a cute little cat!"

The light for the perpendicular street turned orange. But a stray car still drove through. "No, I've got to save it!" Anzu automatically thought, and reacted in the first way she could think of. The driver, who apparently didn't see the cat, was about to crush the little animal... when Anzu dove in.

She scooped up the cat and hugged it tightly to her chest, and tumbled to the other side of the road... She could suddenly feel the weight of a body around her, protecting her, and they had tumbled to the edge of the sidewalk, Anzu in the person's arms...

Spicy cologne. That was what she smelled. She had sensed that they had stopped rolling, and the person-Anzu was now sure that it was a guy- had begun to untangle himself from her. As they slowly got into sitting position, she glimpsed a symbol on his trench coat. "KC". "No... it couldn't be," she whispered in shock. She stared at the symbol still, ignoring the voices and people around her("Are you alright?" "God, that driver should have stopped..."). All she could hear... was her heartbeat.

"K-Kaiba?" she exclaimed, disbelieving. The man looked at her, and she saw his brilliant, blue eyes. Ignoring this, her asked, "Are you alright?"

"Y-yes," she stuttered, but she didn't know whether he could hear her or not, because the people fussing around them had suddenly, at the sound of the word "Kaiba", froze, then go into complete insanity. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh! It's Seto Kaiba! Honey! Take out the camera!" "Ohmigod, ohmigod, it's, like, him!"

There was a flash, and Anzu looked up to see cameramen and reporters. "How did they get here so fast?" She said, exasperated. They both got up, and bodyguard people(probably working for Kaiba) appeared from nowhere to push back the crowds. Kaiba made a move to walk toward the KaibaCorp building, but Anzu(who had the cat in one arm) grabbed his arm.

"How dare you-?" he nsarled, but was cut off by Anzu, who, as she took off her sunglasses, said, "Is that really you, Kaiba?"

He didn't answer, because even more surprised voices filled the air. "Anzu Mazaki?"

Kaiba stared at her, his anger replaced by shock. "Mazaki?"


The two people walked into KaibaCorp, away from the media(which weren't let inside the quiet building). They didn't exchange any words.

Anzu studied his back. "Shoot, even his back is attractive," she thought. Immediately she covered her mouth in horror. "Since when did I- oh my god, I just thought of him attractive..."

Suddenly, Kaiba stopped. He turned around to face Anzu(who's still holding the cat). "You may leave now. I'll have a limo take you home," he said a bit coldly.

Anzu was surprised for a moment. Then she remembered that he probably didn't know how famous she was now. "Um, excuse me, but I actually have a meeting here," she said.

Kaiba rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Just get out of my sight," he growled. He walked away, toward the elevators.

Anzu scowled at his back. Apparently, his temper hadn't changed over the years. "I guess what they say is true," Anzu whispered to herself. "Once a jerk, always a jerk."

She heard a soft mew. The white cat in her arms looked up at her. Anzu couldn't help but smile. She walked over to one of the couches and placed the cat down, sitting next to it. "Now, why were you in the middle of the road," she murmured, and looked at the young cat's tag. "Yoshi, 49 Kyoto Dr., Domino... Hmm ... No phone number." She quickly took out her cellphone from her purse, and pressed "2". "Hey, Lara?" she said. "Hey, um, I kind of have a cat here in my arms that I found on the road. It has a tag, so could you please get someone to pick it up? Mm-hmm. Long story. Later, I have a meeting to go to. Yeah, I'm at Kaiba-Corp. Ok. Uh-huh. Bye." She hung up and looked at her watch, It was only 10:37. Soon, a man came in and promptly came up to her. "Miss Mazaki?" "Oh, Ryan, here's the cat I was talking about. Sorry for the inconvenience." Soon, the cat was put in a little cage, and Kai left. Anzu turned off her cell- she didn't want any calls in the middle of her meeting. And there was definitely going to be some calls from her manager, Kai, after her little... tumbling incident with Kaiba, which would no doubt be on TV.

Shaking her head, she walked over to one of the counters. "Excuse me, I'd like to know which room my appointment is," she said politely. The counter-person, who was a blue-haired girl, said, without looking up, "Name, please?"

"Anzu Mazaki." The girl looked up in surprise. "Oh! Um, ok, just a moment..." As she hurriedly typed on the computer, she said in a flustered voice, "Oh, Miss Mazaki, it's an honor to serve you today...", and blabbered on about other stuff. Finally, the girl said, "your appointment with Mr Takigawa will be in his office, Office 742. That's the seventh level. Elevators are on the far right wall."

Anzu thanked her, and went into the elevator. The buttons went up to twenty. "Mn, this place is big." she said to herself, pressing the "seven" button. As the elevator began to move, she examined herself in the marble wall's reflection. Surprisingly, her white clothing wasn't even dirty. Her her hair was alright, and back into its shampoo-commercial-worthy state after she ran her fingers through it a couple times.

"Level... Four," the elevator's mechanical voice said. The doors opened, and standing there was none other than... Seto Kaiba. "...You," they both simultaneously said. There was a long silence as they stared at each other . The doors began to close, but Kaiba stuck an arm in, and easily opened them again, He walked in and pressed the button for Level Nine. The doors closed.

They stood there in silence. Each person was too preoccupied in his/her own thoughts to notice that that silence would be awkward.

"Him again? Why do I keep bumping into him? Geez, I think this place just got ten times hotter than before... Oh my god, Anzu, you're freaking out, just, just stop... thinking!"

"Her again? What's she doing here? I've had enough of her for a day... Damn..." Kaiba silently cursed.

"Level... seven," the mechanical voice stated. The doors glided open, and Anzu walked out, forcing herself not to spare Kaiba a glance. The doors closed. The time was 10:47.


Seto Kaiba groaned with frustration, slamming his fists into his huge desk. Everything was going wonderful for his company- profits were up 15, and the latest edition of the duel disk was about to come out. So why was he so frustrated? "I need to get out more," he growled to himself. "Hmm ... why not? I could use a break," he thought, and was about to grab his coat, when he remembered. "Damn, those reporters will be all over me if I step out there." After a moment's thought, he took out his high-tech, wafter-thin cellphone. "Schultz? Get a limo to the southern entrance. Now." And with that, he put on his coat and walked out of his office. "I'm taking a break," he said to one of his secretary. "Yes sir," she automatically replied, and typed something onto her computer.

He walked out of the huge building and into the limo. He didn't know what was bothering him, but he would get rid of it. "Destination?" The driver said politely. "Anywhere but here," Kaiba sighed.


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