A/N: Some have worried that Harry's main personality would be kind of empty if the emotions of the other personalities were denied him. Don't worry. Harry can feel the same emotions as the others. What the other personalities keep from Harry is their own unique mindset and the way they look at things. Granted, each personality is more comfortable with certain emotions, but that doesn't mean they can't feel other types.

The only personalities that are the only ones that can feel a specific emotion are Demon and Boy. Demon eats rage and hate, not allowing any of the others to feel those emotions. But they can still feel anger, just not extreme blind rage. And Boy is the only one who can feel terror. If any of the other personalities begin to feel terrified, Boy would immediately surface. But the other personalities can still feel fear and anxiety.

Let me know if I'm not making sense. I'll try to be as clear as I can in the future. Thank you!

Escape from the Dursley's

The first week back with the Dursley's had been relatively tolerable. Vernon took to ignoring him mostly, and Dudley did too. All his school things were locked up again, but they allowed Hedwig to fly free at night as long as she was back by dawn. Petunia unlocked Harry's door at that time everyday to check that the owl was in and to let Harry (really Rose) out.

Rose made breakfast, cleaned the house, tended the garden, and eventually made dinner. As soon as those chores were done, she was sent back up to Dudley's second bedroom and locked inside, usually around six. She was lucky to get a small lunch and sneak a few bites of dinner while she made it.

Around ten, Harry would let Hedwig out to fly all night and would eat the scraps of food pushed to him through the cat flap at the bottom of the door. Bars were back on the window and looked stronger than ever, now anchored in the window's new steel frame. The room was empty of anything except the bed with its single thin sheet and Hedwig's cage that sat on the floor in the corner. The cabinet that he hid Dobby in last summer was gone, so was every single one of Dudley's broken toys.

Harry spent more than twelve hours a day in that bare room, four of those awake and playing with Hedwig. So things weren't really terrible. Boy hadn't yet needed to come Out and none of the others were restless yet. But all this changed exactly a week after school let out.

The Dursley's were eating dinner so the televisions were all off and the house was silent enough that Harry could hear his family talking quietly while he sat up in his room petting Hedwig. Then the phone rang. Harry didn't hear who picked it up, but could clearly hear who was calling, even from his room.

"HELLO? HELLO? CAN YOU HEAR ME? I – WANT – TO – TALK – TO – HARRY – POTTER!" Ron yelled. Harry moaned. He knew his friend was a pureblood wizard, but surely he could have found out the proper way of using a phone before calling!

"WHO IS THIS?" Vernon roared. "WHO ARE YOU?"

"RON – WEASLEY! I'M – A – FRIEND – OF – HARRY'S – FROM – SCHOOL!" Harry began to breathe faster. He was in for it now. Ron should have known better than to mention Hogwarts.


And then there was a slam of the phone against the wall and Harry's uncle's thunderous footsteps coming up the stairs. Harry rushed over to Hedwig's cage and let her out, ordering her to stay away and meet him at Hogwarts. He didn't want his enraged Uncle to hurt her. She flew gracefully out the window and Boy was Out before Harry's door was unlocked and his Uncle came storming in.


"I'm sorry!" Boy screamed as he was lifted up off the floor by his shirt. "Please! Please, don't hurt me! I'm sorry, Uncle!"

A fist came crashing into Boy's face and he collided with the wall painfully. Vernon used the wall to brace himself against as he began kicking the boy as hard as he could. He did this until he was out of breath and left the room. Moaning pitifully, rocking and holding himself, Boy sobbed, not daring to move. Vernon came back in caring a long leather whip. He was ginning.

"You'll learn this time, Boy. You'll learn this time."

The whip snapped out. Boy screamed.

Vernon hissed and whipped him again, "Don't you scream, freak! (Snap) The neighbors will hear you! (Crack) Maybe next time you won't be so stupid!"

"Sorry." Boy whined and whimpered.

He stuffed his fists into his mouth to stop his shrieks as the whip kept coming down on him. Eventually his shirt fell away from being shredded to pieces and blood drenched the floor. It splattered delicately on the wall and ceiling as it flew off the whip. Boy was laying flat on the floor by this time, barely conscious, his breath ragged, his mind consumed with roaring agony.

Vernon paused and looked down at the bloody mess at his feet. The lashes were so deep he could see the white of the boy's ribs in three places and the boy's spine in the center of his back. The rest was raw bloody muscle. There were only a few ragged strips of skin left. He grunted in approval and left the room, locking the door behind him.


The Dursleys left Harry in the room for three days before checking on him. Boy lay where they left him. He had a high fever, dry, cracked and bleeding lips, and a back full of scabs, weeping sores, and bloody meat. Petunia rushed out feeling sick and ordered Vernon to do something. Vernon grimaced and filled the tub with cold water before dropping the boy into it back first.

Boy screamed and screamed. When he eventually calmed down, he realized he was in the bathroom alone. Shaking, sobbing, and weak, he forced himself to sit up and drink from the facet. The bath water was quickly turning blood red, his back was bleeding again. He could hardly move the pain was so great. Breathing in great gasps of air, he lay draped over the side of the tub, shaking violently. Everything tilted horrifically in his fevered eyes and he cried, frightened. He begged the empty room for comfort, but nothing answered.

Vernon came back half an hour later, "You done making such a racket?"

He got a whimper in response as the Boy flinched weakly away. Vernon dragged him back over the side of the tub so that all of Harry's back was accessible and poured rubbing alcohol all over it. Boy jerked, spasming from the pain, screaming hoarsely, but Vernon's meaty hand held him in place. Ragged screams and heaving sobs came from the broken child for long torturous minutes before he went limp and passed out.


Still filled with pain, it was Boy who woke hours later, his back afire. He was alone in the room. All the dried blood was still there. No one bothered to try and clean it. Boy winced away from it, crawling to a clean spot away from the memories. He huddled there, naked, cold, he HURT! But he had no more tears to cry. He shook and rocked back and forth, keening miserably.


Petunia began tossing food and a bottle of water through the cat flap everyday. Boy ate shakily. The pain almost made him vomit it up. It never ended, it was piercing, maddening. Magic surged through him and worked hard to relieve the torment, but the damage was so great it took six days. Boy heaved a tired sigh and fell back for the first time since the phone call. Harry resurfaced.


Petunia came up to check on him the next morning. Her lips were pursed. The quick healing was an obvious sign of the magic she detested, but she said nothing when Harry's bewildered and frightened eyes met hers. Harry was very confused. He didn't remember anything, but the evidence of his shredded bloody shirt and the dry blood everywhere told him something had happened. He began to hyperventilate.

"Aunt… What…"

"Come make breakfast and I'll let you have some." She said sharply and threw him a new shirt and pants. They were still Dudley cast-offs.

Harry hurried into them and stood unsteadily. He was himself all the way to the kitchen, but the familiar environment called to Rose and she came Out to do what she was good at. She was her normal self, sweet and polite. Petunia nodded in satisfaction and true to her word allowed Harry to eat, but not with them. She had the boy sit outside on the backdoor's step. Rose ate daintily and then moved to tend the garden. It was looking ragged from the long days where it hadn't been tended.

"What are you doing?" Petunia glared at the boy. "I didn't tell you to work on the garden! Get in here right now. You can start your chores by cleaning up your room!"

Rose nodded with a willing smile and hurried to do as she was bid. It took almost three hours to get all the blood cleaned up. Petunia took the cleaning supplies away and locked the door. Harry blinked awake, looked around the clean room lit by the afternoon sun, and began to cry. Why couldn't he remember what happened after releasing Hedwig? Why did he keep blacking out? Had he imagined all the blood from earlier? His uneasy thoughts followed him down into sleep, and he had confused and chaotic dreams.


Gabriel came into the soul chamber with a long sigh, "Kit is beginning to sleep restlessly. It's been months. She will want Out soon and the longer she is forced to wait, the worse she'll be when she's Out, right?"

"Yes." Silas answered distractedly. He was thinking of other things.

"We can't have her come Out while we're here." Gabriel got up to pace agitatedly. "What if he was affected by Kit's allure?"

"I know." Silas glared icily.

"What are we going to do about it? Maybe I should just hex the bastard." Gabriel growled and ran his hands through his auburn hair. His movements were tense, so very unlike his usual confident steadiness. But that won him no sympathy from the Slytherin.

"Brilliant. Typical Gryffindor stupidity." Silas hissed scornfully. "What magic are you going to use to hex the fat pig? Our magical stores were rather depleted by Boy."


The daily routine at the Dursley's went back to the way it had been before Ron called, though all the Dursley's were tense and watchful. Thankfully, Silas had a plan and only had to wait four days to put it in action. He told Rose to open the junk drawer and slip the cupboard key into her pocket while she was working. She was reluctant. That wasn't a very polite thing to do. She wanted to please the Dursley's very much. But Silas was the unofficial leader and insisted.

Later that day, while Rose was cleaning, he took over and snuck into the hallway. He quickly unlocked the cupboard under the stairs and allowed Rose to go back to cleaning. While she was making dinner that night, she slipped the key back into the drawer, no one the wiser. Now they just had to wait a little longer for their magic to replenish itself. Silas would use wandless magic to unlock the bedroom door and then they'd sneak downstairs, open the cupboard silently, grab what they needed, and be off.

Unfortunately, they had to act before their magic strength came back in full. Three days after Silas had unlocked the cupboard door, Hedwig flew to Harry in the late afternoon, when the sun was still up. She had a letter in her beak. It must be important for her to break the rule of only flying to Number 4 at night, but Harry couldn't worry about that. He heard Vernon's furious roar of "Boy!" and knew something bad was coming.


"We can't wait any longer." Silas said grimly and held Boy's door shut as it tried to open to allow him Out.

When they went in-between their personal bedrooms and the main soul chamber, their bedroom doors opened inward. They always opened toward the sitting room when that personality went Out, so Silas pushed all his weight against Boy's cupboard door so it couldn't open outward.

"Go Gabriel! Try not to use magic! Bluff, you moron, and get to the cupboard. Grab our broom and Dad's cloak, and fly out of here. Leave everything else. It's replaceable. No justice, no confrontations. Get out of the house as soon as you can!"

"Alright!" Gabriel snapped and disappeared, his door slamming open as he went. Harry formed unconscious on the couch. Silas relaxed his hold on Boy's door and went to sit with Harry. He knew the young teen didn't know he was there, but he felt he had to stand watch over him anyway.


Vernon unlocked all the locks on Harry's door and threw it open. He opened his mouth to yell, but was frozen to the spot as Harry stood in the center of the room, arm held high and a demonic smile on his lips.

"Get out of my way or I'll hex you dead." Gabriel whispered fiercely, legs trembling. He felt unbalanced. He never felt anything less than sure of himself, but this man's face provoked a gut deep reaction that couldn't be batted away easily. Gabriel gritted his teeth and stood firm. "Now!"

"You can't! You'll be expelled from that bloody school of yours!" Vernon took a step into the room, but stopped again when Harry began to laugh.

"You think I care about that now? I'd rather die than let you touch me. Let them expel me. I don't care. As long as you're in the lowest pit of Hell first!"

Vernon's face turned purple, but he moved out of the way. Gabriel stalked forward, his arms still raised. He stepped out of the room backward so he didn't have to face away from the monster. He walked downstairs sideways. Petunia covered her mouth in shock when she saw him and he pointed his other hand at her. She rushed into the kitchen and slammed the door.

Gabriel maneuvered the cupboard door open with his foot and grabbed their broom. As quick as he could, he threw open their school trunk and grabbed the invisibility cloak. Thankfully it was on top. The back door was closer and Silas told him to get out as quick as he could, but he couldn't stand backing down.

So he walked toward their Uncle, fighting the revulsion that rose up in him, making him want to puke. He passed the quivering man and strode out the front door. Laughing in triumph, he mounted their broom and threw the cloak over himself and disappeared from view. Silas took over. He slowed the broom down and read the note. He frowned deeply. It was from Hermione.

Dear Harry,

Ron wrote to me and told me about his phone call to your Uncle. I do hope you're alright (And if I wasn't, I'm sure this letter would have helped greatly, Silas sneered.) I'm on holiday in France… (Blah, blah, blah, he skipped a large chunk.)… but then Hedwig turned up! I guess she thinks you could use a letter… (Blah, blah.)… I'll write you again when I send you your birthday present. See you on the Hogwarts Express on September first.

Love from,


Silas stuffed the useless letter into his pocket angrily. Stupid girl, he took back every nice thing he had ever thought about her intelligence. Hedwig flew into view, coasting alongside him, obviously enjoying flying. He glared hotly, but of course he was invisible and the bird didn't notice.

"Was that really necessary, Hedwig?" He demanded. "You know not to come to the house when the sun is still up."

She hooted happily. Silas told her she was just lucky he didn't swerve to 'accidentally' knock her from the sky. At least the damn letter told him one thing. It was July 19th. Twenty three days since he left school. It had seemed like a much longer time. Silas hardened his expression and flew faster. Night had fallen fully and he was tired and cold.


Professor Snape,

I wouldn't write you were it not an emergency. My life was in danger and I fled. I am uncertain of my location. Please follow my owl and retrieve me. It is important that you come alone and tell no one as of yet about this difficulty. I assure you that the reasons behind this will become clear.

A student in need.

"Hedwig." Silas said hoarsely. "Come."

He had landed on a street in London and had gone to an alley before taking off their invisibility cloak. Hedwig obeyed and he gave her the letter. She took it and nipped at his fingers affectionately. Silas pet her once only because he was obliged to for Harry.

"Take that to Professor Snape. Lead him here."

As she flew off, Silas ignored Gabriel's enraged ranting and snuck across the street to a convenience store. He used the bathroom to thirstily drink from the facet. He grimaced at being brought so low, but their survival was more important. Feeling better, he returned to the alley Hedwig had left him in and rested against the wall.

An hour later, Professor Snape appeared. He strode from the gloom, the white snowy owl flying before him. His wand was out, down by his leg, and hidden from Muggle view should any be looking. His eyes glittered with suspicion and malice as he approached the dark alley. Silas was tense with strain. Harry had been suppressed for too long and was now pressing to get Out. But Harry couldn't be allowed to wake clueless in an alley in front of the Head of Slytherin. He was already uncomfortable with his memory lapses as it was.

"Show yourself." The professor demanded in a cold, silky voice.

Silas stepped forward, posture ramrod straight; "Thank you for coming, Professor."

"Potter? What is the meaning of this?" Professor Snape glided closer, his eyes burning with rage. "What are you doing here?"

"I don't have much time. I need your help rather desperately." Silas grimaced at this admission, but again survival came before pride. "I will be brief. I am not who you think I am. Rather, I am only a piece of who you think I am. Due to certain events, Harry Potter's mind broke and his soul fractured. Each piece became a personality representing those traits that had been separated from the core.

"I am Silas, and I know you don't believe me. But can you take the risk of making a decision on the belief I am not telling the truth and later find out that I am? I would like to suggest to you a compromise. We need a safe place away from everybody, including Dumbledore, as we try to figure out what to do. Grant us a haven and I will pay with knowledge that I guarantee you will have interest in."

Professor Snape's face had fallen blank. He knew the Potter brat well, or at least he thought so. This was not how the boy spoke, held himself, or even thought. Propositions and bribery were not the tools a Gryffindor would use. They tended to appeal to people's better nature before condescending to use such lowly means. He was intrigued. So he nodded.

"I need a wizard's oath." Silas said tightly, loosing his hold. "You will swear to keep our condition and location a secret. The oath is void when September first arrives or if you deem our condition to be false."

The professor hesitated. But he could see the iron control in the boy slipping. He didn't have much time. He pulled out his wand and pointed it at his own heart. He chanted the charm and then repeated the terms of the oath before lowering it.

Silas smiled ironically; "You may want to knock us out now. Unless you want to deal with a hysterical Harry."

Without hesitation, Severus cast a Stupefy and caught the unconscious child in his arms. He blinked in surprise. While he had been talking to Harry, or Silas or whoever, he had forgotten just how young the boy was. He grimaced and lifted the child securely in his arms before stepping into the dark shadows of the alley and apparating away.


"What do you think you're doing?" Gabriel demanded hotly. "I don't trust Snape! Neither does Harry!"

"Actually, Harry is ambivalent about the professor since Dumbledore," He sneered the name in disgust, "told Harry he trusted him implicitly. And I did what I had to. We need somewhere safe. Voldemort and his followers are after us, if you've forgotten, and we can't just go anywhere. Nor could we stay at the Dursley's. Our life was in danger there. There was no other trustworthy and powerful wizard or witch that I could contact without immediately letting Dumbledore know exactly where we are."

"Don't say his name like that." Gabriel growled. "I think we overacted. When he said Lockhart," that name Gabriel said hatefully and with relish, "was impaled on his own sword I think he meant the Obliviate he had cast at Ron. I don't think Dumbledore was implying he knew the professor was a fake all along. He didn't know what he was doing to Harry."

"Don't be naïve." Silas stood stiffly and stared at the other as if he were scum at the bottom of a pond.

"I don't trust Snape, Silas!" Gabriel returned to the more pertinent issue. "I say we leave as soon as Harry's conscious!"

"No." Silas snapped, but then relented. "I didn't say we'd tell him everything about us. For starters, Demon is not to be mentioned at all. Nor Kit, I think."

"Nothing about the Dursley's." Gabriel demanded, determined to gain ground in the unwelcome situation.

"This will be hard to explain otherwise." Silas said with a sardonic gesture around the soul room.

"I'm sure you'll think of something." Gabriel spat before stalking off.


Harry woke in a luxurious four poster bed. The sheets were a dark blue and the comforter so thick and full of down he almost thought he was swimming. The room was huge with a very large window letting in the summer morning sun. The carpet was black, of all colors, and the walls were cream, as were the curtains that were pulled aside from the window. There was no other furniture beside the bed. And there were only two dark, elaborately carved doors.

Harry's heart stopped and he stared in shock. In one of the doorways stood Professor Snape. Harry just gaped stupidly for two long minutes until the professor strode across the room and stopped by the bed. Harry found himself leaning back and away. He swallowed loudly, eyes still huge as saucers.

"P-professor? What… where…" He shook his head and fell silent.

Severus studied the boy. He seemed completely bewildered. As a spy, he was an expert on body language and picking up cues from the sound of people's voice. He didn't think the child was lying. Still, to be sure, he spoke harshly and with all the malice he could muster; "What is the last thing you remember, Potter?"

"I – I don't… I mean…" Harry was breathing fast. "Hedwig! I… she came to Dudley's… I mean, my room… It was late afternoon."

"You think this is a joke?" Severus whispered harshly. The boy's eyes widened further. "Do you think you can just pretend not to remember and not suffer the consequences of your actions?"

The boy's eyes and shoulders tensed rigidly for a split second. Then the most horrible look passed over the boy's features and he jerked away so violently he fell off the bed. Severus strode to the other side and stopped in shock. Potter was curled up in a protective ball, whimpering and sobbing in terror. Severus called to him, but got no response. He knelt and touched the boy's trembling shoulder. Potter flinched violently.

"I'm so sorry. Please. Don't hurt me. I'll be good. Please don't. Don't hurt me, please. I'm so sorry. I won't do it again" The boy begged pitifully.

Severus tried to calm him, but Harry didn't respond to his voice and only got louder and more hysterical if Severus touched him. So he did the only thing he could. He backed off. Potter rocked himself gently, crying softly. The sound was so full of despair and pain that he had to grit his teeth and force himself to stay in the room. Eventually, the boy stilled and seemed to collapse in on himself before almost shrugging and getting smoothly to his feet.

Silas met the professor's watchful gaze. He didn't speak. He waited for the professor to gather his thoughts and ask him something. He didn't have to wait long.

"Silas, I presume." Severus drawled.

"Correct." Silas smirked and gave a half bow. "At your service."

"What was that?" The professor asked as he gestured to the floor.

"That was Boy." Silas answered. "Not very original, I know."

"Why is he like that?"

"I'm not at liberty to explain as of yet." Silas answered. "Others don't want me talking about it."

"How many of you are there?"

Silas hesitated purposefully, knowing the professor would catch it; "Six counting Harry."

Narrowing his eyes thoughtfully, Severus wisely let the lie pass; "Harry is the core personality? What does that mean?"

"He is the Host mind. We were born from him and can only come Out when he is sleeping or if he willingly retreats."

"Why did you contact me?" He crossed his arms over his chest and fixed the teen with his hardest glare. The boy didn't look effected by it and Severus began to truly believe the boy might be just who he claimed.

"I don't trust Dumbledore." Silas tried hard to keep the sneer from his voice. He was uncertain of the depth of the professor's loyalty to the old bastard and he didn't need to provoke the man sheltering him. "Harry is ignorant of us, but has become aware of his black outs due to the events at the end of school. It is causing him stress. We have to figure out what to do about it."

"You want to help him?" Severus wasn't sure he understood.

"Yes. That is what we are here for in a way." Silas sighed. "Without him, there is no us. He can't be allowed to fall apart. And I don't think there can be many more fractures without it breaking all of us irreparably."

"And all you want from me is a safe haven."

Again Silas hesitated, "Yes."

"Hmmm." He looked the child up and down. "I don't think so. Tell the truth."

Silas sighed, "Not all of us are in agreement on our next step. But I, personally, would appreciate help. I've studied long hours, but never found anything at Hogwarts that came close to describing our condition or what to do about it."

"I see." He gestured to the bed and Silas sat, his face expressionless. Snape was impressed; the boy would do the Slytherins proud. "I can tell you this. I have studied psychology to help further my own ambitions. My knowledge has come mostly from Muggle sources. Wizards have no problem studying philosophical things like the soul, but the mind is something they don't really consider past the fact that it holds memories and is the seat of a person's will. If, and I mean if, you have the condition you are suggesting you have, it is called Multiple Personality Disorder. It is a psychological coping method and is the result of extremely traumatic events. Not even the Muggles are sure that the condition is genuine. Many people fake it."

"Do you have any books on this subject?"

"I do. But I will not let you see them until I am certain of your sincerity. I will not give you more tools to counterfeit it better. Understand?"

"Then what do you suggest?" Silas sneered.

Severus smiled tightly, "I will observe you for a few days. Should I feel you truly have this psychological condition, then I will allow you access to my books and even my help."

Silas nodded and his posture fell forward. Harry blinked. He looked around in confusion. When had he come to sit at the edge of the bed so close to the professor? Reluctantly, he turned his head to meet the black-eyed gaze boring into him. Severus watched impassively as the boy began to fidget nervously, something 'Silas' would never do.

"You will be staying here for a few days. This is my home. Respect it or you will regret it, Potter. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir." He answered. "But… ummm… why am I here?"

"Call for Omi should you need anything to eat. There are clothes that have been charmed to fit you in the closet," Severus gestured to the other door and then to the one he had entered through. "The door across the hall is a bathroom. Do not enter any room that has the door closed. Understand?"

"Yes, sir." Harry sighed, resigned. He knew he'd be getting no answers from the professor.

"Good." Severus turned and left Harry sitting morosely.

Harry didn't know what to do. He had no idea what was going on. Looking nervously down at the huge rags he wore, Harry considered changing as the professor had suggested. But he couldn't bring himself to do it. The clothes in the closet weren't his and he cringed at the thought of setting the professor off. So he didn't explore either. He just sat on his bed and waited.


A couple hours later, Omi, a quiet male house-elf, made a table and a single chair appear. Plates of steaming roast and vegetables appeared on it a second later. The elf bowed and disappeared. Harry approached the table slowly, but he was hungry so he didn't hesitate to sit and begin eating. As soon as he finished it, a salad appeared. Harry ate that as well. Desert followed. He took one bite and...

Kitten purred around the mouthful of melted chocolate and moist fluffy cake. She leaned toward the table and savored every single bite. Her eyes closed as shiver of pleasure went down her spine and she moaned. Grinning and breathing deeply, she licked the spoon slowly before taking another bite.

"Soooo good." She said huskily.

It took her almost an hour to finish the dish and when the last of the chocolate was gone, she fell back purring contentedly as Harry woke again. He blinked at the spotless plate in front of him and jumped when it suddenly disappeared. With a strained sigh, he stood and went back to bed. He really needed to get some sleep.


Silas didn't wait long. As soon as Harry was deeply asleep, he slipped Out. The room was dark, but he had no trouble adjusting his eyes. He padded across the room and slipped into the hallway. He didn't hunch over or creep along. Instead he walked on silent feet, standing loose and relaxed, his gait smooth. He had learned that creeping and hunched movements drew attention, as it alarmed any who might see. Whereas smooth and casual movements would most likely be overlooked; anyone watching dismissing him as a shadow shifting or something equally non-threatening.

There were two reasons for his being about. He wanted to scout the new territory and he wanted to find the library. He quickly learned that the professor's house was large, but not unduly so. Most of the doors were firmly shut and Silas didn't even try to enter. He counted eight doors on the second floor. The only two doors open were the one that opened to the room Professor Snape had given to him to use and the bathroom across the hall from it.

Silas slipped downstairs and found all but one door open. There was a large kitchen, two sitting rooms, a dining room, and finally a moderately sized library. Silas pulled one of the books off the shelf, but it was charmed to stay shut. He hesitated before putting it back and trying another. It was no use. They all were locked shut. With a shrug, he grabbed the first book and tapped it with their wand, muttering under his breath all the while. It took three minutes and then it opened. Smirking in satisfaction, he curled up next to a candle he spelled alight and read.


For three days, Harry stayed in the room. Kitten didn't come Out again, sleeping peacefully. Boy, Rose, and Gabriel stayed In as well. Silas came out every night to browse the library. Harry had long since stopped fretting. He was too bored to really get worked up over the situation. He never saw Snape. It was as if he were at the house alone.

He did eventually put on fresh clothes. The slacks and soft cotton white T didn't fit perfectly, but they were better than Dudley's old clothes by far. He had also explored the first floor, but didn't dare go downstairs. He wasn't sure he had permission. It wasn't like Snape could shut a door to tell him not to. So he sat and did nothing but fret and become increasingly bored.

Gabriel had had enough. He pushed Out and stood with a purposeful stance, his feet braced and his shoulder's squared off in determination. He threw his head back and roared "SNAPE!"

Glaring, he stalked from the room, his wand in his steady fingers. With a swish, he blew open every shut door he passed. He barely looked the room over before stalking on. He didn't give a rat's ass about the professor's damn secret rooms! Snape wasn't on the second floor, so Gabriel made his way downstairs.

He stalked through the open rooms before standing at the only closed door on that floor. With a violent slash, the door blew open. Sure enough, the professor was inside sitting behind a desk. The man rose casually and crossed his arms over his chest, glaring evilly. Gabriel smiled in anticipation and stalked inside the spacious office.

"What do you think you're doing?" Severus asked. "Are you completely brain dead or did you not see that the door was shut?"

"Not any more." Gabriel smiled and raised his wand.

Severus tensed, but kept his face blank and his hand away from his own wand. Not that he really needed it, as he had wandless ability.

"I don't know what sadist little game you're playing, but it ends now." Gabriel ordered with a growl. "You either help or you don't. Get off your ass and make a decision already. Harry and I won't wait around any longer."

Severus stared into the teens flashing emerald eyes. It was disturbing to be staring into Harry's face and hear the boy refer to himself in the third person. He pushed passed that discomfort aside and really looked at the teen before him. This boy was strong and capable. There was no doubt about that. He had been watching Harry every minute through a spy glass these past three days, and never once had he seen the boy stand or act in this manner. He knew this was for real and felt dread. The precious Boy-Who-Lived was broken. And had come to him to help fix it. Merlin help him if he failed.

"I will help." Severus nodded. "Take a seat. Why don't we start by you telling me who you are and what you believe your purpose is?"

Gabriel scrunched his face up as he glared. He hadn't wanted Snape to say that. He wanted the man to refuse and to be able to storm out of this dull place and say 'I told you so' to that insufferable Slytherin over and over again. He considered leaving anyway, but sighed and sat. Severus smiled darkly as he watched the boy's obvious disappointment.

"I'm Gabriel." He said and shrugged. "I fight, but I don't know if that's a purpose. It was me who took on Voldemort and Quirrell over the Sorcerer's Stone. And I'm the one that saved Ginny and killed the basilisk."

"Quirrell was working for the Dark Lord? How do you know that? And what basilisk?" Severus demanded sharply.

"My, my." Gabriel grinned, but that fell away as Silas scolded him. He shrugged. "I know because Voldemort's face was sticking out the back of Quirrell's head and spoke to me. And it was a basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets."

"Impossible." Severus glared, his hands white from where he clutched at his seat's arm rests. "Basilisks kill. They do not petrify people."

Gabriel shrugged again looking bored, "All I know is what I fought. You'll have to ask Silas about all the little details."

"Little details." Severus repeated and shook his head. "Fine. Bring him Out."

Gabriel glared, but sank back. Severus watched the cocky posture slide into a neutral and wary stance. The face also lost much of its animation, taking up a cool and distant expression. Very Slytherin indeed.

"Hello, Professor." Silas nodded his head. "For your help, we are in your debt."

"We shall see. Now explain. You do know what I was speaking to Gabriel about?"

"I do. I am able to watch the events that happen while Harry, Gabriel, and Rose are Out. Gabriel is like me, but Harry and Rose sleep while Inside. They are only aware of what happens when they, personally, are Out. Gabriel and I only know general information about the ones we can not observe. For example, I know Boy has been hurt, but I don't know what hurt him.

"As for your questions, the basilisk was weak, having only small animals to feed on for at least fifty years. Add this physical weakness to the fact that none of those attacked saw the basilisk without a buffer, and you get victims that are merely petrified and not killed. Norris was looking in a puddle of water, Colin through his camera, the girls in a mirror, ect."

"I see." Severus said darkly. "And you just killed this monster?"

"Not I, no." Silas sneered. "I wanted to throw Lockhart into the Chamber and then go to a competent professor with what we knew. But Gabriel had to go down there. He believed if he didn't go right then, Ginny would die. He literally couldn't allow that to happen. In my opinion, he is the Boy-Who-Lived, the hero. He has to save people and protect them, even when the odds say it is a suicidal mission. Basically he is the perfect moronic Gryffindor."

"So Gabriel killed a basilisk all by himself? Do you really expect me to believe that?"

"I don't care what you believe. But it is true." Silas narrowed his eyes, but otherwise didn't show his anger. "The corpse is rotting in the Chamber. If it becomes necessary, I can always take you there. And Gabriel may be a moron, but he has superb reflexes and instincts. He is an excellent duelist with extensive knowledge in Defense. Both he and I are much further along in our magic studies than other second years. That is the only reason why we still live."

"And what do you think your purpose is?" Severus hissed angrily. He didn't appreciate being talked down to at all; especially from a boy not yet thirteen years of age.

"I am the regulator, I think. I keep track of the others and guide Harry. I am logical, hungry for knowledge so that we are ready for any situation, and prefer not to put ourselves at risk. I'm manipulative and ruthless. Basically I am Harry's Slytherin qualities. He was horrified when the Sorting Hat told him he'd do well in Slytherin. He had been told all Slytherins were bad and Voldemort was one. He broke and I was born. Similarly, in second year when he found out Parseltongue was 'evil', he rejected that talent as well. Now only I can use it."

Severus was shocked. The hat had wanted Harry in Slytherin? Well, that explained why Silas kept reminding him of his snakes. "What about the others?"

"I will do it chronologically." Silas hesitated and then began. Severus' eyes turned thoughtful, but didn't interrupt. "There is Boy. I don't know when he became an individual separate from Harry. He sleeps until Harry becomes very afraid or in a lot of pain. Then there is Rose."

"Rose? You mentioned her already. She is a girl, I presume?" Severus asked curiously.

"There are two female personalities." Silas smiled bitterly, but then became neutral again. "Rose is deaf. She is very polite and caring. I'm pretty sure she split from Harry because Harry couldn't reconcile the apathy and dislike he felt for his family and the need to please them and gain their acceptance. She is eager to make them happy and spends her time cleaning, cooking, and gardening under Aunt Petunia's tutelage and attention.

"I was born a month after Harry's eleventh birthday. Two months short of his twelfth, Gabriel was born. It was at the end of the school year. Harry felt it was his obligation to protect the Stone when Professor McGonagall brushed of our certain knowledge that it was under attack. At the same time, he was full of doubts. He didn't believe he could stop what was happening. He broke under the pressure. His need to protect and save others, his confidence, combat skill, and Defense knowledge became Gabriel.

"Last is Kitten, though Gabriel and I loath the name and call her Kit. She is obsessed with sensual pleasure. Anything that tantalizes the senses, be it taste, sight, smell, sound, or… touch, is all she wants or thinks about. She is bored without stimulus and will either fade back In or will find stimulation if it is not already provided."

"How did she form?"

Silas sat silently and stared off to the side. Finally he spoke, "I am not at liberty to say."

"I need to understand if I am to help."

"I can't say." Silas shook his head. His eyes telling the professor that this wasn't a subject that could be met head on. He'd have to stalk it from the side.

Severus nodded to show he understood and continued, "This is what I know. In order for this condition to be healed, the core personality, Harry, will have to come to terms with all of you; accept you for who you are and allow you back into himself. I believe the longer the personality exists as an individual the harder this merge will be, so I think we should start backward."

"With Kit." Silas smiled tightly.


"He won't agree."


"Gabriel. Since Harry is ignorant, Gabriel and I make the decisions concerning the others and guide Harry in making choices about the future. No one else is conscious enough to participate in any type of decision making."

"But your opinions weigh more than Gabriel's." Severus observed. "He didn't want to come here or have me know about your complex condition."

"No. He didn't." Silas acknowledged. "I am more of the planner between the two of us. Gabriel runs more on instincts and reactions. I usually am able to sway the overall decision for that reason, but he feels passionately about keeping Kit from both you and Harry. I can't change that or go against it."

"Very well." Severus leaned back and crossed his hands over his stomach. "The first step, in any case, is explaining to Harry what MPD is. Once he comes to terms with the knowledge of having the condition, we will then discuss the direction his therapy will take. Gabriel will not go against Harry's decision?"

"No. Harry is the ultimate authority over us, though that doesn't mean we will not be trying to influence him by whispering in his ear, so to speak." Silas smiled slyly.

"Of course." Severus smiled back. "Well. I believe we should get started. Let Harry come. And try not to let any others Out for a while. He will become distressed. Let him. He will need time to come to grips with all of this."

"We will try." Silas agreed and faded back.

Chapter end.

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