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Chapter Five
The Final Battle

"Now, now… You wouldn't want to shoot the little baby girl, would you?" Naraku asked, holding Aiko close to his body. Aiko started to cry. The policemen's weapons wavered in the air before lowering. "Good decision." He had grabbed Aiko as soon as he had knocked Kagome out, ensuring his own safety.

Naraku went before them, coolly knocking each of them out with the butt of his gun before depositing Aiko back onto Kagome's limp body. Inu-chan hurriedly put his baby sister back next to his mother, and the baby stopped crying. Naraku went back to the policemen to grab their guns and put them on the kitchen counter where he could see them. It wouldn't do for them to come to with a weapon in their hands.

Inu-chan was hiccupping and shaking from the force of his trembles. "Mama… Mama…" He whispered, pushing Kagome's body back and forth after she had fallen. She had fallen a little to the side, and Aiko was still quiet. Inu-chan was unable to keep in his fear, and his sobs were starting to get louder and louder.

"Shut up, you little brat," Naraku said nonchalantly.

"You smell bad!" Inu-chan exclaimed rebelliously, standing in front of her mother in a typical protective stance, although he was shaking. Naraku rose an eyebrow at this, and smirked.

"You are your father's child, I suppose. Now, don't be as stupid as your Daddy," he cooed as he grabbed the kid by the neck.

Inu-chan gasped for breath, kicking the air as he was lifted off the ground.

"Papa's… not… stupid," he gasped out, his little claws desperately trying to dig into Naraku's hand.

"Just as stubborn as well," Naraku murmured. He threw the child into the wall, where Inu-chan hit the back of his head and was knocked out. "Now for the others," he murmured to himself, going towards the bedroom which held the monk and the exterminator.

When he tried to open the door however, a bolt of power went through him, blowing him away from the door. As he recovered on the other side of the room, his palm was sizzling with burn marks. "A ward, hm? I see, monk. Clever. I forgot you had spiritual powers." Naraku just shrugged. He would be able to get in later. For now, he would have his fun with the unconscious little boy, the one that looked so similar to his rival and hated enemy.

Whistling to Inu-chan as if he was a dog, he approached the stirring boy next to the wall. "Come here, boy." Naraku lifted Inu-chan by the back of the neck of the shirt. Inu-chan started to choke on his shirt and Naraku rolled his eyes. His cold smile took place on his face as he sat on one of the sofas, his own claws running over the boy's face softly. "We'll have fun, hm?"

"You… bad…" Inu-chan murmured.

"Yes, boy… You'll see how bad I can be," he murmured as his claws began to sink deeper.

"Shippou!" Someone hissed to him. "Shippou! Wake the fuck up!" Someone was shaking him. He was cold… He was alone… He was imagining things…


"Ow!" Shippou jerked awake, rubbing his head where some unknown enemy had just hit him.

"Shut the hell up Shippou! I made sure no one found out that I snuck into the house, so don't give me away!" Inuyasha hissed.

"Inuyasha?" Shippou gasped. He touched Inuyasha's shirt with trembling fingers, and was about to jump at him when Inuyasha clapped a hand to his shoulder.

"I know you're feeling pretty shook up right now. But right now I need you to put yourself together fast so we can get back home as fast as we can. Can you do that?"

Shippou blinked fast to rid himself of tears. Inuyasha had found him after all. But he was right. Now was not the time to cry about it.

"Yeah," Shippou replied, glad to hear his voice did not tremble.

"That's a good boy," Inuyasha rumbled. "Get on my back. We can travel faster that way." Shippou climbed onto Inuyasha's shoulder so that Inuyasha could have more mobility. "All right, let's blow this fucking joint!" Inuyasha declared quietly. He made sure that everything was the way it was, and closed the door softly. They made their way through the house and made it out the front door. Shippou almost couldn't believe they had made it out without running into anyone.

When they were a good distance from the house, Shippou felt normal enough to bicker with Inuyasha again.

"Figures it would take you a long time to find me," Shippou remarked sarcastically. Inuyasha growled.

"I tracked you down to the little girl's house, but then I saw Kagura. I decided to let her take you so that I could know where the hell there hideout is so that their asses can get busted."

Shippou paused. This actually wasn't a bad idea. Still…

"So you used me as bait! Bastard!" Shippou grumbled. Inuyasha 'Keh'ed.

"Got you out, didn't I? Now let's go back home. Naraku wasn't at that house, and it makes me nervous."

"So where would Naraku be?" Shippou asked out of curiosity.

"I don't know," Inuyasha replied, his voice tense. They were quiet the rest of the way, somehow feeling the intensity of the need to return.

Kagome slowly, very slowly, came back to reality. Her head throbbed where she had been hit, and nausea made her breath short. Her eyes opened slowly, and she stopped herself from groaning. Naraku was kneeling next to the dead policeman, turning himm over and examining them. For what, she wasn't sure. Without moving her head too much, she scanned the area. She thought she saw the barrel of a gun hanging over the kitchen counter, but couldn't be too sure about that from her position.

The sound of something ripping brought her attention back to Naraku. He was mutilating the body, his eyes cold and precise. She closed her eyes for a moment, bracing herself for the view he was treating her. A sudden thought made her eyes pop open in fear and disregard for what Naraku was doing.

My babies… Where are my babies?!

Kagome immediately located Aiko next to her body, but Inu-chan was another matter. She looked for his dark head, and her breath caught when she saw his feet coming off the side of the sofa. She couldn't tell if he was alive or… or…

Her breath hitching, she sat up, disregarding the fact that she would give away that she was awake to Naraku. Thinking semi-logically, she flew to her bedroom door, sensing the spiritual power barricading it. She automatically knew that it would let her open it. As she did, she deposited Aiko inside, and quickly shut it. As she did, a palm slapped on the door, trying to keep it open, but it was too late. Naraku made a noise of disappointment as his palm sizzled again, and his arm came around her throat to cut off some of her hair. Struggling, she scratched at his forearms, but he disregarded the small stinging gestures.

"Listen, love. You ought to stop that kind of foolishness right now."

"Don't call me love," Kagome gasped out, her eyes on her son on the couch. Now that her vantage point was different, she saw that he was lying on the couch, but something was wrong, very wrong. His hair was covering his face, but she saw something dark dripping onto the floor… Couldn't be blood… Her baby was alive… Had to be alive…

"What the fuck did you to my baby!" She screeched, fear for her child overriding any sense of logic.

Naraku chuckled. "I just made it a little more… obvious that he has demon blood. You know, I never would have known he had a hanyou for a father if it wasn't for his ears. You should thank me for making him more pretty," he drawled.

"You son of a bitch!" Kagome slammed her elbow into his midriff, stepped on Naraku's foot, and spun around in his slackened grip to use the heel of her hand against his nose. She had to have learned a few things while being married to Inuyasha. Naraku stepped back, blood pouring from his nose. Kagome ran for it.

Naraku jumped for the couch, figuring she was heading to the couch for her son. He was wrong. She had ran to the kitchen counter where she could now see that it was guns up there. Grabbing one, she spun around and pointed it at Naraku. She shot once, twice to get him away from Inu-chan. Naraku raised both his hands in surrender, a half-smile on his face.

"What are you going to do, Kagome-chan? Kill me?"

Hatred coursed through her, making her trembling hand steady and her eyes blaze. He had hurt her baby. That was the biggest mistake that he had ever made in her life. She felt Naraku's barrier outside being attacked. Inuyasha was back.

Naraku's smile faltered as he began to scowl. He knew Inuyasha was back as well.

Kagome's stance became relaxed in the way that she was confident.

"Move one inch, and you can bet you'll have a fucking hole in your head," Kagome hissed.

"Now, now, Kagome. You and I both know that you don't have the balls to—"

Kagome shot at his feet, where she missed his toe by a millimeter. Naraku froze.

"Underestimating me right now is a bad idea. A really bad idea."

"So I see," Naraku murmured.

Kagome felt something inside the house pulse, and as a result felt Naraku's barrier being forcibly lowered. Naraku took that moment of unguarded vulnerability to try to rush her. Her gun was already raised—two things happened at once. She shot him in the chest, and Inuyasha barged in, breaking down the front door in his rage.

Snarling in rage, Inuyasha jumped on a gasping Naraku. However, Naraku still had enough power to run his claws through Inuyasha's midriff.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome cried out, trying to aim and fire at Naraku. Inuyasha was too close to Naraku, however. She threw down the gun in frustration, and ran over to help. She tried to kick Naraku's head, but his free hand grabbed her ankle, pulling on it abruptly to make her fall. Landing on the floor with a thud, she rolled away. Inuyasha had pulled himself free, but was bleeding heavily. Naraku held a hand to his chest, trying to put pressure on it himself. If Kagome was right, there was no exit wound. Inuyasha fell to one knee, coughing up blood on the floor.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome exclaimed, trying to go to him.

"Stay where you are!" Inuyasha growled, making Kagome freeze. "Don't come any closer," Inuyasha ordered harshly.

Naraku lifted himself from the ground, standing. A small dribble of blood was coming out of his mouth. He smiled at Inuyasha, who was bleeding much more heavily out of the bigger wound.

"You think this will stop me?" Inuyasha growled, his hand clenching on his wound. He jumped at Naraku again, both rolling on the ground and viciously trying to kill the other. Inuyasha was much more mindful of Naraku's claws, and Naraku learned that Inuyasha also had similar weapons as he was swiped at continuously. Kagome inched across the wall to the sofa again, going to her son while her husband fought for all of them. She wondered why the other policemen weren't coming in, but felt Naraku's barrier was still intact. Inuyasha must have been the only one who made it through the barrier, Kagome thought.

Kagome made it to the sofa, and she lifted her child. There were horizontal slash marks across the boy's cheeks, as a demon would have. They were fresh, still bleeding, and Kagome's lip trembled. Tears came to her eyes as she tried to wipe away some of the blood with her sleeve. She jumped away when Inuyasha was thrown into the wall and debris went everywhere. She would have to make it to her bedroom again. She trusted Miroku's wards to keep Inu-chan safe.

She made her way to the other side of the room to the door. Making sure Naraku was plenty occupied she opened the door once more.

"Here," Miroku's voice whispered, and he reached out to take Inu-chan. He must have been expecting her. "You come in, too," Miroku whispered.

Kagome shook her head, trying to peer into the crack. "I'm all right. Please just take care of my babies." She firmly shut the door between them herself.

She stood, and felt a presence behind her. Before she could turn around, she was hit with such force that it knocked her sideways.

"KAGOME!" She heard Inuyasha's shout. She felt the pulse within the house once more, and Inuyasha apparently felt it as well, because he ran towards the pulsing energy with purpose. Naraku went after him, but Inuyasha got the small supply closet and got what he was looking for. It was the sword, the one that he had had before but couldn't remove from the sheath.

Kagome looked up from the ground blearily, and her eyes met Inuyasha's. A sudden strength surged through her, and she looked towards the sword. She stared at it as Inuyasha unsheathed the blade, and it pulsed once more as he pulled it out. She thought it was an old, rusty blade at first, but instead became a humongous blade that Inuyasha shouldn't have been able to hold up—but did.

Inuyasha blinked. He hadn't been expecting this. A split second later, he was using the humongous blade as a shield against Naraku's attack.

"Oh, puppy learned a new trick?" Naraku drawled, but Inuyasha could tell that Naraku was troubled by this new turn of events.

"Keh. The only new trick you're going to learn is how to beg for mercy!" Inuyasha yelled as he jumped into the air with the sword. The sword came down with a surprising force, making Naraku retreat a little.

"Oh, I'll show you a nice trick…" Kagome thought her eyes were tricking her at first, but quickly knew that she wasn't hallucinating when Naraku's figure started to grow. It wasn't merely growing, but changing… Mutating.

As his figure became too much, the roof expanding, he tore through the ceiling to literally bring down the house around them. Inuyasha jumped towards Kagome, shielding her from the heavy debris with his own body. She heard him grunt as undoubtedly heavy pieces of their house were falling on him. When things were a little more quiet, he stood, pushing away the debris with his body. As soon as he emerged, however, he was caught by a large spider leg. Kagome looked fearfully towards her bedroom, and breathed a sigh of relief to see that it was still up. She tried to look for the policemen as well, but saw them scrambling off to the side, helping each other. At least they were both alive—for now.

Kagome frantically rolled away as a spider leg landed where she had been just a second ago. She looked up to see her worst nightmare come true. The world's largest spider—and demon—standing in her destroyed living room. She wanted to laugh hysterically at the thought of calling terminators.

Bringing herself under control, she looked around for anything she might be able to use. She looked for the guns on the kitchen counter, but half the counter was missing and she was sure the guns were knocked off. She ran towards the counter, intent on finding the weapons so she could help in some small way. As Naraku fought against Inuyasha, still inside his own barrier, Kagome dug in the debris for the small weapons. When she found one of the guns, she got to her feet, aiming at the underbelly of the enormous spider.

As she got off a round of shots, she saw the spider flinch a bit with each shot. It wasn't hurting him drastically, but Kagome thought it irritated him. She didn't see the spider leg as it quickly pinned her down on the ground—hard. Gasping for breath, she made a futile effort to lift the enormous pressure. She knew Naraku wasn't putting his whole weight on her—otherwise she would have had a hole through her the size of a tree trunk.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha landed next to her, and with a swipe of the enormous sword, the spider leg was gone.

Naraku screeched an awful cry as he tipped over a little. Inuyasha grabbed the dizzy Kagome and leaped into the air with the sword.

Kagome dizzily aimed her gun again, and shot off her last bullet into one of Naraku's eight eyes.

Naraku shrieked, one of his eyes bloody and unseeing. His leg waved around, trying to catch them in the air, but Inuyasha somehow maneuvered them through the air, and he landed on the other side of the barrier behind the spider, depositing Kagome down next to the policemen.

"Protect her," Inuyasha growled before he was attacking Naraku again, cutting down another one of the insect's legs.

"Do you have an extra gun?" Kagome asked the policemen, her sense returning to her.

"Uh, yeah. He didn't check our ankle holsters," one of them said. Shinji, she thought.

"Good, give it to me." She took the small gun, and began to aim at the spider. She froze when one of the spider legs speared through Inuyasha—again.

"Inuyasha!" She knew he healed fast, but this couldn't be healthy for him. Fear and anger drove her gun up, and she fired. What happened surprised her.

From the gun came not a bullet, but a wave of pink energy that tore a hole the size of two of his own legs put together through his body.

Screeching his pain and his rage, he turned towards her once more, throwing Inuyasha off to the side. Cold fury made her steadily aim at his head again.

She felt the energy once more, and she channeled it into the weapon in her hands. This time when she shot, the effect was much more powerful. A larger wave of energy shot towards the spider's head. He dodged at the last moment, and it went through what would have been his "shoulder."

The spider lunged at her, his pincers closing in on her—

Inuyasha was there, his sword being used as a stick to keep the pincers open.

Blood dripped down where he was standing.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome gasped, her hands going to his bloody back, where he had been torn through. She could almost feel the hole there. He turned his head to look at her.

"What was that?" he asked, indicating the gun in her hands. She shook her head, confused herself.

"I don't know."

"How can you not know what you just did?!" Inuyasha gasped out, the spider struggling to get closer to them.

"I don't know!" Kagome answered back, a hint of desperation tingeing her voice. She knew as much as he did—nothing.

"Well, I don't know what the hell that was, but it's pretty damn powerful. When I give you my command, when there's a signal, shoot at his head," Inuyasha murmured. With a powerful push, he deflected the spider and jumped, his sword pointed down towards the spider's midriff. Naraku sensed this attack and jumped away, facing both of them.

Inuyasha kept trying to spear him through, and Kagome grew nervous, awaiting Inuyasha's signal, her gun drawn and raised.

When Kagome met Inuyasha's eyes for a second, she knew. Inuyasha made an imperceptible nod, and she shot. The wave of energy missed. She sagged. That had been the last bullet.

Naraku turned, lunging once more at her. Inuyasha came at Naraku from behind, using his sword to come down on Naraku's neck—the joint that connected the ghastly spider head to the midriff. Naraku made a spider's shriek as Inuyasha's sword cut smoothly through to the ground below, making Naraku crash down from the blow.

Inuyasha had Naraku pinned down. And she had no bullets. Gritting her teeth, she looked around for weapons once more.

"Hey, I have my gun from my ankle holster too," the other policeman said. He pulled it out. Kagome felt tears sting her eyes.

"Thank you," she whispered, taking it. She aimed carefully at the flailing spider, and she met Inuyasha's eyes once more. She made a nod, aimed, and fired. The bullet, along with a tidal wave of pink energy, came towards Naraku. Inuyasha pulled his sword out at the last second, and the bullet went through Naraku's head, his midriff, and exited out the back. The energy that came with the bullet completely destroyed Naraku's physical body, his dying spider scream making Kagome's hair stand on end.

Gasping for breath, she collapsed as Inuyasha ran to her.

"Kagome, you were absolutely brilliant!" Inuyasha exclaimed, lifting her into an embrace. He winced a little as the move tore at his injury more. Kagome tried to weakly push herself out of his arms, but he only hugged her harder.

"It's over, it's over, it's over," he repeated over and over again. Kagome nodded, her arms going around his neck and tears pricking her eyes. She felt Naraku's barrier go down, and she heard the two policemen next to them shout to other people as sounds from the outside came filtering in.

"What the hell happened here?!" She heard a voice roar, and she later found out it was police chief.

Miroku came out of the room, carrying baby Aiko and a ruffled Sango carrying Inu-chan—still unconscious. Kagome found new strength as she shoved out of Inuyasha's arms to Inu-chan. She stared at his face, which was still bloody with the cuts Naraku had made. Inuyasha was beside her in an instant, and she felt his shock and rage down to her soul.

"Naraku did this?" He hissed.

"He's dead. There's nothing more we can do," Kagome whispered, taking Inu-chan into her arms, nuzzling him carefully. Inu-chan stirred, but did not wake. "My poor baby," she whispered.

"Bring him back from the dead. I'll fucking tear him apart piece by piece!" He yelled with a raw voice, his anger making him sound much more animalistic.

"Inuyasha," Kagome said as she laid a calming hand on his shoulder, "calm down. Help me help Inu-chan right now. He needs us more than he needs you to go on a rampage."

Inuyasha was tense a moment before he turned and took Inu-chan from Kagome's arms. His trembling fingers ran down Inu-chan's face.

"I apologize, Inuyasha," Miroku said softly from the side. "I was selfish and protected only Sango and our unborn child. I did not try to venture from the room for fear that Naraku would make it inside and kill Sango."

"I understand, Miroku. Don't apologize to me for protecting your mate and pup. It's what I should have done." Guilt made Inuyasha's voice rough.

Kagome was about to reply against Inuyasha's self incrimination, but a camera was shoved into her face.

"What happened here, Kagome-san? It is reported that serial killer Naraku had—"

"Please. No comments at this time. As you see, you are standing on our ruined home. Perhaps we can discuss this when we've at least found a hotel room and have freshened ourselves—"

"Get the fuck away from my mate!" Inuyasha growled, shoving away the reporter with gentle force despite his harsh words.

"Kagome!" Kagome heard Shippou's call from the crowd. The policemen were trying to get a handle on things. They were all first in shock, and the reporters were going crazy trying to get the coverage, but as soon as the policemen got a handle of themselves, they pushed back the gawking crowd.

Inuyasha, Kagome, her family, her friends, were all escorted to police cars (picking up Shippou along the way to the cars as well), and driven to the nearest hotel. Two complimentary rooms were given to them. The police chief had insisted on taking a statement the following day, when they were in much better shape.

Inuyasha himself was advised to go to a hospital, but he had adamantly refused, even threatening to cut off hands with his sword. "Don't fucking touch me unless you want to lose that appendage," he had growled.

At the hotel, Kagome had ordered a first-aid kid, and had patched him up herself.

Inu-chan had come to, and the first thing he had done was start to cry. It had taken Kagome and Inuyasha the better part of an hour making him go to sleep again. To make matters worse, Aiko had started to cry as well when her brother did, and it took her longer to calm down. Kagome changed Aiko's diaper and tried to feed her, but Aiko merely let out all of the terror she had felt that night.

When both children were asleep, Inuyasha and Kagome curled around each other and fell asleep as well. Consequences be damned, they would deal with everything in the morning.

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