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That stupid ghost girl and that STUPID Danny Fenton! I'll get them back for this if it's the last thing I do!

Those were my first thoughts after I woke up after the ghost girl's blast. I muttered angrily under my breath and noticed it was only three minutes later and lunch was still going on.

I went into the lunchroom and everyone looked up at me. "So? Who's Invis-o-Bill?" Paulina prompted. Oh, that stupid girl! When I'm rich and/or adequately equipped with money, she's my best friend. Once I go broke, she kicks me out of her group. And now that I tell people I know who "Invis-o-Bill" is, she wants me back again! Some people are NEVER satisfied. Well, at least now I know how shallow she is.

"Invis-o-Bill is--" I started. I was about to say Danny Fenton when my mouth finished for me, "--Dash Baxter!"

What! That's a lie! I mentally slapped my forehead. Of course! The ghost girl made me tell only lies with her blast!

"Dash! You're Invis-o-Bill!" Paulina said.

"What! No way! I'm not Invis-o-Bill! I was standing next to you when Invis-o-Bill..." Dash said. And here he blathered on about some random event that happened with Invis-o-Bill. (A/N: Lol, I couldn't think of anything, so I just said that.)

Paulina turned back accusingly to me. "You're a liar! You phony!" Paulina said.

I was about to say "I know", but instead I said, "I'm not a liar!"

"Yes, you are! I can't believe you'd say that just so you could be popular again!" Paulina said. She began muttering angrily in Spanish. I growled angrily and stormed back to where I had been sitting earlier.

Suddenly a shadow fell over my food as I began to eat some more. I looked up and who should it be but the two idiots responsible for my lies and ever-increasing fall of popularity, Danny and the new ghost girl.

"What do you want?" I growled.

"What I want is--" Danny started. He had a truth look on him and it looked like Danny was going to ramble on and on about everything he wanted in the world. Luckily, I wasn't the only one who noticed this. The ghost girl clapped a hand over Danny's mouth as he began to talk.

"Do you get your ghost weapons from someone?" the ghost girl asked.

"No," I said immediately. Stupid lies. She'd know it was a lie. STUPID FENTON!

"Okay... Here, let's switch it back to truth," the ghost girl said. She zapped me with a small (and I'm guessing temporary) ray of truth. This one didn't knock me out, but it did get me dizzy. After my head cleared, I shook my head. The ghost girl continued, "Who do you get your ghost weapons from?"

"Some guy named V--" I started. I clamped my own hand over my mouth as I said the rest.

"Oh, no. Do you get your weapons from a guy named Vlad from Wisconsin?" Danny said, his voice filled with dread (A/N: Notice I did NOT say fear). He had finished rambling and had pulled the ghost girl's hand off his mouth.

My mouth was still covered, so I thought my secret was safe, but my STUPID head nodded.



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