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The next day Yoh and Anna took a couch bus to the beach. They where planning on staying for about a week or so.

" Anna "


"Why do you love me"

Anna looked at him with her usual no expression face.

"Because you care for me your romantic your nice and sweet to me and i just have a deep connection to you." She said continuing reading her book.

"Oh" Yoh said smiling at her. "Anna i love you because your different, your strong and not week and your beautiful and smart you're an amazing person and i just feel so happy whenever im around you Anna i loved you since you gave me MY first kiss that day." Anna blushed but said nothing. "That was also my first kiss Yoh" Yoh smirked "Oh so you couldn't resist me." he winked at her. She smirked and licked her lips slowly. She placed down her book and leaned over in her chair so her lips weren't far from his. She placed her hand on his lap and began tracing little circles in it slowly. He gulped his face was red and he was starting to sweet. "No Yoh i cant resist you at all" she kissed his cheek and went back to reading her book. Yoh gulped again and looked down at him self. "Oh lemons in a pie " he cursed . Anna glanced over at him "getting a little happy there Yoh." she smirked.. (A/N okay if ANYONE gets that i will write a whole damn story for them but you have to explain what happened okay.) Yoh grumbled something and went back to looking out the window.

When the bus finally stopped they got of an d went to a hotel that was not to far from the pier. After checking in they went up to there room . Yoh went straight for the kitchen while Anna went to the bedroom. Moments later Anna stormed over to Yoh and slapped him write in his face. "Ooooww." he screamed falling to his knees. "YOH ASUKURA " she yelled down at him. She took a deep breath trying to calm herself. Yoh stood up rubbing his cheek "what the hell…" owwwww" he was slapped again. "YOU PLANNED THIS DIDN'T YOU WHAT ARE YOU THINKING YOH HOW DARE YOU .I M LEAVING" Anna was about to storm away but Yoh grabbed her arm "What are you TALKING about Anna" He said looking upset. "Yoh there is only one bed in that room." Yoh blushed. "w-what" Anna pushed him away "do you expect me to sleep in the same bed with you Yoh is that why you planned this trip" Anna said calmly but sounding sad. "NO " he barked grabbing her arm. "Anna i didn't know that there was only one bed in there gosh" he walked past her to the room. Anna sighed smiling a little.

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