Could it be im falling in love?

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Anna Kyouyama sighed. No one i know likes going to a new school. I would deny knowing them if they did but back to my point. Anna the said girl has long blonde hair and black cold eyes. She was very pretty and turned a lot of heads. Today was Anna's first day at this new school and she really did not want to go. But Anna Kyoyama was not afraid of anything she is fear. She walked into the school and straight to the principles office.

"Hey Yoh." The said boy turned his head. He was very handsome with dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. "Hey ,Horo-horo what's up." The said boy Horo-horo had blue hair and he was cute (A/N D only cute) "Nothing much where's Ren and Hao" Yoh shrugged . Ren had purple hair and he was O.K. and Hao. (A/N o boy) REAL HOT. he was the boy Yoh Asukura twin brother. And together there the 'gang' . All of them where in serious relationships with a girl.

Horo-horo and Tamao

Ren and Pirika

Hao and no one

and Yoh and no one

Okay so 2 out of 4 are in serious relationships. This was strange cause Yoh and Hao where the most handsome in the school but the other girls where all fan girls and nothing special.

"Alright class settle down…SETTLE DOWN DAMNIT…O okay now i will like to introduce a new student. class this is Anna Kyouyama."

In came a girl who looked more like a goddess then anything else. A lot of the boys wolf whistled and Yoh looked at her without blinking.

"Miss Kyouyama will you please sit in between Mr. Asakura and Mr.Asukura."

Yoh raised his hand but the other "Mr.Asukura" was not there. Never the less Anna sat down next to Yoh who was still goggling at her. She didn't pay him anymind though and took out a note book and took notes on what the teacher was saying.

About 10 minutes into the lesson. Hao and Ren skidded into the class. There faces where red because they had been running.

"Mr.Asukura, Mr. Tao why are you late."

Hao straighten himself up and looked at the teacher. "why does that matter." He walked toward his desk but stopped when he saw Anna.

He raised a eyebrow. "Well who is this." Anna looked up but didn't smile of anything she just looked at him and then back to her notes.

Hao smirked and sat down. He took out a paper and scribbled on in. And passed it to Anna who looked at it and crumpled it up and threw it at the back of Horo-horo head who picked it up and read it. He blushed the paper said.

Hey sexy

He turned around and looked at Anna and pointed to Hao. Hao looked at Hao's disgust face and Anna's finger and frowned. he mouthed 'not for you' at Horo-horo and he nodded turning around.

Hao tried again and wrote down again on a piece of paper.

What is you name? Anna paused and wrote back.

If you where not late you would know. leave me alone.

hmmm Touchy but really just tell me your name


come on ill pinch you

you wouldn't dare

Hao pinched her causing her to scowl and kick his leg.

tell me

Anna Kyouyama OKAY know leave me alone

Anna that's a pretty name Im Hao Asukura

I don't care

mm your feisty i like that

go to hell

only if you come too

o shut up

your are so sensitive

bite me

is that a suggestion

Anna crumpled up the paper and didn't talk to him anymore.

At Lunch.

Anna sat down at a table alone. The gang sat not to far away at there able.

"She's cute" said Yoh

"Yeah and she is feisty" Hao explained about the note.

Horo-horo and Ren would have said something except there girlfriends where sitting next to him.

Hao looked at her and got an idea. "Hey Yoh i dare you to go talk to her."

Yoh turned red but he never backed out of a dare and he slowly got up.

"umm Hi" Anna looked up at the boy.


"umm my name is Yoh"

"Hello Yoh"

"umm can i sit down"

"Its not my table"

Yoh sat down. and watched Anna eat her Yogurt.

"Did you want something Asukura"

"no i just was-"

"dared to come over here and talk to me"

Yoh blushed.

"Yes i im sorry I'll go"

"Was it your brother who sent you over hear."


Anna stood up and walked over to Yoh. Yoh stood up and looked down at her. (about 1 foot taller) and Anna stood on her tip toes and kissed Yoh…right on the mouth.

She herd a lot of gasp and was about to pull away but she felt Yoh arms snake around her waist and he deepened the kiss. Anna turned as red as Yoh and she pulled back.

"See you around Yoh" with that she turned around and left the cafeteria.

Yoh stood there dumbstruck. wow she is so beautiful and a wonderful kisser…i think im falling in love.

could it be im falling in love.

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let me explain some stuff.

I said that Anna was eating yogurt and NOT pudding

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